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Long time...... my story in the past few months.

I have not bogged for a loooong time... it cause i was busy reaching mastery level in laziness:(. Well that's in the past, i gotten over my flaws:) now time for my updates and achievements for the past few months.

I Finally got my dream card... GTX 295!!!
It's been a while since i got my card on march 20th, and also i recently set up my new pc. I should have posted this ASAP on GS!!!:(This is a great change for me since last pc was late 2005!:D so you can imagine how happy i must have been... As you can see below my XFX GTX 295 is light years away from my old 6600LE:twisted: [The knife is just for the dexter(serial killer hero from the series of the same name) effect:twisted:]

My system specs are:
Intel Core2Quad Q9550@2.83 (i shall overclock this when i get the CoolerMaster V8 8) )
GIGABYTE EP45C-DS3R Motherboard
4 GB DDR2 800Mhz (Plannin to upgrade to DDR3 soon... yes my motherboard supports it:) )
GeForce XFX GTX295
CoolerMaster HAF932 Case (i love this case:oops:
- This case i recommend to everyone, its a full tower case so it's pretty big, u can see the size difference below :twisted: and it's at a very resonable price around 150$ it has the features as the other high end Cases. The main reason i wanted to get a case was to fit my GTX 295, this case it just amazing!

The case is completely tooless, so other than screwing your motherboardeverything else is just so easy to fit (no more of those irritating screws! :evil :)

Catching Up!!!
Since i have not played PC games for a long time i had a lot of catching up to do...
So Far im playing:

The Witcher Enhanced Edition
- Great RPG, im taking my time with this one... Geralt is a badass. Playin The Witcher reminds me of the good old times of the PC gaming for me. The best RPG in a long time no doubt.

Call of Duty 4 - Yea i finished COD WAW before this in veteran mode and played MP on COD4 a gizillion times but never played the campaign... so i started it on veteran and believe me it's tough as hell i've died countless time yet i want to finish it on this difficulity!!! My Pride i shall Never Give Up!!!:D

Far Cry 2 - Been a few works into the game, i am having some sound problems so i paused the game for some time. With everything maxed out in the settings this game is just so unreal!!! I know its a bit repititive... but so it is awesome.

Crysis - The game i have been dying to play for 2 years, finally my pc can support it at 1920X1080 all settings maxed out, but the problem is it is still a bit slow i stopped the game until i get my CPU cooler so as to overclock it and play crysis in all its glory. This is the one game that is slow(just a little but still hampers gameplay) in my pc:?

Command & Conquer 3 - Have been playing this game even in my old pc, the custom game mode is still addictive and the campaign i still yet have to start! I just keep playing the custom game so much. Will play this still Starcraft 2 shows up:)

Last but not the least,

Cryostasis - I just started the game yesterday early morning, it just blew me away, the graphics and physics in this game are breath taking. Always play this game with the lowest temperature on your air conditioner in a pitch black room:twisted:

Well these are the games i'm engaged in right now...
After this my next games on the list are:

The PS3 Sleep...
My PS3 is in hybernation... for some time.. The things i still gotta do...

Well to have played a game 5 hour straight the 1st time i played it... i have not come back to it cause i was busy with my college i know that's not a reason! But still i want to go back to KZ soon, maybe the best FPS on consoles, lets see whe i have the time i will get back to it for sure.

Resident Evil 5 i decided to play in co-op so called my friend. Deciding to finish the game in one night in hard difficulity was a foolish one. It took us another 2 nights to come to the 6th chapter to almost the final stage. The Ndesu monster was one of the main reasons me and my friend got stuck for sometime in the game, 80% of our deaths were from that boss stage:evil:. Finishing that brute in co-op in hard well not that much but either me or my friend screwed up something. So yea still RE5 is unfinished, when my friend is free this week we will finally get this over with. The game is easy overall.

LOL one more thing... whenever we got stuck in a part of the game. I would say Chris Redfields word to my friend "All i know is i got a job to do, and i'm going to see it through".:D

So i shall write my reviews on the ones i finish. I know a few of them are old ones:P Feel free to PM me anytime, this month is gonna be full Gaming 24/7 :) Muhahaha...

By the way...

I got The WOW: Wrath of The Lich King Cinematic Art Book. It's like a bible to me, finally i can sketch Arthas... i shall post my works soon :P

Sorry for the absence! A few sketches and my new pet! :)

Hi Everyone...
I did not come to GS for some time... very sorry but to make up for it
I shall post a big blog tomorrow off all the things i've been upto recently...:)

I turned 19 recently on March 5!:) Sorry for not comin on the day... as a present for u guys here's a few of my sketches...

