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TV/Series DVD count

I'll just make a tally of shows and how many discs/seasons I have of each:

Curb Your Enthusiasm: seasons 1-3
Sopranos: seasons 1-3
Simpsons: seasons 1-5
Seinfeld: seasons 1-3
Superman (1940s) - 2 volumes
Transformers: season 1
Spawn: volumes 1-3
Upright Citizens Brigade: season 1
Futurama: seasons 1-4
The Office: seasons 1-2 and specials
The Critic: complete collection
Ren and Stimpy: first and second season
Batman The Animated Series: volumes 1-2
Family Guy: volumes 1-2
Spongebob Squarepants: season 1
Simpsons: Christmas
Simpsons: Christmas 2
Simpsons: Gone Wild
Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror
SIx Feet Under: seasons 1-2
Carnivale: season 1
Initial D: battles 1-10
Wolf's Rain: volumes 1-5
Big O: series 1
Samurai Champloo: volumes 1-2
Berserk: volumes 1-3
Hellsing: complete collection
Ranma 1/2: OVA series
Samurai X: Trust, Betrayal, Reflections, Movie
Rurouni Kenshin: volumes 1-2
Fullmetal Alchemist: volume1
Star Wars Clone Wars: volume 1
Star Trek Original Series: season 1
Mr. Show: seasons 1-3
Arrested Development: season 1
X-Files:season 1
24: season 1
InuYasha: season 1

I just counted my DVDs

I have 179 full length movies.

This DOES NOT include tv series at all...mostly because I don't really can't figure out if I should count them by season/disc/show.

Super bored

I am so bored (I keep wanting to type 'board') that I decided to make a journal here it is.