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The Hell Is This? (Also some 3DS and Wii Updates!)

Ok, I leave for month and a half and this place FINALLY DECIDES to change up the set up for Blog Comments? GS, you make me wonder what's up sometimes xD. Don't get me wrong, I still love coming here and posting a blog and talking to you guys when I can, but this is like a culture shock to me. Plus for some reason, all most of comments on my older posts are gone :(. I don't know if it's Glitch Spot making it's mark again, but this definatly sucks if this is perminent. Aw well, the show must go on, so onto the gaming updates :). Now yes, I have been playing a bit of my 360, but aside from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD, no, I haven't really played anything new on it... although I did just recently break 50,000 gamerscore, which is kind of cool I guess... yeah, I have no life ^_^!


So in my gaming life, it's been quite intersting. A day or two after I posted my 3DS blog, I ended up picking one up with a $20 E-Shop card, Kid Icurus: Uprising, and Super Mario 3D Land. Shortly after my purchase, my email notifided me that Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked both went down to 25 bucks during an Amazon Game's Sale, so I quickly snatched them up, giving me 4 FULL 3DS GAMES TO PLAY, on top of the 3 DS games I still need to finish xD. So for a while, my portable gaming is pretty full. Recently, I have finished both Ocarina of Time 3D and Mario 3D Land! Ocarina of Time was a good 25 hour run on nothing but memory and was an enjoyable distraction from Math homework, but was just pretty much playing the 64 game on the go with a better graphics. That's not a bad thing as it's really neat to see some locals transition so nicely in 3D, but I don't see myself replaying through to the game anytime soon, unless it's to speed run it or something xD. I guess I could play it again on Master Quest, but I don't see myself doing that anytime soon, espically since I just beat it sometime last week xD. 3D Land however was VERY ENJOYABLE! It's easily my favorite Mario game, no questions about it! The visuals are good (espiclaly with 3D turned on), the music is fantastic, the gameplay is fun, levels are exciting and varied, and the mix of 2D and 3D gameplay really works with what is given. Plus the game is desinged with portable gameplay in mind, so levels are about 2-3 minutes each, which is perfect for me as I thrive on my portable gaming!

LOL! Look at that Turkey xD

Now the other 2 I haven't played for very along... well, Kid Icurus I have, but DSO I havne't really. I have put about 10 minutes into the game, so I don't really have a grasp on anything yet in the game. I will say so far, I find the Voice Acting in the game to be very anyoying. IDK if it's the actor's, the script, or what, but they just bug me. Maybe it's because right now, the story and writing screams cheesy genaric high school anime and I am comparing to the VERY WELL DONE Persona 3: Portable which had legends like Vic Mignogna and Michelle Ruff, but I am not going to say anything I say is set in stone, as again, I haven't played much of the game. Now KI:U however, I have put about 15 into and I have to say, I am not to thrilled with this game. I mean, there are things I like about the game, but the controls... THE CONTROLS ARE JUST AWFUL! I mean, I guess they are decent for what they offer, but it just doesn't work on the portable space. Gripping your 3DS with your Left hand to free up your right to aim with the stylus while shotting with the L trigger and moving with the circle pad will take FOREVER to understand and get used to. A buddy of mine has put over 100 hours into and said he didn't fully understand the controls until 50 HOURS IN! Sorry, but I have other games to play. I have only gotten to stage 6 or so, and I could beat it on a easier difficulty, but that's my other complaint: Difficulties are to varried! Difficulty 2-5 are WAY to easy, 6-7 is still easy with only the bosses being the only challange, while 8-9 and just frustrating, mainly because you are battleing controls that make it a chore to dodge and move the camera around. I know there is a lot to like about the game and don't get me wrong, I like a lot of stuff about it, such as the Saturday Morning Cartoon Vib of the story and amazing presentation, but this is kind of why I can't play Ensalved anymore: I like everything, but the gameplay and the controls. If I can't get behind controls, I don't care how good the story is, as I can only force myself so much to play a game before I say screw it! I mean, take Bayonetta for example: story wise, I will admit, is pretty weak and laughably just ok, but the gameplay is SO GOOD, it makes up for it. I guess this is just me as a gamer and what I like, as gameplay is usually more important then a story in portable gaming, but with KI:U, I don't look it as a portable game, as I need that stupid stand it comes with to make that controls a little more tolerable, so I am playing it at home, which is hard because when I am home and can play games, I am playing my console games! Sorry KI:U, you just don't stand a chance against games like Xenoblade and Skyward Sword.

Gross :(

Speaking of those two, I FINALLY BEAT SKYWARD SWORD! Only took me about 6 months of on-and-off playing the game and 52 in-game hours, but I finally completed the game, mainly so I could finally move onto Xenoblade, which I will get to in a minute. Now do I think Skyward Sword is good? Yes, but it's just ok as a Zelda title. Really, I only liked the beggining of the game and the end of the game, where the story and gameplay is really at it's peak! The middle junk for the most part was just... boring sadly. I mean, there where some very high points, like anything in the Desert Area of the game and some of the Master Sword Dungeons, but aside from that, Dungeons felt like chores half the time and the game tries way to hard to make things time consuming! The game drags on and makes you go out of your way to do something simple like go refill on potions and grab an item you may have left back at home. I mean, there was a point in the game where I in the middle of a Dungeon and I forgot a empy bottle, so I had to go back out the Dungeon, fly ALL THE WAY BACK HOME, grab it, and go back. That chore took me about 20 minutes to do, 20 minutes I could of spent DOING THE DUNGEON! The game is collect heavy, and not in the typical Zelda way, oh no! There is one point where you need to collect pieces to a single song and the game at one point litterally has you collect pieces of that piece of the song because the creature giving you the song doesn't think you are worthy, yet you went to her earlier and came back out with the Master Sword... ugh... It's just anyoying really! Maybe it's because I played Spirit Tracks before I played this game, and Spirit Tracks is vastly superior in comparision (with a better companion then Fi mind you), but when it comes down to it, the game just tries to hard to focus on to many of Zelda's strong traits, and doesn't really do to well in either of them. I mean, look at the last 3 3D Zelda games: Majoria's Mask had a smaller scale, but focused on a living in-game world and gave you the freedom to understand this world at your leasure. Because of this, despite the lack of Dungeons, the game was praised for it's dark atmosphere and living world around it! Wind Waker had very little dungeons, but gave you an entire ocean to just venture forth at your leasure! Because of this focus on exploration, the game was praised! Twilight Princess was the most story focused and easily has the most number of and most creative Dungeons in the series. It was praised by people who looked at that elements of Zelda. Sure, I guess you can say Skyward Sword was praised by people for it's controls and yeah, they are good, but once you get over that, the game just tries to cover to much ground, only coming out as just ok when you compare it to the other 4 3D Zelda titles.