Here's the new prince! I drew this a some time back in college:)

This is kinda like a hybrid of Assassin's Creed & Dark Sector!;) Again bored in college..:(

Ofcourse Goku from DBZ... didn't know what to say in the dialouge box!:question:

I got a new pet yesterday! i didnt name her yet:P Can u guys suggest a name?:)
It's color is full white except for ts tail and left ear... it sleeps on top near my monitor and sees me typing!

Ok, Catch ya later... don't miss my next blog!8)

My KZ2 experience... truly helghan!

Hi Guys! :)

Finally guys i got my hands on KZ2!!!
Here are the shots...

Yes the day has finally come and i've got KZ2 i wanted to get the collector's edition but they were not available so i had no choice but to get the regular version! :( But who cares the game is what that matters! :)

Before i telk anything about KZ2 i just gotta say that i just finished Resistance 2 campaign today early morning:P
i wanted to finish it before i started KZ2... I was very lazy all these days and i put resistance 2 on hold so i finally fnished it... dont get me wrong i didn't finish it just because to play KZ2 in a hurry... every game i play i try to absorb and experience it fully as possible :)
I really liked it the more it progressed the ending was great but a mystery:? Lets all hope we can see more of Nathan Hale in the future! :)

Ok moving on,
KZ2 is truly one of the best FPS i have ever played...
i only played for like 4 hours so far though:P
even the little things from the main menu interface to the loading screen gives a very different feel to it.
Dont worry NO SPOLIERS iam not that kinda guy:P i keep very thing for you to play and experience! just talking of what i think of the game so far...

Things iam (truly)immpressed with:)
-The Enemy A.I. really got me working... it's as if everyone of those helghan soliders are truly alive and having a grudge on you:evil:... they have all things right and a step beyond... covering behind objects, shooting mainly when hiding behind cover, excellent team work, dynamic behaviour etc etc
-The Visuals everybody already knows what im talking about! KZ2 baby from the 1st glance you will know this is the best looking game on the consoles and even beats lots of PC games.(Gureilla told they were running the game native 720p the game looks fantastic even though ofcourse the ps3 can upscale it to 1080p but wont be as good as the real thing... anyway who cares:P) Everything from the Blur effects, shadows, lighting, Decals, blood, models, etc etc are top notch! U wonder many times wheather you are playing a game or watching a CG movie! :D
-Fludity the game looking and sounding really good makes you wonder if the game runs smoothly the answer is YES! with all the epic stuff going on the frame rates are pretty steady even in the heat of battle, the game just freezes a bit when its loading a area in game other than that no complaints...:)
-Realism the game is slow in character movement but in a good way it is more realistic, ofcourse you have the sprint option!:P Everything shone in the game has this realistic feeling to it... even when you like suppose turn a wheel of a machine you must first grab it with your fingers with L1 and R1 and then use the motion sensing to trn it clockwise or anti clockwise. Its really well integrated into the game.

The up dirrectional button shows you the way its very simple and small so you can never get lost or see a big map everytime!

Overall everything is awesome and truly outstanding...
just one thing is didnt like was even the movement of the crosshair was a bit slow i increased the sensitivity by a point and problem solved:!

I just played around 4 hours... in veteran difficulity the 2nd most hardest... the last one must be unlocked!
Finished 2 and a half chapters...
Corinth Ribbion and blood Ribbion... the 1st itself took almost 2 hours for me... just was getting used t the game and warming up! :P
in the 3rd one now Visari ribbion... at this rate i will finish KZ2 before it realeses in the US!

I ll just give you guys one tip when you are close to the helghast soldiers instead of using the melee attack on them (L1) just take out youre knife to do the deed (right directional button) and press R1 its much more effective! :)
And there is a trophy for Killing 1500 helghast in the game(even a 500)... so lets all achieve it!

Happy Killings in Killzone 2! C ya later!

Killzone 2 is already here in my city!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

I can't believe it guys i just found killzone 2 for sale here in a game centre here in my city Chennai.
The game is supposed to releaase in Feb 27 worldwide!
I dont know how it's out so soon here that too in India :P

I will get the Collector's Edition tomorrow ASAP i shall post the pics along with how good the game is...
Finally nearly after 4 years waiting!!!

I seriously can't believe this is happening!!!
:D :D :D

Finished COD World at War in Veteran difficulty in one session!!! :D Comment!

Hi Guys!:P

Just wanted to tell that i just finished "Call Of Duty World at War" on Veteran Difficulty day before yesterday in Co op campaign with my friend. :D :D :D

I have holidays:) now for some time and well i just couldn't wait for my new Graphics card to arrive at 10th, so i went to a gaming centre here in my city(they have decent rigs atleast it ran COD WAW in 1920 X 1200 res with some in medium details) with my friend...

