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Ms Henrikson was now losing all her inhibitions, as a mixture of swear words and pleas to be fucked more, harder and deeper tumbled in a cascade from her lips, and the palms of her hands smacked up and down against the rubber mat in a torment of ecstasy. At last, under the merciless combined assault of Nashiko’s left hand tweaking her right nipple, Nashiko’s agile teeth pulling on her left nipple, and the two fingers of Nashiko’s right hand squirming in and out of her vagina whilst her thumb rubbed around her teacher’s clitoris in circles – the dam broke, and Sally Henrikson came and came and came, in waves of orgasm more upliftingly exhilarating and crashingly exhausting than she could remember ever having experienced before. She gave a long wailing cry, her body shuddered from head to toe, and sweat broke out on her face, breasts, back and thighs. Amazed and thrilled by the effects of her ministrations, Nashiko lay down next to the tall blonde, taking her in her arms for a long slow kiss. 0 - russiansdolls.top 1 - https://russiansdolls.top/c/american/ After both of them were dressed, Ken reached into his pocket and pulled out a thick wallet and extracted the equivalent of two thousand American dollars and handed it to Marla. Bowing courteously at the waist he said, "Had a very good time, you were very good, too! Same time next week?" Marla tucked the cash inside her purse and answered, "Same time next week, Kenny, we'll do what we can to further east-west relations!!!"