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Well im back

yea its been awhile but im still here just been doing some workin and travelin but i was just bloging to let you all know im not dead :) so hows it been going for my friends on gamespot?

Near Death Experience O_O

Ok so yesterday after me and my band practiceing they all decided to crash at my place so theres this field out behind my house that has a burn pile in it and we decided to start a bomb fire and chill with some marshmellows and such, when we see these like 6in high ant hills and theres like 5 of em so we're daring each other to sit on one but i grab a stick and poke one and a **** pile of antsjust start poaring out like some horror film or somthing anyway we break them all open and i grab the gas can and pour gas on top of the ant hills and light them **** the fires go out and their STILL coming out so we decide to put a **** load of gas in one of the hills with a gas circle around it, thought that would look **** ;)so im pouring the gas around the hill when suddenly i see the circle becoming flames O_Oand istart screaming WTF!!!! XO so im backing up away from the ant hill with the **** gas can still in my hand -_- so i see a trail of fire following me up into the gas can **** burnt my hand "OUCH"so i like chuck the thing and run like hell.

i still dont know why the thing didnt blow up right in my face?

Microsoft needs to get it act together X(

Well first couldnt return box360 from where i bought it as exspected :( plus i just found out that microsoft isnt even fixing the problem just sending you old used xbox360s wich really pisses me off!!!!! X( i read some people got a console back that wasnt their original. WTF!!!! Some people got a refurb back to play for maybe 20 min then WAMO they get the RROD again what the hell!!!!! I mean can i trust microsoft to give me back a decent working 360 PROBABLY NOT!!!!!!! i mean who knows if u dont get one that a 10-12yr old owned who just dropped down stairs or spilled drinks in it or somthing. I mean damn just cant trust em im sending mine to xbox pros for 60$ to fix a price im willing to pay. RECALL NEEDED BADLY XO

I see dead xbox360s

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am now another victum to those DAMN RED LIGHTS gosh this sucks and i was sick today so i stayed home from school didnt even play for more than 2 hours turned it off to go hang out with my friend jeremy came back home turned it on and there they were do you think wal-mart will take it back if i didnt by the exstended warranty???????????? PLEASE GIVE ME SOME GOOD NEWS!!!!! Oh i still have the reciet and i havent even had it a year yet???


Gosh!! finnally i was getting a little worried there for a minute if anyone lives in or around east TN you know what im talking about been i a **** drout since june!!! and all the water supply around here was drying up

thought i was going to die of thirst lol

First blog not much of a blogger but ....

Ok so during fall break me and my skate team thought wewould getalittle extra footy for our new vid coming up

so the first place we went to was a 6 stair double in this park behind Plutosso me and david decided to both do a switch flip (wich im not good at) so i commited to itand tryed it first of all the run up is janky as **** but a prity smooth landing so i thought so i got the flip landed right in front of a light pole tried to bale at last second and rapped my leg around it SNAPPED MY **** ANCKLE GOD THE WORST PAIN U COULD IMAGINE!

ill get it next timeall my bros were like we're totally puting thison the opening of the vid :)

one thing i was hyped about