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Deviantart sampler 2 (Welcome to hell)

I just thought that you guys would like to see how i'm doing art wise, so here's some more art from me.

The ORIGINAL LINEART is not mine, but i enhanced it by re-inking it and coloring. Made in the gimp 2 months ago.

This is from a scene from the current naruto series, but i drew, ink, color, and blured this one myself (that means no tracing, just 100% photographic memory baby!) Made a month ago in Photoshop cs2.

I liked doing this one, i made it look like a video game cutscene, and of course i drew this. Made 2 days ago in Ps cs2.

This was a toughy to do this one, the drawing part was the eaisest part, but the coloring part was the hard part, but thank god i got it done.

And the last one, this was another scene from the current Naruto series, i liked this scene alot and i wanted to try my hand on this one.

Well, there you have it, my deviantart sampler 2 is finished. I hope you guys liked it. See ya later!

Sorry i've haven't been on for a while now.

I must say, if you asked me what i'm going to do 6 months ago, i wouldn't give you guys the answer that i'm going to give you guys right now. I have my hands tied on deviantart. I'm currently working on vectors and fanfictions. I must say that they love my work on the fanfictions, and i'm very flattered and modest about what's happening.

I don't have CS2 anymore (since it was a free trial).

But i will gurrantee this! I will be here for the Chunnin exams. Can you guys do me a solid? Can you email me when that time comes?

If you don't remember the email, it's up there!

Again, read my blog on how my Christmas went!

Okay, i've decided to leave Japan earlier and come back here just for time for Christmas. So here's how my Christmas went;

1.Written another oneshot at Deviantart (NarusakuChristmas fanfic, what? I can't help it, i just love these two to death :P)

2. Drawn another picture, but decided to be a GAMESPOT exclusive! Look up and the blog header is hand drawn (kind of traced it:P) But for the eyes only.

3. Made a new banner, look up and see.

4. Got me meself a tablet! 9 x 12.

5. I have manga studio Ex now. (might possibly make a doujinshi once again:o)

6. I have $400 bucks!:D

7. Met alot of narusaku fans while i was away (I don't care how much they say it's bigger around here, it's bigger out there.;)) In order to communicate with these people, i had to learn Japaneese.

8. Got a bunch of DVDS, Pirates 1,2,3. Spiderman 3. Superbad, And for me personally, all the seasons of Naruto 1-9 including Naruto shippuden seasons 1-2:D!

9. A dvd burner.

10. The only reason i got a ton of crap is due to my parents winning the lottery, we only won $20,000.

Until next time!

Deviantart sampler (my work)

I really starting to think i'm getting better at art, so i want you guys to see my work.

My latest work, i remodifed and colored it! It's called "The generation from the past."

"Narusaku sunset 3", my favorite pairing of all time!

"Narusaku first kiss", i'm really sorry.

"New team 7", my first colored artwork! Back in the day when i had open canvas.

Tell me what you think!

New updates!

There's new updates avaliable, a lot of them actually.

1. I have a new e-mail! The name of it is;

So you anytime you want to talk to me when i'm not around, send me an email.

2. A new youtube account, i'm having difficulties with breaking apart episodes into parts, but here is the address;

3. I'm now a genin in the Naruto union! WOOT!

4. I'm going to japan on thursday! But i have a laptop! So i'll still be active!

So does anybody know a program that can break episodes into parts? I really need some help.

Till next time!

A challenger appears!!!!!

This week was hell on earth for me. First i get struck with bronchitis, second i ran out of paper, thrid my bus almost got in a car accident. Now this; some Naruto fans are not pleased with a little comment i made in youtube. So it grew into this big ass argument and it was armagedeon for 20 minutes. But i stood my ground and eventually they left.

This weekend i think i will be barraged by these people again, but in bigger numbers. I say bring it on! I'm not going to change my opinion, and now even as we speak, they're bringing a thrid party to the mix.

Tell me what i should do?

I have joined Heaven & Earth, aka the narusaku forum

Well i just joined them, and what i can tell you is they're pretty friendly there. Will this forum make me less active, probably not. But i must be with my own kind. And many interesting topics this website has. I like it already and many people gave me a warm welcome.

Catch ya on the flipside!