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Gaming Checklist of 2011 v2

  1. Marvel Vs Capcom 3(PS3)-2/15
  2. The 3rd Birthday(PSP)-3/29
  3. Mortal Kombat(PS3)-4/19
  4. Portal 2(PS3)-4/19
  5. Ace Combat Assualt Horizon(PS3)-6/1
  6. Alice Madness Returns(PS3)-6/1
  7. Infamous 2(PS3)-6/7
  8. Resistance 3(PS3)-9/16
  9. Silent Hill Downpour(PS3)-10/1
  10. Ghost Recon Future Soldier(X360)-10/1
  11. Batman Arkham City(PS3)-10/3
  12. Uncharted 3(PS3)-11/1
  13. Metal Gear Rising(PS3)-11/1
  14. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim(X360)-11/11
  15. Tomb Raider(PS3)-12/12
  16. Mass Effect 3

other games ive picked up are the 3DS, Ghost Recon Shadow War, Gear of War 2, Dead Rising 2, Resident Evil 3, and Parasite Eve 2

plan on getting Porta 2 next week hopefully

Minecraft Journal Days 1 and 2

Was thrown into a strange world the other day called Minecraft. I took in the exotic landscape and beauty of the world for the day but when night fell, i quickly learned that while Minecraft can be so beautiful it can also be very deadly once the sun ha gone down that's when the they appear. i quickly ran trying to escape death i ran for what seemed an eternity until i fan right into a dead end. I quickly looked around for a way out but to no avail i was cornered, i heard the creatures of the night approach i turned away facing the wall just hoping they wouldn't see me, with each step they took i quickly realized my time in Minecraft would be short. I waited and waited but nothing happened, i turned around and saw that the sun had risen and the creatures were gone. I had survived the first night and ill be sure to survive the next.

I spent most of the day today looking for a place to call my own. I searched and searched but could not find a place that i felt safe. With the sun going down i started to wonder until i found myself on a beach. As I stood there waiting for the end something caught my eye, "A CAVE!" I quickly ran to it to check it out. The cave led out into the water and was at the base of a small cliff. If they wanted me they'd have to swim or jump to to get to me. Its still unknown to me whether they can swim or not but that will have to be a study for another time. It started off pretty cramped. I soon realized id have to make room so i started digging i dug and dug until my fingers began to bleed and my nails began to chip and fall off and then i dug some more. It hurts just to write this and even as i write this i can hear them right above me searching for me. before i started writing this i saw one of the creatures checking out the entrance to cave luckily he did not enter and left as quickly as he came. But before he left he made this horribly hissing sound a sound that will stay with me forever.

Gaming Check List of 2011

i figured i write down a list of games and post them in a blog

****NOTE these dates are off Gamestops website so they will change
so heres the list

  1. Marvel Vs Capcom 3(PS3)-2/15
  2. Okamiden (DS)-3/15
  3. The 3rd Birthday(PSP)-3/29
  4. Mortal Kombat(PS3)-4/19
  5. Portal 2(PS3)-4/19
  6. No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise(PS3)-5/1
  7. Ace Combat Assualt Horizon(PS3)-6/1
  8. Alice Madness Returns(PS3)-6/1
  9. Infamous 2(PS3)-6/7
  10. Resistance 3(PS3)-9/16
  11. Silent Hill Downpour(PS3)-10/1
  12. Ghost Recon Future Soldier(X360)-10/1
  13. Batman Arkham City(PS3)-10/3
  14. Uncharted 3(PS3)-11/1
  15. Metal Gear Rising(PS3)-11/1
  16. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim(X360)-11/11
  17. Tomb Raider(PS3)-12/12
  18. Mass Effect 3(X360)-12/21

and thats more or less the list ill probably update it as time goes on and if dates get changed and if i get the games then ill cross them off

oh yeah and heres a new drawng i did

More Drawings from me and someother stuff

thought id show you some more of my drawings theres more in my gallery but ill just link these for now

also got my poster in the other day
i love it

Babbit and catsello


Beauty and the Beast

****s started last tuesday for im taking a math cIass internet history **** and a drawing cIass

I drew Jill Valentine

yeah i was sitting here board so i drew a picture of Jill Valentine

not bad for one of my first drawings but then again i was at this picture pretty much all day i think for 3hrs maybe 4hrs

i was going off this picture

and i am pretty pleased with how it turned out so far

so heres some pictures
i used my camera to take these pictures
Sorry no scanner maybe ill get one for Christmas then i can properly upload my pictures

this is just a sketch right now ill probably start shading in tomorrow and going into better detail
and yes i know the gun looks weird

if you want to see a bigger picture just ask and ill send you a link

Gaming Update among other important things and finally beat Valkria Chronicles 2

well i finally passed Valkyria Chronicles 2, it was a really good game i i recomendyou guys that love strategy rpg games to pick it up. heres a small review i did.

with VC2 passed i can finally start working on Metroid Other M and Star Ocean 2nd Evolution.

I also picked up the complete series to Evangelion and have been watching a disc a day currently on the 5th disc now.

But on to business im looking to start a union and im wondering if anyone would like to join send me a pm or leave a message down below and let me know.