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Are any of my old Gamespot pals still out there?

I haven't been on this site for years, so I'd be surprised if anyone remembers me.

Looking thru my old blog makes me really sad. I didn't have many followers on here, but the few I had were actually pretty nice people, which is rare online.

I don't miss having a blog so much as I miss having interactions with the few people who read my blogs.

So, tell ya what, if anyone is still out there follow me on twitter, and maybe msg me who you are on here!

It's @I_Wolfeye.

I hope life has been treating all of you well.

This is the END. I am going now! Goodbye, Gamespot.

I have moved on to greener pastures.

I have a new website,, which has become my new hub online. The only thing on there right now is my blog, which nobody reads. I've had some difficulty figuring out what to write about, so there wasn't much worth reading. But, I think I may have thought of something decent to write about. I am a film student after all, so I could write what it's like to be that, or something like that.

I am leaving Gamepsot for good. I realized that the only reason I stuck around is for the shows, and I can watch them on youtube. So, there goes the only reason I have left to be on this site. Most of my friends on here seem to have moved on.

If the ones still here want to stay in touch, they can find me. I'm Duke SIdus pretty much everywhere I am online.

It's really too bad, since this site, in the old days, was my main hub online. But, with Gamespot becoming an increasingly unfriendly place, I decided it was time I venture out on my own, and, perhaps, try to build a community, centered around content I've had a hand in creating. Perhaps, someday, I will. I'd want to keep it a place for friendly discussions, not a wretched hive of scum and villainy like a certain other website got like. Just saying, if you let people swear, they gonna swear, and the people who swear a lot generally aren't very nice people. Give the not nice people free reign, and they will not be nice, and it will get steadily worse. Have a zero tolerance policy for that sort of thing, and the comments won't be full of that sort of thing. That's what I'll have in the community I want to build someday.

In the mean time, thanks to Legolas_Katarn (which, btw, is an awesome name, two of my favorite characters combined) I've found Angry Joe Army. It seems like a decent community there, but I haven't had a chance to look around much yet. I do like what they say in their Code of Conduct for the sites forums. So, I guess I'll be hanging out there, instead of here.

That's all, forever, really this time.

I've put this off for far too long.

I regret to announce — this is The End.

I am going now.

I bid you all a very fond farewell.



<Bonus points that mean nothing if you get the reference. >

New Website!

Yeah, folks, I have a new website!


That's where I'll be posting blogs from now on.

So, my friends, go over there and add it to your favorites, if you want to continue to read my blog.

Or you can add me on twitter:


Or follow my page on Facebook:

My blogs will show up there.

By the way, has an easy website creation tool, and an easy way to set up a blog, plus on their free site, they have a really tiny ad at the bottom. So, if you're finding Gamespot unfriendly waters for your blog, like I did, they could be a safe harbor for it.

I honestly don't much like Gamespot anymore. Really, I started to dislike it when they changed the TOU to allow swearing. The new site, and how messed up it is, saw just the last straw that broke the camel's back. Or something like that. When uncensored F-bombs started showing up in the comments, Gamespot became a much more unfriendly place. Or, at least, before the unfriendly people had to censor their comments, so it wasn't so obvious how many jerks there were. And, yes, if your comment consists mainly of F-bombs, you're a jerk, at least for that particular comment. I wish you luck in getting over that condition, and becoming a kinder, friendlier, asset to humanity. Maybe then, the comments on Gamespot won't be filled with such filth anymore. That's probably wishful thinking on my part.

I was just glad that the people who read my blog on here were generally nice people, even if some were a bit crazy.

I'm a bit crazy, so maybe that's why we got along.

I'm hoping everyone who used to read my blog on here will continue to read it on my new site.

And, always remember, don't be cruel, be cool!

That's all, on, to be continued on my new site!


A blog is only worth writing when people read it.

Since no one has been reading it, I will cease to write it.

It is officially dead, killed, perhaps, by the switch to the new Gamespot site, and the lack of my former readers, the few that existed, on it.

I am grateful to my former readers for them taking the time to read my blog while it was still alive.

RIP blog. You were a place that I could share my thoughts, such as they were, with the world. You will be missed.

That's all, forever.


Why is it that it seems like all the people who used to read my blog are gone?

Why does it seem like when I smile in the mirror I look bada$$ and cool, but when I smile for a picture I look like a dork about to drool?

Why is it when I trim my beard, to look less like a neckbearded geek, and look more cool, I end up looking like Dracula?

Why is it my nerves only seem to kick in when I'm about to talk to a gorgeous girl, and thus I end up sounding like a fool?

Why is it I'm so tall, and most, if not all, the girls I consider gorgeous so short?

Why are all the random questions I can think of somewhat depressing and involve females?

Meh, whatever.

That's all for now.

Are you still there?

Hello friend, there you are, I see you. Hey, it's me! Come closer. OW! Excuse me, you're squishing me! Illegal operation! BAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAM!!!! You're business is appreciated. Goodbye.

New Gamespot, huh?

So, there's a new version of the Gamespot site. I'm just wondering how many of you are still here. I'm not sure if I'll be blogging much on here. I'm looking around for a good site to host my blog. I'll probably use Google's blog thingy, since I use them for just about everything else. I might end up posting from time to time here, if only to tell people here about what I've been posting elsewhere. I'll still hang out here sometimes, though.

That's all for now.

NOW Can you read this blog?

So, my last few blogs seem like nobody had read them. A comment from Mprezzy leads me to believe that it might be because of a glitch, since it's nothing on my end preventing people from reading it. That is, if he was being serious about not being able to read it.  

