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Two days for the PSVita launch. I can't wait! I can't decide!

Since many of you didn't even cared about my last blog I will beging with the same thing; No so long ago I reserved the Wi-Fi model of the PSVita at my local Gamestop. Now here I am two days before the launch of the system and I still can't decide if I should spend the large amount of money needed to get it.

$249.99 That's what the retail price says. Yeah, great deal!

The real cost ( plus 7% tax for me)

1. The system $249.99 Wi-Fi only

2. 8GB Memory Card $34.99

3. One game $39.99

4. Carrying case $19.99

5. Screen protector $12.99. Of course I will need to get them

Here as you can see only getting the system with an average memory card which is needed and just one game I will be paying $357.95. Oh! and the doesn't stop getting higher, after that I need to pay and additional 7% of sales tax. That will make my total cost $383.65.

Wow! that's almost $400 dollars. On top of all that the game I truly wanted was Gravity Daze and now it isn't coming at launch plus if I want to download a pair of PSP games or some PSVita games the memory won't last long.

My economic state and other option.

Currently I am on College and I don't have a work income. The money comes from my savings. Not that I will end with 0 but currently I need and I am trying to find a job.Was doing school works to earn some extra cash but it isn't working anymore and I need to do wonders with the student grant money from college.

Basically I've been managing my money with caution and using all my knolege.

Instead of getting a PSVita right know I can get the following things I am interested:

1. PS3 Soul Calibur V

2. PS3 Jak and Daxter Collection or Blazblue Continuum Shift Extended

3. A 3DS game ( maybe later)

If I go with the last one mentioned I will save a lot of money but oviously won't get the PSVita. Heck! I truly don't know what to do.

PSVITA reservation, expectations and worries. (MAY GET EDITED LATER)

Hello everyone. As you may of you already now the PSVita, Sony's next handheld is just around the corner. I'm almost sure that many of you are right now the same boat I am. Recently I went to Gamestop and reserved the Wi-Fi model.

Seeing videos of the system on youtube grabbed my attention and although it seems promising at the same time I don't feel sure about the future of the system. I'm kind of worry about spending large sum of money and in the end getting disappointed.

$249.99 for the system, $34.99 for 8gb memory, $19.99 carrying bag and $39.99 for game. The real total price I will end paying is a whooping $344.96 That's without counting the taxes.:shock: The last thing I want is to regret spending this much money and getting disappointed.:shock

In the end, money doesn't grow on trees.:( I'm just a College student right now saving and trying to find a part-time job. So I need to keep an eye on my savings.

After thinking it a lot I came to the conclusion that if I am going to get a PSVita there's no need to have a bunch of systems. I have GB Pocket, GBA, DSLite, 3DS and will have the PSVita. One thing that have been holding me from selling it is that in this system the DS games look more colorful than in the 3DS.

I hope to not regret selling it.:roll: Someone is going to pay me $70 dollars for it in a short time from now. So that's a big more less paying for the PSVita.:D

I don't want to end disappointed and regret spending a large amount of money like what happened with my 3DS. I do like the system but the initial price was too much to pay for it, it was clearly a like $180 dollars system.

My expectations from the system

1. Great games after each other. I don't want to get a system only to wait a year or more for two great titles to grab my attention. Even if you are not going to buy every single game, it is great to have a lot of variety.

2. Much, much better screen than the 3DS. I want better and briter colors. I like the 3DS screen but for some reason the DSLite one is backlight is stronger.

3. Better online system than the 3DS, at least similar to the PS3.

4. Great user interface and options to customize like wallpapers.

5. Great sound capabilities, they don't have to be superb just great.

6. The most important , I want to fell the system is worth the money every time I turned it on. I want a system with a lot of support lots of demos to download.

My biggest worry

1. Getting dissapointed after spendig a large amount of my savings and regretting buying it.

2. Spending the large amount of money and see a large price-drop announcement soon.

3. Ending with a system with little developer support or with a system that died like the Sega Dreamcast. In short wasting my money.

Thanks for reading and leave your opinions if you want to.

It's been a long time but i am back. Sort of.

Like the title says, its been a long time since my last blog. I'm back, and everything is ok. College was the main reason i stop bloggin and checking others blogs.

