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$9.98 game

I picked up Stoked for $9.98 today at Toys R Us in a bargain bin I thought I was seeing things but I wasn't. I had to pick this game up for less than 10 bucks. Especially since Gamestop gave it a 7.5 well worth my $9.98.

My annual Toys R US sale

I love this time of year when Toys R Us has a great sale buy 2 games and get the third free. I save money each year just for this week alone. I just bought 12 games and paid for 8. I will return all 12 games for the ones that are coming out later this year:

X360 Saints Row 2

x360 Deadspace

PS3 Socom Navy Seals

X360 Golden Axe beast rider

X360 Fable 2

X360 Midnight Club LA

X360 Fallout 3

X360 Guitar Hero world tour

PS3 Motorstorm 2

X360 Gears of war 2

PS3 Resistance man 2

X360 Need for Speed Undercover

I spent $479.92 for 12 games not bad :)

My new games today

I picked up today Xbox Kingdom Under Fire, Xbox Counter Strike, & Xbox Van Helsing for 75.00 not a bad deal. Love those coupons:lol: This week will be even better like otogi 2 outlaw golf 2 neo contra & men of valor?

MKDC rocks

Man I love this game it rocks. I need to buy some time off to play all these great games that I have and still want.

New game

Just picked up ESPN NBA for only 10 bucks at Best Buys.

Lets recap my purchases

ESPN NHL 15.00

ESPN NBA 10.00


Thats a total of 30.00 bucks*. Thats less than a price of one of EA'S titles which suckS in comparison to ESPN'S GAMES.

Coupon's were used in these purchases AT BEST BUY, but could have been used to purchase EA games but was'nt.

Because EPSN has better games for the money.

New Games

Oh my what a week for games Fable, Xmen, Star Wars Battlefront, and next week looks even better. A release date for Dead or Alive Ultimate 9-30 oh yah. SHadow hearts is a most snk vs marvel online . Plus a couple of great dvd walking tall and alamo.

New Level

I am now a Gitaroo Man level 14 that took about a week it seem it takes me a good week to go up a level maybe if I stayed on line with gamespot instead of palying I would be #1

09-13-04 post

I am kinda of disappointed of a few coming games that I thought I was going to purchase. Fable, def jam, Shell shock nam, second sight, juiced, mega man x cm, wwe reckonign, mario pinball, Star wars battlefront sucks bad and is of my list, but there is good news like

1. Kingdom Under Fire: THE CRUSADERS

2. Shadow Hearts covenant

3. Guilty Gear 20.00

4. Call of duty for pc

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