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Connect + Kinetic = Kinect?

This isn't going to be a blog bashing the name choice...I don't care what this thing is called. When Nintendo's Revoultion was re-dubbed the "Wii" I balked. Looking back, who cares? That thing sold like it cured diseases and became a household name almost instantly.

The thing about Kinect is that it doesn't seem to be looking to reinvent the wheel or anything, it does something similar, but different. I'll admit I am excited and curious for it (and Move, but I feel like Move is just Wii HD) but I'm not really willing to shell out much money for this thing.

If motion controls and 3D TVs are the future, the combination of technologies leads to a lot of neat possibilities. I can only imagine what will come out in the near future...

So, who cares if this thing is called Natal or Kinect or Shirley...Wait until you play it before writing it off.