After a long College semester full of hardships and a bunch of exams near each other during the end everything went better than I was expecting and I got great grades. I'm glad it went this way and my effort was not in vain.

On the gaming side, I did continued playing but less than usual to almost not playing at all. Since then i got a pair of games, some of them given as holiday presents. Oh! and my birthday already passed.

Currently I plan on doing at least two blogs soon. Both of them about gaming, more specifically about an upcoming system and the other i am not sure. Anyway i hope all of you are ok and doing find and thanks for reading.

Choosing a new PS3

As many of you already know, A lighting strike hit near my room and killed my Modem and it seems in the procese it took my PS3 too.

Now that my compy of disgaea 4 is arriving these days i trying to figure out wether i should get a brand-new system and wich one. Right now i have the following choises:

1. PS3 Slim 160gb

Retail price: $249.99

My price with taxes: $267.48

My price with discount $ 192.48

This model comes with a big bigger drive comprare the one damaged. It is the same but i have seen images from the inside and it is said the heatsink is less sophisticate and it has been confirm they have a cheaper and smaller fan, plus they don't come with the led indicator lights, wifi light and no white on and off buttons light. Eh! i hate this.

2. PS3 320gb with infamous and 30 days of PS-plus

Retail price: $299.99

My price: $320.98

My price with discount: $245.98

This one cost more but it came with 320gb drive, an infamous 2 game, and 30 days of PS-plus. An extra 320 drive cost $50 on ebay and infamous currently sells at $59.99 ($64.18 with taxes were I live). The drawback is the same as the other, on and off without lights and no led lighted indicators.

3. Any of the above mentioned with a $75.00 dollars discount if i give my non working PS3 for trade-in at Gamestop. The drawback is that i can try selling the inside parts on ebay for more. Heck a disc drive sells for $70.00 to $75.00 but I've never sold on ebay and it can take time to do so.

4. Sony Refurbished PS3

My cost $100.00 and my damaged PS3

Ok this one is a bit tempting but I have to wait for a box, send it back to Sony and wait after they receive it to arrive back to me in 7 to 10 days. The problem is that Sony send a Refurbished console that who knows what it had and how many times it have been sent to sony. They give only 3 months of warranty and you take the risk of having to send it back again very fast.

I hate you lighting strikes. RIP my PS3!

Yesterday after arriving from college my Bro and Mom told me a lighting strike hit outside near my room and the Internet modem got fried. I didn't care cause it can be exchange fo a new one since it is property of my cable company, but the worst wast silently coming. It was at night, i was tired and somewhat stressout from going here and there in college and everything i did during the day. So what better way to have a relax time than taking a bath and play some games.

Sadly the only thing i received was a bad night. The menu bar of the PS3 was not showing right, all my save files were deled except for Final Fantasy VII, and if i press X to watch one of my Anime videos the didn't work and show me a corrupted message. So i used the safe mode to restore the Hard-drive only end receiving this screen:

It tells me the system settings configurations are damged and press x to restore then. Even choosing to restore them they do nothing. I called Sony and the representative told me something is wrong with the system and i can pay $100 dollars to service the unit. The bad part of this is that they reserve the rights to repair the system if they want or instead give me a used repair unit. This repair or exchange is not made by Sony.

The biggest problem:

This is not mined, but i ordered the Premium Edition of Disgaea 4 from NISamerica. It will arrived this Thuesday or Wednesday. Now i will have no system to play it on. If i go with the service option I will have to wait like a week for the box, some days for it to arrive there and 7 to 10 days for my system or a replacement to arrived. In fact i will have to wait almot the month or an entire month. If i get a new one i will need to pay $249.99 for my fourth PS3.

My first PS3 a lighting storm damaged the unit, the second one power botton not working right after lighting problems and now the third one fried after a lighting hit near my room. This is madness! I hate you lighting strikes!

Now the kind of funny part was that this happens the week I've been playing Infamous; a game were you control a hero with electrict powers. I was going to play the game berore finding out the PS3 was fried. What a coincedence

I got new stufff

Brand New Sony Bravia 32 HDTV

Yep! I upgraded my 26 Sony Bravia to a newer 32 inch model. I always thought my tv was not big enough, and I never really liked my older tv design. It was like a very square box with the screen deeper inside plus the speaker were out unlike newer tvs which are invisible.

