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Big change in real life

Well, it's not so much a change as it is extra work for me to do.

Some of you may know that a bulk of my GS time is spent from work...I've had very little to do the past few months, and can squeeze in a lot of time here as a result. That all changed about a week and a half ago. I will be training and then taking over one of our biggest third party applications since the guy currently in charge is taking a leave of absence and then retiring in the near future (next few years, maybe).

While this places me in a terrific spot in my company, it leaves my interactions here very limited. I will still be able to come on and check PMs and such if you want to get in touch with me, but I will not have the luxury of spending a full day mucking it up with the fine folks of OT, unfortunately.

You will likely still see me on, I am not leaving the site or anything like that, I am just setting the expectation that I will be limited here.

Take care, folks