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I'm Not Using This Count, AnyMore, If U Want To Write Me A Message Send It To My Other Account Timesplitter36, Sank U! ^_^

P.S. I Got Naruto Ultimate Ninja 2 And Naruto Clash Of Ninja For My PS2 And Gamecube, So Except A Review Soon!

I'm Such A Huge RE4 Fan

Of Course We All Know that My Favorite Game Is Resident Evil 4, But I Have A Question, Where Do You Find The Infinite Rocket Launcher? Cause I Unlocked It, So I'm Just Wondering

0_0 Play This Game!

K I've Been Playing God Of War 2, I Have'nt Played God Of War 1 Yet, But GOW2 Is Amazing! Its Really Addicting And I Can't Stop Playing It, Play It My HomieG's!

Anyone Watched P.A.N.I.C.S.?

Well If U Have, U Know Its By The Creators Or Red Vs Blue, There Just Making Fun Of The Video Game F.E.A.R., I'll Upload The Episodes When i'm At Level 10, To Bad There's Only 4 Episodes

F*** Off TV.COM!

Alright Now I'm Gettin F***in Pissed Off At, Someone Is Making An Account Like Me, It Says SpawnLeon, Has A Different Avatar Though Like A Doll, And Copys Every Blog I Post! Well Now Try Copying This Blog B****!

Watch This Trailer Now!

K Guys Or Girlz, U Gotta Watch The Trailer For The Video Game Clive Barker's Jericho! The Trailer Blew Me Away For Its Suspense! Look It Up, Type In Clive Barker's Jericho At Gamespot & Watch The Trailer! U'll Be Amazed! :P

Here's A Pic From The Trailer!

Damnit! I Want A PS3!

I So Want A PlayStation 3 But There So Damn Expensive! I'll Have To Save Up My Money For One, After I Get The PS3, I'll Try Getting A Xbox360 Or PSP, Whish Me Luck ^_^

srry if i...

srry guys if i have'nt been on gamespot for a long time, i've been going to sites like deviantart and youtube, so i'm busy.

Oh one Question I Must Ask, Has Anyone Here Seen Naruto Episode 82? or played Naruto Ultimate Ninja?

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