This one was a though decision.:roll: I wasn't sure about the size, and wanted a 40 inch model. After researching and taking into account the space, I thought a 40 may be too big for my bedroom. As you can see in the picture the tv is in front of a pair of a pair of curtains covering a big pair of windows. Just a few feets away you are at half the room.

I don't like to buy at warehouses, but Samsclub had the tv with different model (32BX421 instead of 32BX420) at less than Sears.:roll: but after contacting Sony and comparing the tech specs, I learned it was the same tv. The only difference was the the Samsclub model comes with one extra HDMI connector, and according to some Sony rep. they are made of the same quality parts. Well i guess they are selling it at much less since people pay $40 each year to buy.

At first the image wasn't that great, so bad that i was worry. After playing with the settings it ended looking even better than my old one. The colors are awesome, vibrant, and the blak is very, very black.:D Best part you can't feel any lag while gaming.:D

Anyway this tv looked a lot more bigger after setting it up. After some days of use and getting used to it, I don't feel like it is big enough and sometimes think i should have gotten the 40inch model.:( Anyway my mom and bro keep telling me this size is perfect and bigger won't look that great since the room is small. I plan of uploading cleaner images of the tv, the above picture is a bit dark cause i took it at night time.

Club Nintendo feebies

Oh! and her is my Club Nintendo Messenger Bag with my copy of the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time sound track. I still haven't open the sound track. I am thinking of leaving it sealed as a collectors item.8)

Are HDTVs really improving this much or is this a scam?

Today almost everywere you go you see an HDTV. They have become common and almost everyone have one, either for gaming for watching movies. I don't remember clearly but years ago when they began to get famous everything that matter the most to buyers was the number of contrast. I remember when i was researching before buying my HDTV worrying about this little number that right now is mostly a marketing schem.

Now in this age and time eveything have gone out of control. Now there's contrast, dinamic contrast, dual image processor, number of speeds, this are just some of the many new things used to sell them.

Contrast - This is supposed to be the difference between the brightes white and darkess black. Before HDTVs this number wasn't mentioned on laptops, monitors and handhelds. It became to apper on TV boxes like a competition starting from 800, 1000, 2000 and some at 3000. Companies continued to up this number thousands and thousands of times, and seriously now this is looking like a marketing tool. I don't trust it that much.

Dinamic Contrast- Now this one is replacing the marketing strategy of the normal on screen contrast. This one have to do with the ligthing ajustmen, or something like that. I don't know for sure but it started on the thousands and some TVs are now said to have millions. Seriously! as months keep passing the keep getting millions and millions and millions. This clearly looks like a another marketing tool that at some point began to lose credibility.

120Hz, 240Hz, and up- This is the frequenzy and speed in wich the TV changes an image frames. This feature is good and bad, but mostly bad. Games look like garbage with this option on and some movies look somewhat weird with it on. In the end this is more than a gimmick and adds hundreds to the cost of the tv. If you're not going to use it, stay away from it.

3D- Everybody should know what 3D is, and many will agree this is just a gimmick that adds nothing special but higher cost to the TVs. For this tech you even need a pair of glasses that cost hundreds.

The so called smart tv- Smart? Give me a break! A tv with software to enter to Youtube, Netflix and going online. Can't you just hook a PS3, or 360 for this instead of paying hundreds or thousands more.

Wi-Fi antenna- Haha! a couple of hundreds more just so you can connect your tv online wirelessly.

Light sensors on Sony TVs- Turned it on and if there's light in the area around the TV it will lower the backlight. Wow!

LED- This one is promoted like some kind of new tv when in reality it is just a LCD that the Backlight is composed of little LED lights. These TVs look brighter and are slimmer but cost you hundreds more.

Image engine- This one is looking exaggerated. When i bought my Sony HDTV every single tv had a so called Bravia engine 2. After some months some of them had a Bravia engine 3 supposed to have better colors. Now they have a so called X-Reality engine with single and dual core which according to Sony will reproduce life like image by optimizing every pixel. This so call dual core engine comes in a $3700 something model. Wow that the price or almost the price of a car. A tv reaching a car price. What the?