We played it on veteran difficulty as wanted a bit of a challenge:P(i always play most games in highest difficulty as possible unless its very insanely tough that i cant finish a level like after 128 tries LOL :D) The game was really good, i felt like i was one of the soliders there... scored a lot of head shots with the springfield rifle:twisted:, meeled the japanese soliders with bayonetts, drove a tank, etc the ending was emotional! :(

I think out of all the WWII games i played this was one of the best with my other favourites such as Medal of Honour Allied Assualt and COD2
And my all time favourite WWII weapons are
The Springfield sniper rifle(i just like the feel of it and the way it loads!:)),
The Thompson (Very good automatic SMG) and
The M1 Granada(the distinctive ping sound when you fire all rounds!!!!:D
(also the Panzesherk:))

What are your favourites??8) In both WWII weapons and WWII games??

I guess we finished the game in around 8 to 9 hours, We didnt eat at all and i havent slept even for the previous day went for a late night drive( Got my liscence but still learning to drive im a noob in driving:P) After this we even continued play COD4 MF Multi player with other guys it was Awesome:twisted:...

I went home late my fingers were trembling, eyes were sore, head was aching, stomach was already feeling not so good from the day before::| after a playing for a total of 12 hours went at 11 am and finished at 11 30pm!!!:shock:

Anyways having had a good night sleep im feeling better already8)! When i get my new graphics card crysis will be the game i play i missed a lot of PC games... and waiting to get my hands on SFIV for my PS3!

I'll update on my progress soon! LATER!:)

My Conclusion for either the HD4870X2 or GTX295!

Hi Guys!:)

I have not played PC games for the past 3 years:cry:... it has been PS3 for a long time:twisted:...
Finally iam gettin back to pc gaming this month!!! :D
I've already got all the stuff for my PC... and i decided on getting the best GPU on the market i thought that will be a good comeback!8)

So it's either the GTX 295 or the HD4870X2!:twisted:

I've had my eyes on the HD 4870X2 the palit version Revolution 700 HD4870X2(for its 2 fan cooling and huge heatsink... all know how hot the ATI beast can get). Then recently Nvidia Launced the GTX 295 which beasted the HD 4870X2 in majority of games.

Iam no fan boy i just want and go for the better performance. I saw the review of the plait revolution 700 HD4870X2 in the the power consumption at idle was a punishing 338W!(the normal HD4870X2 is 251W) and 476W in load!! and a colossual 520W in peak!!!(thats like equal to 2 GTX 295). This was the most discouraging factor and the performance was not that different from the other ones.

Anyways after much research in reviews and articles i decided to go for EVGA GTX295! i wanted the Ati one but i guesswe shall see nxt time! I guess took the GTX295 cause of lower power consumption and cooler Temperature, more performance in majority of games, PhysicX. I still love ATI though:oops:. For now its the GTX 295!!!Gonna get this baby on 10th FEB.:twisted:

Finally gonna start PC gaming! Gonna start with Crysis and Warhead Then move onto Fear 2!:)

So many games, So little time!!! C ya guys nxt time... i shall post another blog when i get my Card!:)

My Journey of the past year :) and 2009 Awakening!

Hi guys!

Finally i have regenerated from all the laziness i've been having for sometime:twisted:...

2009 has begun...My college has resumed it's my 4th semester and 2nd year in coll... it's boring as usual. Well so let's start my full introduction by showing guys of my 2008 in view... i ll try to keep it as simple and fun as possible!:P

2008 is definitly my laziest year in many ways:| and also perhaps one of the best happy years too at the same time:) I have not touched my PC for gaming for the past 2 years i will get back to that later on the next blog... Its been purely PS3 all the year round even the previous one.

Game Highlights and Diappoinments :

Even though i have played a variety of games here are the highlights and the shining moment of game experiece i've had:)

1) AC completeion in 2 days straight: Yes. i got Assassin's creed only in ending Dec of 2007. But started it only on Jan 2008... I wanted to get the collector's edition it was hard to find here i got it from my dad's friend from the US. Truly amazing game... heheheh... actually after just playing it for 2 hours in my 1st play i did not go back .. thanks for my visitng friend who came who just watched movies in my Pc for like 2 and half days(yea i had Plenty of Holidays in early jan for Festival called Pongal) i dont think he even got out of the chair:o... so i thought lets start AS finally started a new game... i played for 9 hours straight and the next day another 9 or more i finished the game!!! Thanks to my friend who didnt let me do anything else...:) yes he's still alive after 3 days of no sleep!!:P

2)Uncharted Territory: I decided to get Uncharted Drake's Fortune even though i heard its pretty short as heavenly sword which i finished in 2007 was just Amazing and a beatuiful experience even though it was short... Possibly one of the best Visual stunning games i have played... finished it in hard Diff so as to long the Duration of the game and the experience. Spoiler: I was shocked to see alien like creatues in the gamenear the end... it became like Doom all of a sudden:o... and i have never ever went uphill water fall jet siking in any other game!:shock: totally Uncharated..

