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The requisite GiantBomb post.

I'm not exactly leaving, but I haven't even been here in forever anyway. I will say, though, that my homebase is no longer Gamespot. I'm at GiantBomb now on a pretty regular basis. You can find my profile here:

HTTenrai at Giant Bomb

Come say hi. It's a great place, and for those of you who are annoyed by language standards and moderators here, there's not NEARLY as much of that kind of restriction there, so take that for what it's worth.

There comes a time in every Xboxer's life...

...when you have to suffer a Red Ring of Death. Tsk. I was doing such a good job of avoiding it, too. Oh well.

My Xbox started yelling at me this week, and while I managed to boot it up again, I'm afraid if I turn it off, I won't be able to play it again, and so, until the shipping box arrives, I won't be turning my Xbox off.

I didn't think I'd be immune. True enough, that fateful day came, but I have done a respectable job in keeping it from failing since buying it nearly 2 years ago. Not bad eh?

In other news, I am now free in every conceivable way from my ex-wife. Today, at noon, I will have signed ownership of my car over to the dealership who will be using it to help finance her new car for her baby-daddy. Good riddance, I say.

...if she hadn't told me she was selling it, I was going to have told her I wasn't paying anyway...and I was almost looking forward to it, too...

One Must Paint: 2008 (artwork in thread)

One of my all-time favorite video games has to be One Must Fall: 2097. It's one of the most perfect, if not THE PERFECT, marriage of fighting games and RPGs. The game is also exceptionally deep, and still has a cult following to this day.

In honor of my love for the game in general, I decided to do a piece of artwork of my favorite 'bot from the game: The Jaguar.

You can see the full-sized version here if you want a better look.

I had a lot of fun doing this, and it ended up taking me somewhere between 150 and 200 minutes to complete from start to finish, not counting a short dinner break.

Please, tell me what you think?


I'm not going to spout off about Iron Man forever and ever, because, frankly, I can't put it into words...

Just...go see it! It has supplanted Spider-Man 2 as my favorite Superhero movie, and I'm a BIG Spider-Man fan! That should say something!


I'm in a gaming slump...

I can't beat Don't Fear The Reaper on Expert drums in Rock Band, so I'm stuck.

Yesterday, I went 8 games straight in Rainbow Six Vegas 2 without getting a SINGLE kill.

Tonight, I went to play some UMK3 online, and could only find one competitor...who utterly destroyed me...9 times.

This whole week has been kicking my ass, and I am falling into a depression. What the **** is going on? *sigh*

When the hell is GTA IV going to get here...

I'm going to bed.

Late Nights and Gold Stars

Well, after playing a rousing set on the drums with some fellow players online in Rock Band, I decided to give Green Grass and High Tides another whirl to see if I could boost my score again. This led to 4 plays in total, each with a higher score than the last... When I was finally done with pushing my score higher, I gathered the pictures I had taken, and ent to post them, though seeing as how only the top score is really relevant, I'm just going to post it and my leaderboard position:

This time I uploaded images of the maximum resolution on my camera if anyone feels the need to scrutinize them. All I can say is that I hope to push my scores into the top 100. That will be an accomplishment I will not soon forget, and I think I'm capable if I continue trying as hard as I am.

Maybe I'll get around to attempting the song while recording it on my vidcap equipment. We'll see.

On a side note, I feel sorry for the poor chaps who have to compete against me if I ever enter a competition any time soon.


It's not every day you hear some wild rumor from left field come true, but today, on the 18th of April, it happened: Mortal Kombat and DC Comics are crossing over. And you thought MK vs. Street Fighter was far-fetched.

But no, it's very true, and it has apparently incensed several people for a myriad of reasons. I'm not sure whether more people were infuriated that it was a crossover to begin with, that they were crossing with DC Comics, or that the game will in fact be releasing with a T-for-Teen rating in mind.