Groose is a boss ^___^

Ok, enough about Zelda, now onto Xenoblade. Shortly after beating Zelda, I popped in Xenoblade and watched as 3 hours passed by from putting in the Disc to turing off the game realizing I was running late xD. I only started the game on Saturday and have already easily put in about 12 hours into the game, a lot for me in such a short, especially on the console space! I have not been this hooked on a Console JRPG that I didn't play on a portable since Lost Odyssey, which was back during my Freshman Year of College! This game does such an amazing job stream-lining my many problems I have with Modern JRPGs, and actually has a huge focus on exploration the most JRPG's do! It makes me think of a mix of Skyrim's Adventure Focus with a combat system addopting elements from Final Fantasy 12 and some MMO's, with it being real time auto attack/free move with Cool Down times for all your attacks! It's a intersting breed, but the key element that works is how it focuses on getting distracted and absorbed. You can build relationships with towns which are all opitional and have no effect on the player excet how much experince you get, but the game makes questing SO MUCH easier by not forcing you to go back to the person you asked about the quest (most of the time), it makes questing fast and fun. Plus you get EXP for it! You also get EXP for exploring this gaint place you are traveling through and finding new places is the fastest way to level up, and you will want to explore even without the insentive of levling up! The scale in this game is outstand and is a reason to play this on a bigger TV, and this is the first time I am saying this about a Wii game! Places look HUGE and specacular in this game, from gigantic waterfalls to brigtful forrests to step cliffs, this game has it all! The story is really interesting to and granted, the voice acting can get anyoying, but I think it's because I am not used to English (meaning from England) voice acting, and though the writing is cheesy at times, nothing feels forced and I am enjoying to story so far! At this rate, this may take a very high place in my favorite games, possibly top 5! It's hard to say right now as I still have a long game ahead of me, but as of now, it's on the right track :). Now this may sound terrible, but I actually wish this was on the 3DS. The bottom screen would be great to put the clutter that is all the little windows like health bars and move lists, the game would look oustand in 3D with depth and all, but I think having a game that is this focused on getting lost in it's world would be great on the 3DS. With pokemon, I always get absorbed into the world, and this game would do a outstanding job of doing that. Add in some Co-Op and street pass functionality, and you have yourself an outstanding game! Maybe this just comes down to me wanting to play it anywhere, but I think this would make a great 3DS Port :)

If you don't believe me on it's scale... JUST TAKE A LOOK AT THIS!!!


Ok, that was a lot longer then expected xD. Sorry people, but I guess I had a lot to get off my chest xD. Hope you enjoy the blog and I will check up with you guys later, whenever that is xD! You can probably expect a post from me next week since it's E3 and all, but sadly I will not be going this year :(. Aw well, at least I will be at Anime Expo instead ^___^

Some help on my 3DS Purchase!!!

So I know it has been a while since I posted a blog post and all, but I have been very busy trying to keep my math grade up. Now that mid-terms are over and I have a little room to breath, I decided to come to you with a quick blog asking for some opinions on something.


So recently, aside from playing really only Devil May Cry HD on a console (started SSX yesterday, but only played for like an hour before stoping), my DS has been seeing a lot of action lately. I beat Ghost Trick which was a fantastic experince, and recently started Pokemon Heart Gold (Skipped out on it when it came out and picked it up for really cheap, so I am finally playing them in wait for Black and White 2). Yesterday morning howerver, some happened. I started up my DS and noticed a tiny black line on my top screen. I ignored it just thinking it was a mark or something, but as the day went on of me on and off playing, it slowly got bigger. I tried reseting my DS and it didn't help the sitiuation at all. It has been exactly 24 hours since I noticed the problem and the line now cover half of my screen. I mean, it doesn't make it unplayable, but it's really anoyiying. I looked into it and it turns out this is a common problem with the DS Lite, and it's just an age thing about the system. I mean, now I think about it, I have had the DS since 2008, so the thing is like 4 years old, so I guess it was a matter of time before this was to happen. It's not the only problem with the system though: My L and R buttons don't work, my d-pad isn't as sensitive, and my bottom touch screen needs to be pounded to register a hit. Basically the thing is just at it's last lines of life. Now I probably could send it to Nintendo, but since the DS doesn't have a serial number (My DS LIte is a in-house nintendo DS Lite I got from my uncle), they won't repair it and I looked at sites like Nintendo repair and it's going to cost about 140 bucks in order to fix it. I looked at it and though this: I have micro, so I don't need it to play GBA games on it, and since I only use the thing to play DS games on it, why not just spend the extra 30 bucks and upgrade to a 3DS?

It's kind of like this, but not really since it's not a Lite xD

Now originally, I was going to wait until after this years E3 to decide on if I should get a Vita or 3DS to see what exactly they where going ot say about each system, but with this happeneing, it looks like I made my decision early. I mean, both Vita and 3DS have games I want, but if I want to play a PSP or PS1 game, I can just play it on my Homebrewed PSP, and a lot of the games on Vita I want are either ports of console games or remakes of PS2 games, with the only orginal Vita games I am looking at is Gravity Rush. The 3DS is not only cheaper, but also has more games I will for sure want the system for in the future, like any new Pokemon Game, the new Fire Emblem, and Smash Bros 3DS. Plus with Virtual Console on there (which I guess doesn't mater since I can play and PS1, SNES, NES, Genisis, and Gameboy game on my PSP anyways) and all my friends already having a 3DS, it looks like that is just going to win my heart over faster.

Round 1... FIGHT!!!

Now I am probably going to get one after work today as the black line will only get bigger, and I need to make some decisions now. I know for sure I am going to buy a Red 3DS with Super Mario 3D Land (bundle or not) because I have played it a few times at places like Target or WalMart and really enjoyed it. I will also be getting a $20 e-Shop card to buy a few Virtual Console or e-Shop games as well. Now I am most likely going to buy a second game, and this is where I am stumped. I could get Kid Icurus or Resident Evil Revolations as my friends have those games, but I am not really sold-sold on getting them. Dead or Alive Dimensions is cheap, but how long am I going to play a portable fighting game? I could also get Ocarina of Time 3D, but I know for sure I am getting Zelda Link's Awkening DX of the e-Shop and I already have OoT on my Wii, so what's the point? Ugh... I just don't know!


So basically, I asking you guys for your recomandations. What second game should I get? I would prefer something I can play with friends, but any game sounds good to me! Thanks guys and I look forward to reading your responces :). I'm off to school now, so see yeah!!! I end this blog with some pokemon art :)

We will explore the unkown together...

Quick little update: I am for-sure getting the 3DS at the end of the Day as the line is now a HUGE Gash on the middle left side of my top screen, making it really hard to tell how much health my enemy has on Pokemon :(. I also had a friend of mine tell me to get Star Fox 64 3D since I have never played it, but do I really need to spend 35 bucks on a game that has no online features and is about 6 hours long? Maybe if it was 20, sure, but IDK... if you guys know anything about this game (also remember, I have never played Star Fox 64 and the only Star Fox game I have played was the orginal on SNES), do you think the game is worth the price?

It's been forever, hasn't it? (The Biggest Game Update EVER!!!)

There was a long intro here, but I ran out of Characters for this blog, so I am summing it up: I am sorry I haven't posted in a long time, had a lot of stuff in life to deal with. Also no Anime Update because I ran out of room. Got it? Good! START GAME UPDATE!!!

