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Sony's Hacker Hits Home - Read this if you have a PSN account

Like many concerned PSN users, I assumed the worst about Sony's secure information breach. As soon as word hit that account information could be compromised I made an effort to change passwords for accounts that shared emails with my PSN account. Unfortunately, I forgot one.

My iTunes account has been hacked.

All morning I've been going through the rigamarole of cancelling my credit card and phoning support lines because I'm not entirely sure what else COULD be compromised. Looking back, my iTunes account slid under my radar. It used the same email and password combo as my PSN account. An easy target.

I never would have thought this could happen, but it did. I am writing this blog to spread the word...If you haven't done so already, change your passwords and secure all of your accounts that could be compromised.

This is no joke, and it also eliminates all doubt that whoever hacked the PSN data definitely got ahold of sensitive information. Do not take this lightly.