Tha above mentioned thecnologies are just a little example of how many unnecessary things are companies adding to HDTVs. Are they just adding this to find an excuse to sell overpriced TVs? Are contrast and dinamic contrast marketing tools? Choose for yourselft.

3DS Replacement: Problem solved

Wohoo!:D After bringing my 3DS a second time to my local Gamestop they managed to replace my system with a new one. As many of you already know, the top screen of my first 3DS was damaged. For numerous ocassions after turning the system on the screen became abnormally dark and look weird. So i brought the system back to the store only to find out it was working alright at that moment. Even after explaining all to the manager he told me: right now it looks ok and since you still have 30 days warranty, continue using to all you can and if it happens again bring it back.

As usual the Gamestop manager almost always try the system and try to cover the problems, reject replacements or tell the customers to send the system to Nintendo but i decided to do something else. I decide to start turning on and off the system reapeatly to replicate the problem to bring it back to the store on. That way they will replace the 3DS without problem. I wasn't going to stay with a 3DS that randomly stops showint the top screen image the wrong way.

Ding, ding, ding, after many tries the 3DS sudden ly instead of starting a game or application (don't remember well) both screen turned completely black and froze;:shock: it was the perfect moment to bring it back so that's what i did. LOL now they clerk or manager wont have excuses, i entered the store with the system and shown the frozen black screens to the clerk.:P He without saying a think went to the back ob the store and brought me a brand new 3DS.:D While giving me the receipt he told me: now we send the returned 3DS back to Nintendo. Seriously i don't get it why they make replacement of a purchased so difficult since in the end they won't lose a dime.

Now this new 3DS is working perfectly, the top screen looks better, brighter and more colorful.:D Now i can play completely fine and exchange the system friend code with people. So if you have a 3DS and want my friend code just told me or p.m me. This sure is a fun portable.

3DS Replacement status Part 1

Yesterday i went to my local Gamestop, the place were i bought my 3DS and asked for a replacment. For those of you who doesn't know, my 3DS is broken. I was going to use it and suddenly the top screen was abnormaly dark even with the brightness all the way up and looked weird. After enterring the store i procceded to take the unit out and show it to the manager only to find out it started working right again.:shock:

I told everything to the manager and he told me since it was working allright and i still got 30 days or store warranty i should continue using it and if it happens again then i should bring it back. So i went back home turned it on to play a bit and guess what? It the top screen problem came back, it looked funny and very dark. After that i turned it off and on then problem was corrected again.

It is clearly my 3DS is defective; sometimes it stays showing the image they way it is supposed to and other times the screen stop working right. On top of that i discovered the inside LCD on the top is not well aligned. This can be noticed more using DS games since they don't fill the whole screen . I will go again and ask for a new one. This is the first time i have seen a problem like this, very weird problem.

My 3DS died today after having the worst day of the year so far

This is ridiculous, this must be my worst day of the year so far. Ok so today i had to take and exam so i went to my university worried because i had doubt. I wasn't sure i was gonna make it without problems. So i went and asked the professor during the hour it have to help students. And guess what ? I got the answer! Very easy. :D

Now here comes the bad news; i took it spent almost two hours filling tables with numbers since it was an accountant exam and the time to finish it was running out. I began cheacking it and discovered there was something wrong, some numbers needed to be changed, it was the same long practiced excersive i was practicing before the exam.:shock: I was with one more student in the ****oom and the proferssor said it was time to lend him the exam, i turned the pencil the other way to use the eraser and....BANG! there wasn't a piece of it.:cry: To make matters worst i was stressed and not feeling well because of it. After spending so many hours studying, trying, and practing it has come to this.

Now the unbelivable and worst part. I went home, rest a bit and decided to use my new 3DS to have fun and get distrated from the bad day i had only to discover it is broken.:shock: The top screen is abnormally dark and looks weird plus the 3D switch is not working right too. You turn it up and the screen turns super bright but still looks weird, turn it off and it gets very, very dark almost without color.:evil: Very, very unusual the way it looks. This couldn't get worst.:cry:

For the first time a system lasted me less than a week. This is pathetic for a $249.99 product. If you are about to say: thats why i wait for later revisions i want to tell you that it is the same, even later versions came with defects too and may get brooken plus they sometimes use cheaper lower quality parts.

So i will go to my local Gamestop and aske them to replace my system with a new one.