Game Updates

- Xbox 360: Attack of the Arcade and The Modern Space Odyssey

So as the title says, my 360 gaming as of now is pretty good. I guess I will start with the Arcade titles I am playing. After temporarly putting Islands of Wakfu and All the Sonic Games (Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic and Knuckles, Sonic Adventure, and Sonic 06) I was playing on hold, I decided to start 2 arcade titles: Planets vs. Zombies and Streets of Rage 2! The first one I bought because... well, I wanted to play it again xD. I reviewd the iphone version of the game and I loved it, and I must say, the 360 version does a great job of expanding it. The extra modes are awesome and it's just as fun on the console as it is on the phone, and since everything is mapped to the controler, the controls issue is fixed, and the loading times are no problem on the console version. I am really enjoying it and I am almost done with the story. I am definatly going to grab every achievment in this game, so I might be playing it for longer, but I am loving my second playthrough of the game. As for Streets of Rage 2, well, it was only 400 MS Points, and I am enjoying the short time I have spend with it. It's a mindless beat em up, but it's the best one I have played thus far. It has a good amount of depth, and a KILLER SOUNDTRACK! I haven't played online yet, but I am sure I will enjoy it. I can't say if the game is good or not, as I have only gotten to like stage 3, but so far, I am enjoying it :).

LOL! This pic is always silly xD

Now if you didn't understand the second part the 360 segment, then allow me to explain. If you didn't know, Mass Effect 3 came out yesterday, and back when the demo came out on XBL, I downloaded it and found myself loving it, espically the horde mode in it. A lot of fun with friends and have already spent about 15 hours in it alone. It's rather additing trying to get your characters up and find broken combos to beating the enemy forces, but it's still obvious that it needs work. The Matchmaking is awful, making Black Ops Zombies look good, and trust me, that's not a good thing, and some of the enemys are just cheap (LOOKING AT YOU PHANTOMS), but this isn't the main point I wanted to get across. Lately, I have been pretty bored on my 360, hardly playing the thing after beating and getting 100% complete in Sonic Generations 2 days after Christmas. Sure, it gave my brother time to put 90 hours into Skyrim (Tried it out and didn't like it at all, deleting my file after 10 hours of play) and 100% complete Batman Arkham City (Still have yet to play it), but I have kind of wanted to jump into a longer game on the 360, mainly an RPG (Probably inspired by my brother playing Skyrim to be honest xD). This demo kind of inspired me to go through all the games and then I remember that I owned the first Mass Effect, but never played it! I opened up my banished box (A place we keep the games we never play) and I found it sitting at the bottom of the stack, waiting to be opened once again. I popped it in my 360 and 40 hours later, I 100% complete my first playthrough on Hardcore, and loved it. Sure the game was really glitchy and the combat was not great, but the way the story is told and presented is simply inspiring. The game does a great job of sucking you into the lore of the universe that is Mass Effect and holds you in the entire time. Before you know it, you feel like one of those Star Wars fans, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I am currently playing through a second time with a different character, playing as a different ****and exploring my Renagade side (evil for those who don't play), and I am actually having more fun being a jerk to everyone rather the taking the nice route. IDK why, but it's just a lot of fun. Might play a 3rd time through as Female Shepard to get some other achievments and I am really interested to Samus Arn of Metroid: Other M play a good role instead of her terrible one in Other M xD. IDK if I will playthrough it, but I have every intention of getting Mass Effect 2 once I am finished with Mass Effect 1 and then, jump into 3 when I have sucked the life out of 2. After these... IDK, maybe I keep buying Bioware games and get Dragon Age Orgin xD. I have no idea if I will or not, but right now, I am only focusing on Mass Effect and adoring it :).

Don't worry... I'll get there... someday xD

- Nintendo Wii: The Legends Never Dies and Workin' My Mii!

So I guess I should cover the obvious first one: I am playing through two Zelda games right now! I am currently playing Ocarina of Time and Skyward Sword, side by side. Ocarina of Time is more of a side thing, playing every now and again for an hour or two, then putting it down for a week or two. As for Skyward Sword, it's more sparatic. On and off, I will put a bunch of time in the game, then put no time at all. It's the only Zelda game I can say I am doing this with, and it's helping me decide if I really like the game or if I just find it ok. There are moments of the game I love, but when I get to a part I can't stand, I avoid the game as much as possible. Right now, I am at the second temple in OoT and at the Sixth Daungon in Skyward Sword. I am so close to being done with Skyward Sword that you figure I would be playing it more, but I really don't want to have to deal with the last of the tedious stuff that awaits me at the final hours of the game. Hopefully I will finish the game before the next month, but at this point, it's up in the air, as it requires to motivate myself to get over that long hump, and as of now, I don't have that drive xD. I really want to beat it before I get absorbed into the Xenoblade and I will, but I am just finding it hard to get there. I guess it is good that I am taking my time, but I would really like to hurry up and beat the game as well, so I can move on to other Wii games like No More Heroes, Other M (Might not even play that terrible game), or buy something like Rhythm Heaven or something xD. IDK, I just need to beat it NOW!!!

I hated this boss -_-

So I once again decided to use a really confusing title to basically say this: I sold out and bought Wii-Fit Plus xD. Ok, I didn't really sell out, as there is a reason for me buying the thing. Recently, my mother hasn't been feelling to well, and now that she is recovering for her illness, she wants to lose weight. The only problem is she can't stick with a program because she doesn't feel any interation, motivation, or acomplishment in what she is doing. Personally, I have also decided to get back to my rought work outs of Pool Training, but I know I need to prep my body for it first, and thus, I decided to buy Wii-Fit as a litle get-well get gift for my mom, and a personal training device for myself. I have had it for about a week now, and I have to say, she and I are really enjoying it. It does a great job of working you out (depends on how hard you work of course), and motivates you every step of the way. The game does a great job of getting you to check in at least once a day and inspires you to want to get better, which not to many work out programs do. I have already lost 2 lbs and my mother has lost 20 within the first 3 weeks of using it! Granted, she has more water weight to lose then I do, but it's easily the best 100 bucks i have spent on workout anything in a long time, and I look forward to using it when I get home today :).

This game is really fun... it's like mario :)

- Playstation Portable: Revisting Shadow Moses and High School... IN JAPAN!!!

