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Level Up Of Happiness Achieved!!

Within a couple days of being back to GS, I have finally reached level 56. Probably one of my favorite level names of all time. Mostly because it comes from one of my favorite video games of all time. Mega Man 6.

Here's to being Mr. X hopefully for a bit!!

I Have 100+ PS2 Games!! Also Hello!!!

Hey it's me again!! Remember me? I don't either!! What's going on?!?!?

So I have been getting into collecting games hardcore again and am actually going to MagFest next week!! You will probably see/hear from me some more on here again!

Stay tuned for more updates and awesomness from me!!


What Happend To My OT?!?

Seriously. There are a ton of people posting who act like they are only posting for attention. I would usedifferent words, but unfortunately I am not allowed due to GS' TOS. Lawl.I really don't like it.

Also go play Batman: Arkham City if you haven't. It's amazing.

FINALLY!!! Level 55

It only took me like two years to get through due to activity.

Ironic enough my level is "Rise From Your Grave".

I like it. Kinda makes sense to me from what's going on with me right now.

Happy Birthday Dog The Bounty Hunter, LJS, And of course ME!!

Ah how I love February 2nd. To many, it is seen as Groundhog's Day, a throw away holiday that most don't even bother to notice. But to others, it is the day of birth!!

So here's a Happy Birthday to some of the great people I share this birthday with!!

Happy Birthday Dog The Bounty Hunter!! Love your show!!

Happy Birthday LJS!! You're always one of the people I thought was cool and kinda looked up to when I frequented OT more often.

And of course to myself. If all goes according to plan, I'll be celebrating with Mass Effect 2. Hooray!!

I miss a lot of you!! Hope you all are doing well!

Microsoft, *sigh* I ******* Hate You (Massive MASSIVE Rant)

In case the title of this blog isn't really obvious enough, obviously my 360 is now ******* dead.

After 1 and a half years of use, the piece of garbage has died with an "Error 74" message.

Now for those of you who don't know me, I am a massive collector of games and consoles. My current collections stands at about 463 games and 17 consoles. Well actually I guess it's 16 consoles now *ba dum tsh*. I have taken prestigious care of all my consoles and all my games. I've never once "modded" anything, I've never broken a console to get a warranty or any kind of crap like that. I am an honest man who takes care of his things and just wants to shoot some people in the head in game every once in a while. And by taking proper care of something, it shouldn't ******* BREAK!!

So now I sit without my 360 for probably close to like 19 months. I have requested they send me a mailing label because I hate Microsoft now and for building a console that breaks when you use it properly and damn it do I want them to suffer now that I have too.

So to sum this blog up in a nice set of words. **** you Microsoft. I never knew that using my console properly would upset it.

Dear Dallas Cowboys

Dear Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones,

Thank you for opening your new stadium with a loss to my beloved New York Giants.

Better luck next time!