What about fatalities? They won't be there. There will still be finishing moves, and PLENTY of brutality, and even still some blood, but with Midway's particular rating goal in mind, these won't be buckets of blood. Still, it's poised to be one hell of a knock-down, drag out fight.

It's also a very tricky subject to balance, given that the Man of Steel is joining the roster. He can take a train head-on. If Mortal Kombat 3 were any indication, the Kombatants...not so much. That's where the writers come in.

Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray have been hired from their usual comic-writing day jobs to help make sure all the pieces of the MK vs. DCU puzzle fit, and so far, they're done a servicable job explaining the reason behind a toe-to-toe matchup between Sub-Zero and Superman. Magic.

True to canon of Superman comics, some unexplained (so far) magic is enhancing the strength of the Kombatants and low-powered superheros, and at the same time, is weakening heroes like Superman, so that all fighters will be able to realistically (and I use that phrase in relatively here...we are discussing video games after all) lay the proverbial smack down on each other fairly.

While my initial reaction was that of typing uppercased obscenities with lots of unnecessary punctuation to my friend over MSN Messenger, the whole thing has settled in, and despite the series' dependence upon showers of blood and gore, I think that taking MK's memorable characters, and seeing them square off against the likes of the Justice League is going to be one fighting game that is not to be missed, so without further ado, I present some amusing match-ups I'd like to see:

  • Sub-Zero vs. Batman (c'mon, BIG given there)
  • Aquaman vs. Rain (Let's see which running joke has more punch)
  • Green Lantern vs. Scorpion (I can't fight him...he's yellow!!)
  • Nightwolf vs. Green Arrow (His magazine is hardcore enough that he could probably get away with having a fatality)
  • Goro vs. Doomsday (He killed Superman...can Goro kill him?)
  • EDIT (I forgot, silly me) Johnny Cage vs. Booster Gold (Funniest fight ever...)

It may be a radical departure from the typical MK mold, but I still think it has a significant potential to be a fun and intriguing game. Besides, what would Mortal Kombat be without Kontroversy, hm?

Takin' on Band World Tour mode by myself...whew

So, I've made it extensively clear that I have a 'band' to play with. I love playing with them. It's a lot of fun, but I wanted I've decided to start playing on my own Xbox with my singer and guitarist.

I am playing Bass on Expert, and I'm singing on Medium because I'm still not totally familiar with all the songs, and I can't spend much time looking up at the lyrics, as I'm frantically jamming away on my bass guitar already.

It's not easy. I in fact lose my bass rhythm often, and sometimes trail off on vocals, too. Any less difficult on bass, and I'll just get bored. Besides, guitar is too tricky and demanding for vocals, too.

So, as difficult as it is, I just wanted to show you what I can do when I really know a song:

Interesting, eh? Wish me luck. I'm going to try and net a lot of fans along the way, see if I can't get my score up there with the big dogs all by my lonesome.

Rock Band: A state of affairs

About a month or so ago, my boss and I threw in together for a co-owned copy of Rock Band for our gaming group to play together, which has been a blast. There's nothing quite like the feeling of rocking out together, depending on one-another's skills and nailing that 5-star performance. The game is brilliantly balanced, as skilled players can help keep the band afloat, while giving the less experienced players the ability to play at their own level and (hopefully) learn without slowing down the rest of the band. It's been a great experience, and the constant flow of DLC is remarkable. I've found several songs worth picking out of the DLC to play, and true enough, we have two completely different sets of content depending on whose Xbox is being used.

Our band is known as Deadknobs 'n' Boomsticks. I don't know where the name came from, but the metaphor I use to describe the process is such: "It was just kinda one of those things where I kinda unscrewed the tap on my brain a little bit, tipped my head to the left, and saw what dripped out, and that's what it was." When we were deciding our band name, there were a couple of classic names up for grabs that stick around our group pretty regularly, e.g. High Treason and Slug Death, but apparently, Deadknobs 'n' Boomsticks was a pretty popular choice, and so we adopted it. Our band logo is a tzantza shrunken head with two flintlock pistols w/ bayonettes in front of a big, bloody, splattery X. It looks pretty awesome.