So firstly, I found my PSP over the Christmas Break xD. I haven't seen the thing in almost 2-3 years (since I got it really) and found it inside a shoe box in the back of my closet while I was cleaning. I guess I must of stuck in in there with all the games for when I moved to my new room and forgot about it until now xD. The first thing I did (after charging and updates of) course was look at just how much the PSN store has expanded, including PS Minis, PSP, and PS1 games all playable on the little guy. I mean, if all this was all here when I got the little bad boy, I would of never forgotten I had one xD. Anyways, I logged into my PSN account and found I actually had about 50 bucks on there. With that bonus cash, I bought two games and the first of those games was Metal Gear Solid, the PS1 ****c that helped seal the Playstation's fate as one of the greatest consoles to walk this earth. I haven't gotten very far in the game (I literaly just sneaked my way into Armory looking for the DARPA Chief) because I have been distracted with my second purchase, but I am very surpirsed with just how AWESOME it is to play PS1 games on the thing. I mean, aside from not having L2 or R2 buttons, the game works perfectly on for the PSP control's and is actually a good game for pick up and play purposes. As of now, I don't have much to complain about EXCEPT the lack of Legend of Dragoon on the PSN store... Damn you Japan -_-

This part is so easy now xD

Now, the next game is one I have wanted to get into for quite sometime. Recently, I have had a tendency to fall in love with two Atlus games: Catherine and Radiant Historia, both of which where two of my best games of last year (never actually wrote out a list of best games, but maybe I'll get to that next week or so xD), and after hearing countless people recommend games, one series kept coming up: the Persona Series. While surfing the PSN, I noticed that Persona 3 Portable was about 40 bucks, one of the best in the series. Since it was techniqually free, I decided to download it to find out what the series is all about. Now, I am pretty deep into the game, about 25 hours in now, and I am feeling the end coming quickly. I only have a few more full moons cycles left till I have all the Major Shadows defeted, and I have to say, these 25 hours have been much enjoyed :). In a lot of ways, the Persona series is very much like Catherine, except in an RPG format. During the day, you are building relationshps with characters, getting boasts in stats, shopping, going to school, and your normal day routine, basically prepareing your character for the many trails to come. At night however, you become a daungon crawler and work your way through turned based Combat that can only be described as Pokemon mixed with Final Fantasy. The whole combat engine is based on exploiting weaknesses of the enemy to try and get your mega combos going, and it can very excitting to find a great way to crush a really difficult enemy by finding there weakness. Both core gameply machanics (day and night) are done very well, and couple that with good characters, solid voice acting, and an interesting story concept and you have yourself a pretty cool game. Now I don't think the story was as moving as say Catherine and Radiant Historia, but I am enjoying it and looking forward to making it to the end. What I am really impressed with is the games way of keeping the formula similar, yet avoiding ever getting stale. I know I make the game sound really boring and predicable, but there is so much to do and some many reasons to micro-mange your time (you only have an in-game month to prepare for a gaint boss battle), that it mixes up your play **** and focuses of core game machanics. Couple that with daily events, special scinarios, and side quests, and you have yourself a fully realized RPG. It kind of takes a approuch from Dead Rising and Majora's Mask by giving you a intersting set of events in a set amount of in-game time, except not done as well. The reason for this is there is no way to go back and play these events unless you start a new game, and a 30+ hour game is to long to restart for my tastes xD. Overal however, I am adoring the game and awaiting to see if Persona 4 Gold is coming to the states, because of it is, I might consider getting a PS Vita instead of a 3DS... But 3DS has Zelda, Fire Emblem, and Smash Brothers... UGH!!! SO MANY CHOICES :(

I really enjoy the art direction for the art of the game as well

- Nintendo DS/ Gameboy Advance: Spirit Dectives and Old Teams Return

So the I guess I should talk about my DS first considering... well, most people don't care about Gameboy Advance games anymore xD. I mean, people care, but most kids now a days don't even know what a Gameboy is xD. Maybe it's just me getting old, but I am starting with DS anyways. So after a good 2 months of not touching the thing, I decided to put Radiant Historia on hold (I am going to go back later and replay the begining of the story to grind and refresh my memory xD) and start a game I have been wanting to play for a good time: Ghost Trick. I am about 2 hours into the game and just finshed Chapter 2 and wow... just wow. The game is not only very original, but also very ambisous. I know the same team that did Ace Attorney worked on this game and you can totally see that in this game, but everything about this game is on a whole new level. The game does an amazing job of bringing gameplay and story into one, because one without the other makes the game kind of bland. The puzzles are excitting because of the story and the story is entertaining because of how the puzzles are set up. The game get's you the think in ways not to many games do and really awards plays for analizing situations that occur in the story and thrives on experimenting with the "Ghost Trick" to solve puzzles in a certian order, and even though have only finished the first 2 chapters, I am really stooked to see where the game takes this concept. It's a amazing game and I regret not playing it during the year, because if I did, I am sure it would of won my game of the year :).

What a way to start a game, huh?

Now on top of this DS game, I am also playing two games on my Gameboy Micro, both of which I have played countless times before. The first is Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones. One of my favorite podcasts to listen to, Radio Free Nintendo, had a Listner Play Along (Called Retro Active on the show) where listeners would play along with the cast of the show and leave there feedback into a forum, and in a few weeks, the podcast dicusses the game and reads some of the forum posts on the show. Now when I had done one of these before with the game River City Ranson, which I simply did not like at all. This game however I loved, and decided to dust off the old cartige and see how far I could get. Within less then a week (10 hours in game), I beat with no problem and didn't lose a single character. I even got one of my forum posts read on the show, which was very cool :). Currently however, I am trying to unlock all the secret characters, which requires me ot beat the evil Tower and Ruins levels without any save points and without losing characters. As of now, I am grinding them up, which is fine considering as I am really only playing the game while I am at work, which the game excels at thanks to it's portablity and it's outstanding autosave system that outmatches most games today.

Tis was a lot of fun, and still fun right now :)

Speaking of portablity, I am playing another king of portablity, except this time with a twist. I am playing through Fire Red on my laptop and thanks to all them cool stuff you can do with emulators, some actually made there own custom pokemon game through Fire Red called Pokemon Ash Gray. Now what is Ash Gray? Well... it's the entire first 2 seasons and 2 movies of the Pokemon anime, as you fallow Ash on his way to becoming a Pokemon Master. Now you can change some of the fates of the Mr. Ketchum, such as being able to actually beat the Elite 4 and claim championship, catch Mewtwo during the events of the first movie, and some other stuff, but it fallows the anime very closely, even giving you Pokemon Ash captures during the anime, such as the 3 starters. It even captures events such as Ash waking up late, Pikachu not listening to you at the begining, Charzard being a complete jerk and never listening to you no mater what badge you have, and all sorts of little details that really come from the source material. It's the way Yellow was meant to be and yes, it's a little glitchy and at times, there are things that happen in-game that the game expects you to know and most of the time, YOU DON'T, but for a fanmade game, it's really well done and a lot of fun! I am about 6 hours in (Just stepped foot into the S.S. Anne after beaing Lt. Serge) and it's a great to play with at school, since most people don't know who emulators work or are at school and it's a hell of a lot easier to play on my laptop when I have 10 minutes then the pull out my DS and play Ghost Trick xD.

Cool Cool Cool :)

So that about raps it up guys. I mean, YES, I am playing other games too xD. I got my competative Bayonetta and Brawl every once and while, but when aren't I playing those two games xD? I am also playing Chrono Trigger on my iPhone, but it's very infrequent as playing the game KILLS my battery and is really only good when I am waiting to pick up my sister out of practice because... well, she takes forever xD. Plus if I have my Micro with me, I am going to play that over my iPhone all day as I would rather save my batery for stuff like texting, email, interent, and all the cool stuff the iPhone can do xD. Alright, I am done for now. I hope you guys enjoyed this long overdue blog and don't worry, I promise to go back to my usual routine of once a week like I did before, so you will be seeing more of me very soon, but I can't make any promises. I'll try and that is all that maters. Thanks for reading guys and I look forward to hearing from you guys :). Peace out!