3) Devil's cry : DMC 4 was a really solid action game!8) Looking back at the game now... i think it will always remain in my mind... Nero was a really good character for the franchise... the gameplay is as good as ever and the cutscenes are one of the best action scenes ever created by humans. Dante rocks and show's who is boss later!:lol:

only things i didnt like about this epic action title where u will face all the bosses 3 times!!! and i wanted more of Lady!:oops: She looks completely diff now... wat happened to her... i liked here in DMC3 a lot! Trish was pleasing and stunning ofcourse! :)

4) Shock Finally: The ps3 released with a six axis controller... sacrifising the virations for motion sensing which threw many people off... six axis feature even though is nice it is horribly integrated into games... aiming the arrows in heavenly sword :?or driving boats in GTA 4by moving the controller was very difficult and not accurate:?. Therefore turning this feature off everytime i play a new game is compulsory. The only games i enjoyedwith the motion feature is ratchet and clank and in ultimate allianc. In the previous year my arms almost died of shaking the controller for Ninja Gaiden Sigma... Damn those dead floating ghost fish:evil: everytime they bite i shaked the cntroller... the last part of the game u gotta climb 5 floors each with these ghost fish floating... i climbed up and down these steps for 3 times!!! They regenerative so killing them over and over and geting gold to buy weapons and save potions for the 3 Final boss battles in a row.. in the end by the time i finished my arms wear exhausted and actually became more muscular!:twisted: Anyways im happy that i got the Dual Shock 3 which finally gives the vibrations makes u in the game... its a pity i didnt get this before i played uncharated and DMC 4.

5)Dead Space strictly only in the Darkness: Iam not saying iam weak hearted or faint of heart... i do enjoy gore and horror a lot...but i always was very scared of horror games... especially the silent hill francise and even doom3... which gave me the trouble of finishing the games previously... not having played a single horror game for more than a year... Dead space was the perfect title to check my wits and guts! I took the game very seriously... played in hard mode started the game only after 12AM... strictly no lights and high volume;)... This truly was one of the best survival horror game ever made...i got shocked and stunned in many parts of the game:x but i "Never backed down"... came back for more... the atmoshere was really intense and i enjoyed cutting up the lims of necromorhs and breaking various body parts just using your legs!:)

5) Unfinished Business: Even though i finished some games like Ratchet and Clank tools of Destruction,POP,DMC4,AC,SC4,Dead space etc... i have still lots to finish... :|

GTA 4 having only completed about 60%:evil:

BattleField: Bad Companyis fun but i didnt spend much time in the game.

Oblivion: Going for the Sub missions and fun than the main primary quest i have doomed myself:D this games has like 200 hours gameplay to finish it fully! i never will do that... started the main quest but still not finished it yet.. may never will:x!

Resistance 2: can't say anthing i just got the game yesterday!:)i know it's bit late:P

Metal Gear Solid Essential Collection: I have missed the MGS franchice completely:cry: having not finished or played any of the series i decided to get the Essential Collection to catch up then moving on to MGS 4, but i still havent even finished MGS1 i gotta spent more time on these games...

Burnout Paradise my personal most diappointing game of 2008! :evil: I dont think i will every buy another racing game...

So the winner is,

GOTY = Dead Space everything about it is just so unreally Awesome

Best Action game = DMC 4 u Already Know

Favourite Character = Elika:oops: Always there for u!

Worst game = Burnout Paradise seriouly overrated!

Best Sports Game = I dont play Sports games!:shock:


2009 has lots of promises and many of my personal anticipated games are releasing for the ps3... finally!

My most Anticipated games for 09 are:

RE5, Fear 2, Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Athena,Heavy Heavy Rain, GOW 3, Uncharated 2, Tekken6, Killzone2 and Diablo 3.:)

Finally having upgraded my PC it's about time i got into PC gaming after a very long break... everthing s prepared and ready but will be getting my Graphics Card Palit Revolution 700 HD 4870X2 only in march:cry:.

I have a ton to CATCH UP HERE... Main reasons why i did not play Fallout 3, Farcry 2, ,etc is because i wanted to play it on the PC.Also other great games on PC untouched by me is Warhead, The Witcher and a few RTS games.And plenty of Anime to watch aswell... starting with Vampire Knight and death note..:)

Combined this with the games releasing over the Next Few months 2009 will definitely be the most busiest year in my life!:D:D:D My New Year Resoultion is not to be lazy! :)

Introduction! Evil LoL ;)

Well guys... im not exactly new to GS, but i just started to begin using my profile! Thanks for all of you who added me as a friend!!! :) :) ;)
well for starters i will put up my past 2008 happenings in review and my plans for upcoming plots in 2009!8)(im lazy so give me some time!)

Hope you guys check it out!!! :) Comments are welcome! Now for some shuteye its 4.30 in the morning here!