I'm always very grateful when someone takes the time to read what I wrote. I don't have many readers on this blog, and I value each and every one of the few people who do read it. If a glitch is preventing those people from reading it, well, that sucks. If not, well, people do get too busy to read blogs. I, myself, am often too busy to write them, especially now that I'm back in college.


Speaking of that, something interesting happened to me yesterday. I was walking out of an event on campus when I encountered a female walking the other way. Our eyes met, and my brain went into "bullet time".

What went thru my head was "Daaaang, giiiirrrrlll, yooouu'rrree gooorrrrggggeeeeoooouuusssss."

That kind of thing hasn't happened to me in a very long time. Of course, I didn't say anything out loud. And, she kept on walking so I doubt very much she had the same thing happen to her. It was also more of a purely physical attraction then anything else. I have no idea what her personality is like. Also, since it's such a huge campus, I doubt I'll see her again. Oy vey.

Another interesting thing happened, starting a few weeks ago. A girl, who is a neighbor of ours, actually seems to like me a lot. However, she isn't really the kind of girl I'd be interested in. Let's just say she has major issues, and I don't need that kind of hassle in my life as more then a friend. Also, her personality just isn't one I find attractive. But, since i do like her as a friend, I'm not sure how to handle it. I mean, I know a lot of ways of how not to handle it, what was done to me in the past, but no good ways. Oy vey.

It figures. I find myself freindzoning a girl who seems to like me, and I still can't seem to find a girl I like who will also like me. I guess I just have to keep looking for one. There are lots of really interesting girls on campus, fortunately. Perhaps one of them will find me interesting as well. One can only hope.

At the same time, I can't really worry about it, I have to stay focused on doing well in school. Which reminds me, I need to finish my homework.

That's all, for now.


What to wear? A Utili-poncho!

 I like to wear a leather jacket.

I like it because it looks cool, it has a lot of pockets for my stuff, it's durable, it keeps me dry, and it's warm. On cool nights, or when it's raining, it's great. When it's hot out, not so great. But, the few times I go out without it, I've regretted it, either because I lacked a convenient pocket for something, or I ended up soaked and/or cold.

However, I've realized that I need something that suits the more common weather in Florida, heat that makes wearing a leather jacket impractical. After watching "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly", I've realized that a poncho would suit my needs very well.

I'm not talking those highly impractical fashion "ponchos" that women wear in the US. Get caught in the rain in one of those, and you'll regret it, most likely.

There are a few replica "Man With No Name" ponchos out there, which are very nice, especially if you're a fan of the movies, but they wouldn't suit my needs either.

There's also the ones that are common in Mexico. I've seen a few I like, but, again, they wouldn't suit my needs.

So, I've decided to make one myself.

I've found some very nice black waterproof Duck cloth (aka canvas) online that should suit my needs very nicely. Of course, I don't have the money for it at the moment, which is why I'm writing this blog, so I'll remember my idea when I do have the money.

Duck cloth is very durable and lighter then leather, so it won't be as hot. If it does get hot, I can just throw the front over my shoulder like Clint Eastwood did in the movies. Or, of course, take it off all together and drape it over an arm or something.

I'll put pockets on the inside, so I'll be able to store my stuff, like I do now in my jacket. They'd have to able to be closed, so my stuff won't fall out, so I'd probably put zippers on them. It'll be like Batman's utility belt in poncho form.

A Utili-poncho!

It'd have to be long, definitely past my knees, maybe even down to my ankles. The only problem with my jacket in the rain, it doesn't keep my legs dry.

It'd also have to be long enough to fit over my backpack. It'd be bad enough if I got wet, it'd be worse if that got wet.

It'll probably have a hood. I usually wear a hat that does a pretty decent job keeping my head dry, but I don't wear it all the time, since I like to sometimes wear the other hats in my collection. The hood would be good for when I'm wearing those.

I think it'll look cool when it's done. I also think it'll help cement my reputation as an eccentric or a "character". Ponchos, when worn by men, aren't very common in the US. I really don't know why. I blame those so-called women's fashion "ponchos". When something becomes fashionable, it tends to move away from being practical. And, of course, when something is labeled as a women's fashion, most men don't want to wear it. It's beyond me why even women would want to wear those flimsy things.

My poncho is going to be very practical, durable, and most definitely a man's poncho.

That's all, for now.


Full Sail? YES. Also, new Humble Bundle!

Instead of writing a whole new blog I'm editing the one I already wrote.

I got the schlorship I needed to go to Full Sail!

Video games.

Speaking of video games, the HUMBLE INDIE BUNDLE 9 is available now! Yes, you too can get great games and help support charity! Pay what you want to get Brutal Legend, Trine 2, Mark of the Ninja, and Eeets Munchies. Beat the average and get FEZ, and FTL! It's a limited time offer, so order now! You can get it at

I've fallen in love with FTL, or as much as I could fall in love with a video game and not a woman. It's actually surprising, since it's a rouge-like, and I hate those. I hate dying and losing all my progress. I'd hate it about FTIL to, but usually when I die in that game it's because I did something stupid, and not a cheap death. I also designed a ship mod for the game that's just a bit over-powered, so dying doesn't happen as often as it does with the vanilla ships. But, I still die, so it's not too OP.

I'm probably going to end up doing a let's play of FTL as the first thing on my Duke Sidus channel. Problem is, my headset recently broke, the cord ripped right out of it, so I've had to do an alternative way of recording audio. I'm using FRAPS to record the game footage and my camera's audio recording mode to record voice. Then I put it together in Movie Maker, and it seems to work very well. I still haven't made up my mind if I'm going to do them in character or as just another let's play. I'd have more fun doing it in character, so I'm leaning toward that. What do you think?

That's all for now.