LOL! Wouldn't be a blog post without me posting a picture of Bayonetta/Chrono Trigger/Legend of Dragoon, now would it xD?

To Much Anime, Not Enough Games ^_^

I has been to long since I have made one of these, but honestly, I blame anime xD. Instead of using my time off to play video games, I have been mostly just been watching anime. After finishing my last final last Thursday, for whatever reason, I can't seem to play more then 2 hours of console games a day. If I am out, sure I put in a bit into my good old portable games, but for whatever reason, I am in a little slump in the 2 major games I am playing. Radiant Historia I haven't touched in ages (despite the fact I am on the second to last chapter and really want to see the ending) and in Final Fantasy 5, I am stuck in one of those stupid daugon puzzles that STILL DON'T TURN OFF RANDOM BATTLE, so you can imagine how frustrating that is and until I look up a guide on how to solve the puzzle, I don't think I am going to be beating it anytime soon xD. Console wise, I have just been playing a little bit of Metal Gear hear and there and if people are on, maybe MW3, but aside from that, My Wii has been seeing the most action really. With Zelda finally all to myself with no distrations, I have actually put a lot more time into it, although it's still a lot lower to my liking sadly :(. In total, I have put about 10 hours into the game and just barely walked into the 2nd Daungon, the Earth Temple. I will probably play some tomorrow... that is unless another anime gets in the way xD.

The 3DS I don't have is sad for the fact I haven't gamed that much :(

Like the title says, most of my free time has actually been geared towards watching anime, and I have seen a crap tone since I got out of school! Like, more then I have ever watched and I really have no idea why xD. I have probably watched 3 months worth of anime in a little over then a weekend. Thursday, I finished Watching Tenchi Muyo and started watching Tenchi Universe. Friday I ended up finishing Tenchi Universe and completed the first box set of Yu Yu Hakasho (I bought it cause it was only 10 bucks at best buy when I got some christmas gifts). After that, I watched about 15 episodes of Dragon Ball Z AND to top it all off, ended up using the rest of the weekend and today to finish watching The Count of Monte Cristo... which WAS AN AWESOME ANIME!!! It's the best recent anime I have seen in a long time. I don't even want to talk about it as I am a afaird I will spoil it for you. If you haven't seen it yet, go do so. It's so much anime, and the sad part it, I have no intention of stoping there xD. I am probably going to either kick back up to momentum with Dragon Ball Z again (I left off where Goku just healed up and is about to fight Freeza's final form) or watch something new, but as soon as Yu Yu season 2 comes in, I will probably watch that to be honest :). If I was to start watching a new series, I would either jump into Full Metal Panic or something that i have been hearing a bit of recomondations about which is Toradora. Who knows? Maybe I will look into it, but I can't say much now because... well, I is sleepy -_-. So good night people, stay gold, and I hope you enjoyed the short blog. Chat soon guys :).

LOL! This gave me a good laugh xD

A Much Need Explanation... Plus Zelda, Metal Gear Solid HD, and MW3 -_-

Ok... what's funny about this was I was going to write one of these last week during my Bio Lecture... that never happened xD. Then I told myself I would write this blog between my study sections over the weekend... I never studied, so I never wrote one either xD. Even the progress I told myself I would make in the Zelda Skyward Sword and Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker HD (Yeah, I got those games... probably should mention that xD) never happened... WHY? I blame 3 things:


1) Work: The major reason for a lack of blogs from me was because we entered our "Post Season Extension Period", meaning our team was ranked so high, we ended up extending our season and was able to participate in the California International Finals (CIF for those who don't know xD). The team ended up placing second and we lost in the Final Game, losing to Laguna Beach :(. I weird part about all this was I wasn't upset that we lost, but it was the fact we lost to them. Laguna is in the OC, and if you have ever seen the people (or the show for that mater), you know how those people are. They are arrogant showboaters who have no respect for the game whatsoever. Sure, they are good, but nothing makes me more upset then watching one of the Laguna players getting thrown out of the game for literally going, "Oh F*** Yeah, who just scored?" in one of my players face -_-. It's one of the few times I have seen a player get thrown out for showboating and it's disgrace. It was a close game up until the last quater, when our guys started to crack and allowed them to come back and beat us by 5 :(. It's sad, but it's the beauty of sports. The rush of that close game win or lose is the reason that keeps me coming back to athletics and continue to express how important they are to someone's development. Plus, there is always next year :).

... yup, that is them in a nutshell xD

2) School: Yup... who saw this one coming? Yeah, it's just been to crazy. If it's not a math test, it's a Bio exam, and if it's not a bio exam, it's a group project for the lab that comes with the Bio **** and if it's none of those, my Creative Writing teacher want's an update on the novel I am lucky enough to get an hour of good writing (meaning work that I find worthy to not delete and start over on xD) in. Instead of the portable gaming on my iPhone and GBA Micro I would usually do between ****s and what not, it seems that time has been switched over to reading notes on my iPhone and replacing the books and games I want to finish with study guides and math samples -_-. *Sigh*... thank good I only have 2 more weeks of this :). (Quick Note: The picture bellow I found when searching Funny Biology on google images... It was so good, I just had to put it in xD)


3) Modern Warfare 3: NO DON'T LEAVE! JUST HEAR ME OUT FIRST! Look, I know it's probably a sin that this is even on the list of 3 reason I have neglected the things I would much rather be doing like playing games I have been waiting years for (Zelda) and writing my novel and speaking with my friends, but as much as I hate to say it, this game is what I have needed. I have preached this before about the Call of Duty games and I will preach it again. Like it or not, Call of Duty is a very simple game. In fact, most FPS games are very simple. You see something, you shot it, it dies! That's FPS in a nutshell. Sure you got games like Halo and Battlefield that try to mix it up and make it a little more complicated, but when you boil it down, Call of Duty sells because that is not that much complexity to the game. It's a twitch game that rewards two **** of play: Reaction time or Patience (Call it camping if you would). Personally, I have both (obviously since I play games like Catherine and Bayonetta), and because of this, I do well in the game with little to no effort on my part. On top of this, almost everyone I have on my friends list has this game, and since a lot of people play it, I feel obligated to play what they are playing. On top of this, Call of Duty is a game I can play for an hour and just relax when playing. After having a long day of school and work and with only an hour to kill before I need to head to bed, nothing is a great waste of time then a good game of mindless shooting xD. Couple with a super easy game to grab 1,000 gamerscore and an addicting formula only matched by the best RPG's and Arcade games, and you can see my reasoning for playing this game... despite the fact I would much rather be playing something else -_-.

LOL! I love this commerical :)

So, that has been my last 3 weeks or so... as for thanksgiving weekend... I just took it off for the sake of taking it off I guess xD. I have been so busy lately, a good 5 days of doing nothing was what I needed to refresh myself and prepare myself for finals week coming up pretty soon (I hate finals week -_-), and since my brother was home, I decided to just hang out with him most of the time and catch up with what all my friends had been up to during my little hiatus. I did get some time to play the games I wanted to play, but not much. I guess I will talk about the two new games I was able to finally get to over the break.


