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halo 3

hey folks it's been a while since i last posted a message, well as the topic suggest I will be talking about halo 3 a bit. it's all ready been several days now since it's release an yes I was one of the people that pre ordered it, but not the regular edition I went legendary... so I have the mater cheifs head on my entertainment center right now lol. I also picked up some dog tags because they looked cool as well lol. OK lets talk about the game now, to let you all know this is the first halo i've ever played an I have to say Bungi did a great job putting the game together, graphics, story, action, it's all here. I will admit that I am only a average player at best when it comes to shooters like this, but all & all I'v had fun playing the game. the 2 disk extra content that comes with the legendary edition filled me in to the back story of the game an I got to see the voice actress for cortanna. If anyone wants to play with me, send me a friend request on the 360 my gammer tag is Solaris8963, I'm not on all the time but look forward to playing the co-op mode. bye for now