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I cant just leave the little GC alone, I have had my game cube for some time now, I must say all console are great in their own way, I still love playing my GC as well, super smash bros melee, and a few other GC exclusives, also the game cube is one of my consoles that has hardly never froze or given problem during game play, has great party games, fast past fun crazy games( SSbros) oh how I still love playing that game ... from this day I wish I could have gotten the platinum GC

playstation 2

My first previous gen console, this console has the biggest library of game out of all Home console, I have played over 300 games on the playstation2, owned one for the past 7 years or so, I dont remember how long, and from this day that system still works, I have beaten just about every game I own on my ps2 at least twice, best of all this console has the best DragonballZ games on it, and plenty of greatest hits, that are easy to purchase this is one console I can never give up on, or its relatives..LOL
And the only BC home console forgot to mension,I did not play too many of the ps1 games but I have had lots of fun with the ps1 games I did play, no online needed for this console, now that is I great way to say this is a damn good game system

psp vs ds

Ok I done some more research of the present psp and ds specs, in an over all tech battle the psp will win by quite a bit, the only thing the ds has that the psp doesnt is the touch screen, well two screens, that still dont equal the size of the psps, and uses cartriges, and it folds, and that I never cared for, that is why they psp comes with a cool carrying case. I own both portables, and I have used my psp about 70 percent of the time since I owned it, and the ds got used around 40 but I only used it for games nothing more, as for my psp I dont have a mp3 player, but I use my psp for games, music and a picture viewer mostly.. another one of the reasons I prefer the psp is because it has all the components that is has to have, while the ds is still in progress with their mp3 player which will have to be bought seperately, and the web browser is not worth a flip, well for the psp all that is old news, the only thing is that the psp get Free updated every now and then that gives it more abilities, and the memory of the ds mp3 player is at a maximum of 2 GB, and the psp all you have to do is get another memory card,and they run up to 4 GB, so you are getting much much more bang for your buck if you get a psp, I have played a great amount of psp and ds games, but the psp games last alot longer, I guess since they have more M rated games for the psp, M rated are my level, they are more difficult, and at a higher comprehension level.... I have other games in different ratings but I love the M rated more than any other


Yeah I am a DBZ of the biggest DBZ fans out there, I can tell you anything or everything about DBZ or GT I been into for 5 years, but I have downloaded a hell of alot of DBZGT stuff and I have seen every DBZ and GT episodes, I also have a huge collection of dvds and vhs tapes of the two series artistic talent and strength... well lets not get carried away, I have great incredible strength, but no I cant chop trees in two with one hand or anything like that and Trunks is my favorite character over all, I like all the fusions more than anything and the cell saga has to be my favorite, next to the fusion saga

Im just a big fan

xbox 360

This is a late blog..I did not think of making any blogs, but yeah.I have an xbox360 I got it almost 3 months ago and so far it is my favorite console... well its because all my consoles are still in my home state, I moved 3 months ago, and got my xbox shortly afterwards, but I own ps2, gc, xbox, nes, snes, n64, gba, gbasp ,psp, ds, ps1, sega genesis, and even the first gameboy, I play to get a ps3 and a wii, but not anytime soon, because Im on my own now and I have to do other things with my money.. but I play my 360 just about every day I like it way better than the regular xbox

psp psp psp

I love my psp, it is definitly my favorite portable... I really like when I have to pull it out to either play games, watch movies, look at photos, or even listen to music.

Just having is in use gives me the sensation of comfort, knowing that I have bought it the day it came out, and still run like new, Im not a geek or some guy that plays games too much, I only play games about....maybe 3 4 hours a day, but no more than 9