Metal Gear Solid HD Collections: Honestly, this was the only game I was supposed to get that week (the tuesday it came out), but Gamestop called and told me I had apparently already payed off my copy of MW3, so I got two games on the same day xD. Despite the fact MW3 has seen more time that this one, I have put about 5-8 hours into this game so far. I have played about 2 hours of MGS2 and the rest of the time has been on Peace Walker. The 2 hours on MGS2 have been just getting to the Bomb Squad guy and starting to defuse the C4 around the plant and I have to say, RAIDAN IS SUPER ANNOYING! Like, more then I remember back when I last played this game. He is whinny, awkward, and brings new meaning to the word "foil" between him and the bad ass that is Solid Snake. He is a necessity however, as his character helps flush out Snake as a character and if it was anyone else in his shoes, the story wouldn't make sense... for as much sense as the plot of all the MGS games (Aside from 3) make xD. Aside from his annoyance though, it's pretty much as I remember the game. Controls the same and feels great playing it :). As for Peace Walker, I have never played it before and it's pretty short. The main story is probably about 15 hours long to anyone else, but if you just bum rush through the main story like I did and are really good at being stealthy, it can take you as short as 5 hours. It took me about 6 hours to get to the "First Ending" and I am almost done with getting the "True ending". I just need to beat Metal Gear and then I am done with the game... granted, I still need to beat the Extra Ops missions and since I am planing on getting all 2,000 GS on this one, I will be playing this on and off for a while. Probably mid March or during summer when game releases are a bit slower I will probably put a lot more time into this these games, but the little time I have spent on it have been pleasant and I am happy to say I payed full price for it :).

LOL... this scene xD

Zelda Skyward Sword: It's Zelda... it's awesome... Gamespot is full of crap... the end ^_^! JK, but in all seriousness, it's really good and I don't see how GS thought otherwise. A part of me is not surprised since Twilight Princess got like a 8.5 because the music sounded to much the same, but the complaints they have about Skyward Sword don't match up the experience I have had. Granted, I have only put about 5-6 hours into the game, but I have loved every second of it thus far. The controls are great, music is outstanding (best part of the game IMO), the story is executed much better then most zelda games, and it's just a lot of fun. It may not make you re-learn Zelda, but the game will defiantly change your perspective on the series. It's a new way of looking at Zelda and I can only hope it continues to move forward :).

This pic is sweet :)

And that is pretty much the blog people. Aside from this, not much else has happened. My portable gaming has been really slow (have only really just grinned in FF5 and haven't even touched Radiant Historia or Pokemon -_-). Hopefully that will change after finals week, but we will see. I am done for now and I hope you enjoyed this nice needed new long blog. I should also be preparing a 3 lists for the games of 2011. The lists will be the fallowing: Top 10 Games of 2011, Top 10 Games I Didn't Play, and Top 10 Most Anticipated of 2012. The lists is exactly the same as last years, only being this year's games. Ok... I have been typing to long. Time to copy some Bio Homework... Talk to you all later :P. I liked this picture when looking for the other pictures, so I am posting this at the end :)

LOL! Them Old People xD

What? I can write Short Blogs? NOOOOOO ^_^

Sorry about no blog post recently, but I have just been uber busy :(. I had a crap tone of drama to deal with for the past couple weeks and with most of it settled down, I can actually find myself wanting to write one of these. Well, let's not dwell on the past as you get nothing from it, and jump right into the games. First thing though, is there are going to be no pictures in this post because my grandmothers internet sucks xD. I can barely have skype and one tab of Safari open without the internet taking forever to keep this page open, so this post I am not going to bother with pictures xD. I have gotten a good amount of gaming in thanks to all the time I have been just waiting for things outside of the house. Ok, NOW let's jump into the blog :).

1) I ended up beating Metroid Zero Mission and loved it. My end time was roughly around 4 hours (Pretty good for the first time playing the game) and I tried begining a speed run on hard, but Ridly is kind of an jerk on Hard Mode (Hardest boss in the game IMO), so I ended up giving up and starting Zelda: Minish Cap. I beat that in about 3 days and loved it. Easily one of my favorite Zelda Titles :). It's creative, the story is pretty good, and although it's kind of short, the creativity and freshness of the game really helps the game stand out in my opinion. Now that I am done with Zelda, I have began Final Fantasy 5. It's a pretty cool game so far, as I just unlocked the job system and I am stuck in the Undead Sea, so hopefully it will continue to be a cool experience :).

2) On the console side, not much has been played. I tried playing a bit of Twilight Princess, but I couldn't even make it through the first cutscene without being interupted with something, so I didn't bother with it. I did get to play about half an hour of Metroid Other M... but that didn't so well, as I found myself not liking the game after the first half hour, so I put it down pretty quickly :(. Aside from that, I got my hands on two new Xbox Arcade games: 1) Sonic and Knuckles because it's cheap and since I beat Sonic 1, I decided to try this before getting my hands on Sonic Generations, and it's a much better game. I have beaten the first act and I am very impressed with the game thus far. My second game was Islands of Wakfu, which I downloaded at Random and found to be very enjoyable. It's a simple game, but has beautiful visuals and amazing music. I know it has some link to some MMO called Wakfu, but I have no idea if I will every dive deeper then the XBLA title since I am not a fan of MMO RPGs xD.

Aside from this and occassion match of Zombies or Riot Shield Match of MW2, I acutally haven't been on the console scene that much. I am sure that will all change once I get my hands on Metal Gear Solid HD and Zelda Skyward Sword, but I won't even be able to put a good amount of time in till winter break comes along... COME ON BREAK, HURRY UP AND BE HERE!!!

Well I hate to dash out of this really short blog, but I have some studying to do for an exam that is coming up, so I need to head off. I hope you guys enjoy this simple blog and I look forward to writing a much more depth one sometime later this week. Stay gold people and I will catch you all on the flip side :)

The Gameboy Micro is Awesome and WHY IS FUSE SO ADDICTING?

Oh look, another blog that is super late xD. Sorry guys, but I have just been to busy catching up on Beauty Sleep (Mid-terms where pretty rough to me to say the least :() to really sit down and dedicate myself to write one of these, despite my love for doing so xD. Anyways, let's just jump into the stores of the posts, shall we?


