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WELL today 3

Well christmas and my b-day are over, back to early morning swiming.

For the holidays i got a Lenovo laptop,Skyrim(F*CK YEAH)Halo combat evolved anniversery ,Mw3 and gmod

I also wanted to look back on some ofmy top games of 2011:(no order)


*Portal 2

*Dark souls

*MGS:HD collection

*Zelda skyward sword

There are more but thats alli can think of at the moment, im lookin forward to many games coming in 2012(btw atlus av started to make a P5 sound track and i think some of them are on youtube)Oncei reach i certain level i might start postin up gameplay commentary (maybe) anyways thats all i hav fo now

WELL today 2

I was just browsen around the web yesterday when a stumbled on a few things..Remember how there wasa Mortal Kombat mini series on the web?Yeah well i think capcom and valve are startin to do a web series too. I saw a video on youtube on machinimas channel for Resident Evil:First Hour, its like a prequel to RE 2 (its not RE 1)Basiclly Leon and two other officers are inspecting a farm in the first episode, i think though this could f**k up the entire RE2 storyline.Also(i could be wrong about this)i saw what i think is a trailer for Half-life: Origins, We only see Gordon freemen on his way to the lab like in Half-Life 1.I downloaded TF 2(basiclly if you have an internet connection,get it,now,its free)And Cr1tkal has started making videos regularlly again :D.Dont know how he is? Go to youtube type in penquinz0,Go to the channel and watch his videos. He commontates gameplay,But what he says is funny as hell srs watch his vids you wont regret it :).Lastly a started watchin an new anime called black cat

WELL today 1

Today I was looking through game reviews by other members on gamespot. i just happened to stuble across reviews for the new sonic game "Sonic Generations".To be honest, ithough SEGA were gonna screw this one up by putting some other stupid crap that they havent already used in all there terribble sonic games. But after looking at the reviews i hav some hope for this game, its a blend off old-school sonic gameplay(yay!!)and new generation sonic gameplay(thats surprisingly good).Curious about it i downloaded the demo from the Xbox live marketplace and its pretty damn good.Finally after lots of fails SEGA got it right,now to make sonic back in the top, they NEED to make Sonic Adventure 3 :D.ALSO GOT DARK SOULS and orange box the other day,havent play much of them though. One thing i can say for sure is that you need to put in ALOTTTTTTTTT(i mean alot)of dedacation to play DARK SOULS if you have patience this could be your game of the year so far

Update today:TGS part 2

................OMFG,I nearly had a heartattack when i saw the atlus x arc systemworks for the trailer...a...persona...fighter.MAN i dint expect this coming at all!!i was hoping for a some what persona game and i get one of my favorit games of all time mixed with the creators of my favorit fighting franchise ever. It has slick cool anime 2-D graphics,just how I like it THE fighting system also lookas cool.So far only a PS3 copy has Been annoucted:'( so PLEASE RELEASE AN XBOX VERSION!!!!!!!!!!.Also rumors of Blablue easter eggs int this gamemeaning that 2012 isnt going to bewhen apocolypse happens, its going to be when this gameis released(teddie and Taoakaka ultimate battle of the jugment of the world >:3)AND another persona 4 game was annouceted persona 4:golden or (P4P) on the psvita and persona 5 is being developed at the moment.

Update today: TGS day one part 1

well I just saw most TGS trailers today and im alot more excited for the games this year than last years TGS.(DMC5)Ok i know ALOT of people hate dantes new look, even i though dmc was not going to do well when i saw the first trailer,but know the gameplay changed my perspective completly, the gameplay looks complex and fun and the game also looks like it has a promissing story.(Ultimate MVC3)alot of new characters (PHEONIX WRIGHT FTW!!!!)BUTsome of them are really pissing me off(roket racoon......)but only two trailers have been relased for the new characters:vergil &iron fist,the game will also be avalible on the PS VITA (which im saving for at the moment)

im back baby!!!!!!

Well, finally got time to get back on gamespot, im pretty sure you all missed me :) (sarcasim).Alot has happen,I FINALLY got a copy of Blazblue Countinum Shift so thx to benlesie for telling me about the game I. I was thinking about doing a versus series of blogs so hopefully people will comment about it. Pretty happy about E3 this year cept no Persona 5 :(

whats blazblue

Yeah this is a REALLY stupid blog...but whatis the game blazblue about it looks intresting and i might thing of getting it

ummm psn?

well yeah the psn was down but i think its up again yet,from my psp i still cant accses the shop why not? Arent we also ment to get a free package ? Please awnser these question

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