We're all pretty familiar with Guitar Hero and Karaoke Revolution, as I had introduced the former into the group about a half a year after the first one came out. I was so enamored with it when I saw it during my Christmas vacation that I had to get one of my own. I got Guitar Hero II, natch, and ended up giving it to one of my groupmates as a birthday present after having cleaned its clock, save two songs: Jordan by Buckethead (OW!) and Six by All That Remains (MORE OW!). I had to settle for 4 stars on Expert for both of those. One of the other guys in the group had Karaoke Revolution, and one day had dared me to sing the 'unsingable' That's Amore, which I proceeded to trash with a perfect performance. That's probably what got me cemented as the vocalist for our band...

And so, as it stands, while we tend to switch off our respective parts as the night wears on, our band lineup is as follows:

  • Band leader and lead guitarist for most of our sessions is Jason, my boss, playing on Medium(and doing a respectible job of it) as Jason Chaos.
  • On bass is Kevin, playing on Medium, which is a big step for him. He tends to go slow with games. He plays as Dagon Jones, which, for some reason, is deemed 'unsuitable' for Xbox Live.
  • On drums, we have Josh, playing as the 80's throwback rocker Donnie Calvin, who is generally new to all forms of music game. I only really got him playing Guitar Hero II with any regularity, and since he's living with his girlfriend, to whom I donated GHII, he has time to brush up on guitar. Drums, though, are still a bit tricky with him, but he can finish most songs on medium with a respectable score.
  • On vocals, we have yours truly, singing as Mike Treason, doing vocals on medium strictly for comfort purposes, but I can do some songs on Expert okay. The obstacle there is that if you don't know the pitch you need to hit, on expert, you'll be missing extremely important opportunities to fill the score disc, so until I know more tunes, Expert is not going to happen.

We have a lot of fun playing together and get the equipment together to do so pretty much every other Friday. It's a blast.

As for my own skills on the instruments, I've been refining my guitar work, natch, as I am rather skilled. I could be better, but it just takes time and practice. On the drums, the new, alien instrument made available, with no prior experience with a drumset before, I was able to tackle any song on Medium, and quickly realized that several songs on Hard are within my reach. I flirt with Expert to remind myself how far I have to go, but I have actually managed to finish one of the more physically strenuous and rhythmically tricky songs, Maps, on Expert, which surprised the hell out of me, as I was merely showing my group what it was like on Expert, fully expecting to fail. Maps happens to be one of Josh's most avoided songs, so it has a particular place in our hearts as a joke, despite everyone more or less actually liking it.

So, as it stands, my instrument skills are as follows, for those not keeping track:

  • Guitar: Expert, baby. All songs but GG & HT.
  • Bass: Expert on anything, and I'll doing it with a smile and an eye on your power meters. Team player ftw!
  • Drums: High Medium-Low Hard so far. Picking it up quicker than I thought
  • Vocals: All I need to do is here where the notes go, and Expert should be a breeze. Now, if the damn mic would pick the pitch up right... GRRR!
Anyway, if anyone on my friends list here on GS has a gold Live account for Xbox 360 and Rock Band, feel free to give me a holler. I have the equipment most of the time.

You can call me Gordon.../Final Turok Review posted

...because I'm now officially a Free Man!

Some time last week, my wife filed for a divorce finally, and waived the 90-day-waiting period, so I'm now officially single again! Yay! Now I can sit around and do nothing special like I usually do! :P

Oh well. ;)

because hamster wheels are SO chic right now


On another note, despite my ranting, raving, and out-and-out complaining, I went back and finished Turok, and decided that, after the frustration, I should review the game and so, I did. The results are bit surprising, I think.