So on Monday (The Day of my first midterm), I got my paycheck given to me by my boss, and it was a $650 pay check :). So, what did I do with this paycheck? Well, I put 300 in a savings account (the smart thing to do xD), and I put the other 250 in my checkings, keeping 100 on me so I could have cash to spend incase I wanted something to eat or whatever. Within the first bit of time I had recieved my first paycheck, I had already spent about 100 dollars on amazon xD. I bought Metroid: Zero Mission, Metroid NES Classic (Shut Up, it wasn't until after the purchase I found out the Zero Mission comes with the original Metroid :(), Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Microsoft Points, and a Family Com 20th Aniversary Gameboy Micro!!! I have always wanted one of those bad boys and since my L button is refusing to work on my SP, I decided to dish out the cash to buy the little guy and see what he is all about... AND HE IS AWESOME! I know the SP pretty much outclasses the Micro in everything aside size and the lack of a headphone jack, but the little guy really grows on me. The smaller screen allows for a more crisp look for the graphics, the screen is really bright, and the Family Com Decall looks really sick... PLUS IT'S REGION FREE :). I got it and Metroid: Zero Mission NEW for about 60 bucks (Really good price) in the mail and have been playing those most of the weekend. I really like Zero Mission so far, as it is much superior to Fusion (Not that Fusion was bad, but this is just such a better and more thought out game) and granted, it still has it's far times of doing nothing but guessing, but it's not as bad as some of the stuff you do in Super Metroid or the original, plus the map system works really well, so it takes some considerable skill to get lost xD. I don't know if I am very far in the game (heading my way over to fight Ridely), but I look forward to seeing what else is left in the game. Also, I still haven't receive Chain of Memories (this will be like my 5th time playing the game, but it's the first time in like 6 years xD) or Other M in the mail yet, but I will let you guys know how they are once I get them in :).

Looks pretty cool, huh?

On top of all this gaming stuff going on, I have actually discovered Gamespot FUSE... and it's actually pretty addicting. It may not be Facebook addicting, but I think Fuse is the right direction for GS to take. It's much easier to use and is a lot more flexable with what you can do, and posting status is pretty awesome. The only lame part is how those status don't care over to the actual GS site, which is where most people are to begin with xD. I am on there and I am pretty surprised with how many people actually comment back on the status I post, so I think I will stay there since its pretty convient and it's a lot quicker to type something like that then get a blog up every other day xD. I mean, don't get me wrong, I would much rather write a blog, but posting little status every 2 or 3 hours that are either funny, serious, or intersting on a site FOCUSED around games and anime (at least the people here like anime xD), it's pretty awesome to say the least :).

A cool pic I found xD

Well people that is the blog... well, I guess I could end it with this last note. Since finishing this week, I have for some reason found a lot of stuff I just want now. I found some really odd stuff I kind of want just to have like Ash's Gen 3 Hat from the Pokemon Anime and a Pikachu Plus, along with some older games like Final Fantasy 6 Advanced and Persona 4, and even thought about getting some stuff like a replacement Housing Shell for my Sisters broken DS Lite, as fixing it would make it mine... PLUS THEY HAVE THE PIKACHU SHELL FOR 12 BUCKS!!! Man... it sucks having money and not wanting to spend it... maybe I will save it as a personal Christmas gift for myself xD. Anyways guys, that is the blog, so until next time, stay gold and I will catch you all on the flip side :). We end today with yet another one of my favorite pokemon pics ^_^.

AWWWWW... HOW SWEET ^______^

Metroid on the Mind, Rage is Alright, and I am Way To Many Portable Games xD

Sorry for no post in quite sometime, but I have just been uber busy with games all last week and mid-terms for the the next two days... I am already set for winter break to happen xD. Anyways, it's been about a good... oh... 13 days since my last blog (That is pretty long xD), and I have been doing a decent amount of gaming since then, so without any more stalling, let's jump into it:


1) So as the title suggests, I have all of a sudden had a HUGE craving for Metroid games, and I have no idea how it started really. I know I am going to get a lot of hate for what I am about to say, but I am not exactly a huge fan of Super Metroid. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's a good game, but I found it frustrating when I played the game and it can be a huge pain when you can't figure out where to go next or what tiny little block you need to get ride of because the game never tells you -_-. Anyways, because of this and my desire to play this, I considered getting Other M, as it only 20 bucks on amazon and I kind of wanted something quick and painless. Then I came across something I had though I lost years ago... My old copy of Metroid Fushion for my GBA! I whipped out my SP and began to play it... and I really don't see how I didn't beat this game when I was younger. I thouhg it was the hardest game in the work back in like 7th grade, but now I just find i really easy for some reason. IDK if it's cause I am older or because I actually read the map and understand that if all else fails, shot or bomb every wall xD. Anyways, I just beat it about an hour ago and I really came out liking it a lot. Without using a good, it took me about 5 recorded hours to beat it, but if I count my deaths, it was probably around 7, granted I was also item hunting (yet I still only got 50% complete somehow xD), but I can actually see myself replaying it very shortly for a faster time (the speed run effect common for Metroid games). This did re-light my interest in the series as well, as I am most likey going to order the Classic NES Metroid GBA game (it's only $12 new on Amazon xD) and will probably order Zero Mission as well just to compare the two. Hell, if I enjoy this enough, I might even consider trying Super Metroid on more time (This time with a guide) and might even get Metroid Other M just to see if it is really as bad as people make it out to be T_T

What a sick picture :)

2) Despite the fact my GBA, iPhone, and Wii have been getting a good amount of action lately, I can't say much for my 360. I will occastionally jump on Gears 3 once and a while (Basically when friends are online or I just want to play some Horde for an hour or so), but I was playing it a decent chunk about a week ago. Why is because I got Rage, and it's actually just alright IMO. I mean, Yes, the graphics are very pretty and the AI is amazing, but once that novelty wears off, it's just alright. The Gunplay is pretty genaric and it's pretty easy, even on the hardest difficulty. I mean, I am happy I bought it as there are a lot of positives (Racing is great, AI is good, ect), but I can only see myself playing it periotically in little chunks as I could never sit down for an hour and race through it (No Pun Intended xD). Maybe over Winter Break I will invest the time to finally beat it, but it's going to be hard when I not only have Metal Gear Solid HD Collections on the 360, but the fact I will have Xenoblade AND Zelda: Skyward Sword to play (Plus the portable games, but those don't count xD)... well, it's just going to be tough xD.

It's a pretty game with sick AI, but that's about all it has :(

3) Speaking of games to play, my Portable systems have been seeing a huge chunk of my gaming time right now. Radient Historia has already devoured 25+ hours of my time and it's still going strong, I just beat Fusion and will probably replay it again pretty soon, Fire Emblem has been a good retread on my Wii (Funny part about FE is that it's a lot easier then I remember it being, but then again... this is like my 20th time playing through that game again xD), and my iPhone has been seeing a good amount of my gaming at work/school. I recently have been playing Ace Attorny again and I am finally about to finish the terrible Case 3 (The one about the Movie Star 0_0) and move onto the next case which from what I have heard, makes up for Case 3 :). On top of that, I bought a little game called Game Devloper Story, and it's a lot of fun. It's funny, has a great 16 bit artsyle, and let's face it, raiseing a video game company from the ground up and devloping games throughout like 20 years of gaming is a pretty awesome presence. I can see a lot of replay value for the this already, as it keeps track of high scores and rewards multipule playthroughs with it's trial-and-error gameplay. What's even worse is after all this, I STILL have Ghost Trick to play AND I might purchase a Micro hear pretty soon, as the asking price right now is around $75 for a new one and my SP is quickly on it's way to calling it an end, and since I don't have any Gameboy or Gameboy Color games anymore (Sure I have them on my computer, that is different xD), it's a smart buy on my part I think. Plus, I have a prettylong list of Portable Games I have made for myself to try or play on my DS and GBA (Example: Metroid Zero Mission, Dragon Quest 9, Professor Layton 1, and some more)... but then again, since I am never home anymore, I have to get my GBA fix in somehow xD.

