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Got me a 360.

Well went out and got me a 360 over the holiday weekend.  Decided to treat myself for my birthday.  I've decided to wait out for a PS3 until the so called shipment after christmas.  Waiting for all the kinks to be worked out of the system.  :lol:  I never thought about even getting a 360.  Not an Xbox fan.  But I must say i'm pretty impressed.  Gears of War so far is my favorite followed by SVR 2007.  Even though it's the same game as the PS2 version....but damn it looks good.  What do you guys think of the competition.  You think sony is still going to maintain the juggernaut status?

Old School Gaming?

It's always interesting to see what gamers of today think of the games of yesteryear.  It surprises me to see some reviews of old school games and read that people think these games are crap.  Well of course the graphics look old, these games date back about, what, 15 or 20 years?  Sorry young bucks, gaming did not start with Playstation and Sega Saturn.  My gaming days started when the Nes was released.  My first two games were Kung fu and Super Mario Bros.  But if I remember correctly, home consoles did not start with Nes but with Atari and collecovision.  Old school gamers know what I'm talking about.  These are the game that my generation grew up on.  Without these stepping stones we would not have PS3's and Xbox 360's.  Graphics were not the main thing back in the day.  It was fun and difficulty.  I want to see some of the younger gamers of today, try to beat Battletoads for Nes.  I garantee that you will pull your hair out.:lol:

Happy Thanksgiving Peeps!!

Just wanted to wish you guys a Happy Thanksgiving.  If you party be safe people.  I know I am.  Especially since my B-Day fell on thanksgiving this year.

I know what I want for thanksgiving! :twisted:  Happy Thanksgiving peoples!!!

Have a good and rest full weekend!!

Just wanted to wish everybody a good weekend.  I finally get to rest a little.  Well maybe not.  I probably get home and start playing the games i've purchased:D.  I'm going to start playing Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles.  Only gave it a test run when I bought so let's see.  I'll give a review of it soon.  Hey whitewolf!!!  Thanks for the help with the now playing list.  It was the Retard Factor".:wink:

How do you thnik Keeanu Reeves feels about this?:lol:

By the way....why is this censoring restfull?

SSJ or SP?

Who do you think will win this match up?  I'm bored at work so I want know.  I know who I'm going for!!:D

Wrestling!!!! Yeah Baby!!

What do you guys think of my future wife???!!!:D  I think she freakin' HOTT!!

I love wrestling.  I've watched Hulkamania when it was getting big.  Love watching Bruno Sanmartino and all of the Legends.  I just bought the Smackdown VS. Raw 2007 and despite it not being a giant step forward I still love it.  Feel free to tell me what you guys think of the game if you have played it or just what you think of wrestling in general. Hate it, luv it?  Why?  Whatever.  You won't hurt my feelings.  I did not create it. :lol:

Gaming Industry in general

Just a little quick rant or rave or whatever you want to call this.  I really don't get why games are realeased that are just crap.  As much power and potential that gaming consoles have. There should'nt be any bad games made.  It's a matter of opinion wether a game is good or not.  I guess I'm referring to technical issues, for instance Graphics.  No game should look like crap or play like crap, or even sound like crap.  Some games have come out for the PS2 for example, that look like they belong on the PSOne.  I mean c'mon for real.  I fear that this disease is still going to be around for next gen.  I see it already.  God help us all.