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Have you ever...

This is going to be a weird journal entry...heed this warning.

Have you ever blown your nose and then thrown the kleenex into the toilet then peed on it to rip it to shreads? That is one of my favorite things to do now. I just got over a cold/allergies so I was blowing my nose all the time, and it's a really satisfying thing to do.

Please tell me I'm not the only person that has done this...


Apparently my old baner link i got this one. it is almost identical, just kinda reversed and bigger. i like this one better anyhow.

I thought it was about time for an update

Don't really have anything to report. My parents have been out of town all weekend and last weekend. They took both our dogs this time though, so I'm just stuck here with my cat. Normally my cat doesn't like socializing...but this weekend he's been really affectionate. It was so weird that my gf and I took pictures of him laying with us in the recliner in my room.
I miss my dogs though, the house is really quiet without them.

I'm still pluggin away at God of War. I'm only like 7 1/2 hours into it...i just don't have much time to play. I'm close to beating it, and I can't wait til I do...

I think that's all I really wanna type for now. I'll update again soon, hopefully.

time machine?

If anyone out there has mastered the art of either teleportation, time travel, stopping time, or making clones of yourself...please let me know. I really don't have time to do anything anymore, this quarter of school I'm maxed out. There are so many games I want to play...shows I want to watch...I just don't have time in the day for them.

Kids: enjoy non-college school while it lasts.

God of War

I rented this game yesterday and I played it until 3 am before I forced myself to turn it off.
The game sucks you right into the combat. There is no annoying 'tutorial' in the beginning, there are just pop ups that explain new moves and things as you go. The combat is simple enough anyways, so a tutorial would be worthless. The first level is massive. You travel from boat to boat trying to get to the hydra and kill it. Although admittedly, it took me forever to figure out how to finally KILL the 'main' heart was in my throat and my pulse was pounding the entire time.

I'm about 4 hours or so into the game now, and I haven't grown tired of anything but the camera. Most of the time the camera is in the right spot, and the levels are designed where there usually aren't enemies behind a blind corner...but it is still kind of irritating. The right thumbstick is a dodge move, but instinctively I keep hitting it when I want the camera to move...

If you own a PS2 and love hack-n-slash games with a HAVE TO play this game.
I was disappointed with the PS2 castlevania (which is my favorite series of all time) I feel a strong resemblance in this game...if only castlevania had been 1/2 as good as God of War...

on a side, but related note...I was really surprised to see nudity in the game. i wasn't offended, but when boobs came onscreen i was shocked.

1000 posts!@$#@#


i should have had this sooner, but without lansing around in the anime/rpg lovers forum its just not as much fun to post there...

however, my UCB is growing (albeit VERY slowly) but we're almost at 100 posts there and new people are i'm really happy about that.

Finally got a haircut today

I usually hate getting my haircut because I wait until the last possible moment and it's such a drastic change and i can't get used to it...but this time is different.
i was really specific with what i wanted and the lady that cuts my hair nailed it this time.

i still look like i'm 17, but i'm fine with that.
the only problem now is that instead of using gel/hairspray my hair is short enough to use pomade, and that stuff gunks up my i'll have to wash my pillow cases every week...