If only this was the finished product xD

Yeah... so that about raps up this blog. I know I promised a review, but it's coming. I might right one after my last Mid-Term, as I would really love to get my mind off of school for once xD. Anyways, I am done with this blog... so until next time, stay gold people, and I will try to comment back xD. Let's end it with a pretty cool pic :)

I like good fanart :)

Not Going To Lie... Might be a Little Obsessed with Radiant Historia xD

Howdy people... todays blog will be rather straight forward. Reason for that being is I still havd a couple things I got to do before I have to leave for practice later this afternoon. Sorry no blog this weekend, but we had a tournement most of the weekend (we ended up taking first :)), on top of my brother's 18th Birthday, so I didn't exactly get all that much time to sit down and write one of these sadly :(. Anyways, I am back, and here with two major gaming topics to discuss with you guys :)


1) So as the title suggests, yes, I have finally started putting hours into Radiant Historia again, and I put a HUGE chunck into it this weekend. I got a good 8-9 hours this weekend, bringing my grand total to about 12-13 hours, and I have to say, the game is shaping up to be one of my favorite RPG's of all time, and is easily the best RPG I have played in a long while... well, since Lost Oddessy anyways xD. Anyways, I am loving the game. The story is very well told and the way you jump back and forth between perspectives (meaning the standard timeline and the alternate timeline) is simply awesome. I won't spoil anything, but it's shaping up to be one hell of a story. Gameplay is also great as well, as the combat system is simple, yet very deep and rewarding depending on how advanced you take it. It's not a very hard RPG either, as I have only needed to grind once, and that way really because I was chosing to not fight the enemys in the area. Plus if you do have to grind, you can just go back in time and refight any boss that you, which is very cool. The music is also something to mention, as it is very well put together and granted, there is only like 25 tracks and some of them do repeat quite a bit, all the music is very good and only adds the solid game that it is. The only thing that some people might not like, is aside from the main character, your party is constanly shifting between 6 other characters, which is fine is some cases, but it can get tedious in certian times, espically when you get attached to characters and start relaying on certian stratagies with said characters. An example is during the first chapter of the game, I came in contact with a little 9 year old shaman girl named Aht, a very addorable girl who obviously has a crush on the main character Stocke (Who BTW, is growing on me as a very cool main character). Anyways, she is a healer who also plays a set-up character as she can lay traps for the enemys to get pushed/spawn into, and on top of that, despit how weak her attack is, she hits 2 times, which is really great for racking up the combo metter. Anyways, I had her added to my party and she only ended up staying ther for about an hour, before she was forced to leave my party, despite the fact she refused to. I didn't get to have her in my party again until about 8 hours later, when she joins your party again at the begining of the third chapter of the Alternate Timeline. And yes, I am playing through both timelines similataniously, despite the fact I should be playing them in big chunks to keep in touch with the plot, but the story on both sides is just so good... I can't help it xD. Aside from that little complaint however, I am enjoying the game very much and I plan on reviewing it once I complete the game... and the Gears 3 review xD.

Cool art is cool ^__^

2) Gears of War 3 has simply been to much fun. Despite the BF3 beta being out (which is actually kind of bad due to all the glitchs ther are at the moment sadly :(), I am still playing Gears 3 over it. It's just a very enjoyable package and since my brother was home, I got to play the story mode finally and wow is it solid. The game is quick to send you to the fray and some of the things that happen are actually kind of depressing. The story is well crafted for a shotter game and matches the gameplay well. I would say it ones up Halo Reach IMO, but I like enjoy Gears a great deal, so that might be the reason why xD. Anyways, that is all for games. I did try playing Illusion of Gia a few times, but already playing 2 RPGs at once (Radiat Historia and Fire Emblem) is rather rought and 3 is just a crowd to say the least, no matter how good they both are :(... Oh yea, I got Ghost Trick and Dragon Box Volume 3 in the mail Saturday. I haven't started watching Dragon Box 3 as I am still trying to finish 2 at the moment, and I am going to wait on opening Ghost Trick as I want to be able to focus on it after I finish Radiant Historia ;). I have even stopped playing pokmeon because of Radiant Historia, which is just hard for even me to believe xD.

I like art like this sometimes :)

Sorry for all the Radiant Historia Pictures... i guess I got it on my mind xD. Well anyways people, I have to get going sadly. I will do my best to reply to any comments I get and until I get another chance, I will see you all in next post :). Hope you guys are less busy then I am right now xD. We should end this with a cool picture that ISN'T Radiant Historia xD

Very Nice Pic :)

Oh Internet... How I Have Missed You So :(

Hello Interwebz... I HAVE FINALLY RETURNED! Yeah, it's been a week, I know... I am sorry xD. I have spent the last week pretty much studying, work, and Gears 3... oh, I guess I could include watching Dragon Ball Z xD. Anyways, I am just going to jump into this blog without much filler... get it? I am watching DBZ and I use filler... ok, lame joke is over xD.

LOL! A whole saga of filler was for this guy xD

LOL! I love how I look up filler and this guy shows up first xD. Well, I guess I should probably give an update about my gaming progress. I have unfortunatly played very little out of Gears 3. When I have been out, it has been hard to find time to pull out my DS and get some hours in. I have taken a little power break from Pokemon and really have only put in an extra couple hours in Radient Historia, and I would really like to finish it before winter break comes around, but at this rate, I don't think that is going to happen until polo season is over, which is fine cause I can always commit the time I want during swim season, as practices will be boring and will not require me to scream my head off at the kids xD. As for Gears 3... what can I say? I really love it. The game has improved a good amount from when I played the beta and for the most part, the game is very fine tuned. I plan on reviewing the game for my tenth review, but I am going to wait till I finish the story mode, as I am waiting for this weekend to play it with my brother (Co-Op Story in Gears is the way to go). My favorite mode right now is Horde (No Surprise) and I have kind of a guilty pleasure for Beast Mode, despite how one sided the mode can be at times xD. Anyways, I am not going to get into super detail about it since most of you guys don't even like Shooters, but I enjoy am enjoying it quite a bit. I will save my ranting for the review :).

Brothers till the end :)

Well I guess I should talk about the other stuff I have been up to. Aside from studying for the exams I finally finished, I have been really just been watching my big 4 right now. They are Durarara!, Thunder Cats Reboot, Young Justice, and Dragon Ball Z. I finally got Dragon Box 2 and Dragon Box 3 is on the way right now (Along with Ghost Trick since it was on sale for 10 bucks on amazon ^_^). All the shows are good, and I look forward to seeing them continue :). I am actually going to end this blog rather short as I actually do have some more math homework to do sadly :(. I hope you guys have less work then I do and I wills ee you all in my next post, whenever and whatever that is :).