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Thanks for the post. I've been seriously on the fence about jumping into next gen. From weak launch titles to spotty features that work half the time and other features that will be available "down the road" I think I will hold off for another 6 months-1 year before making my decision. I have a wife and 2 small kids. XB1 appealed to me as I used to be a hardcore gamer, but have had less and less time for gaming having a family and everything. XB1 seemed like a good fit, while it wasn't as powerful as the PS4 in terms of raw hardware, it had other advertised features that went above and beyond gaming and fit my family's usage of the TV better.

Seeing your post, I'm now convinced that I should wait and see what happens. I know all the fanboys will say to jump to a PS4, but with the titles that are out on both consoles, I really have no reason to jump into next gen at all. There are still plenty of great games currently out on the 360 and PS3. Both are unfinished products IMO. PS4 and XB1 promised many things, but as launch dates grew closer, they both had lists of things that will be available in the future. With a small library of games, lacking features, I'm more than happy to wait and this post has convinced me that is the right thing to do.