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I wish every day was a vacation for me

I just got back from my parents lake house in Wisconsin (Lake Delaven) and I freakin love it up there. Even though it can get kinda crazy there, it's usually really peaceful and relaxing to be up there. Today me and my dad drove around in his Miata for like an hour and a half just driving around all the other neighborhoods on the lake. I really want to move up there when I'm done with school. I think there is an Ingorsol-Rand building not too far, maybe I could apply there.
My right bicep is pretty sun-burnt though...which sucks...but its a small price to pay for being infinitly pale 360 days a year.

How to ruin your summer vacation:

Miss passing a calculus class by mere points on the final and have to retake it. Not only have I never gotten less than a C before, but I have to retake the most awful section of calculus over...and in the summer no less. I am so unbelievably upset about it. I don't even get to have the same teacher, so its possible that I won't do all that well again because of his teaching style...But its more likely that i'll be able to do really well.
God, I hope I do really well this time...

So much for having some time off...

Off to take my calculus final...

i had my last final of the quarter postponed til today (from thursday) because i told my teacher that i didnt think i would do all that well coming from a 3 hour physics final right into a 3 hour calculus final...luckily, he understood. i'm still kinda nervous about it...i never do that well on tests because i get really anxious about them and freak out and forget everything i know. i'm hoping that won't happen this time, because i could really use a good grade.

after i finish this up, i get 3 weeks off to play video games and do whatever else i want...then i have a summer class...but then another 3 weeks before the summer semester starts! wooooooooo!\

oh, and my 2 year old nephew is staying with us, so we've taken some pics. i'll post some in my next journal entry.

Xbox 360

I officially pre-ordered mine on Saturday from GameCrazy. I made the first shipment, too. They still didn't have an exact price or date yet, but I can just get all that info from good ol' GameSpot. I'm really excited already...The only downside is that if I don't have the money saved up by the time it launches...I'm gonna have to wait and get it for xmas...

One more week of school...

I just have to get through tuesday, wednesday and thursday. the only problem is that BOTH my finals (physics and calculus) are on thursday...

after i'm done though i don't have to do anything for 3 weeks...then i start my summer class...

I Love E3...

As if the Xbox 360 didn't get me salivating...all this footage is a drug. I love gamespot, and I love being complete.

I'm so sick of 90% of the forums here

The system boards all annoy the living hell out of me. ESPECIALLY the ones about the next gen systems and system wars. People are posting the most incredibly daft things there that NO ONE knows yet, but will be announced shortly. System wars was always a joke in my opinion, but now its even more annoying because of all the kids saying how xbox 360 is already a failure...I mean, come on. Get a ****ing brain.
I'm also sick of peple posting their opinions as facts. This doesn't just go for the system boards, but the music boards as well. That is my number one pet peeve of all time.

Sorry, just had to vent about this.

FINALLY beat God of War

Ares was a total pain the ass the second time you fight him.
This is easily one of the best games ever released for PS2. Definitly a contend for game of the year. The extras unlocked after beating it were surprisingly good too. All in all, this was a brilliant game, albeit a little short (10 hours). I only wish more games of this caliber were being released...and that I had the time to play more games.