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They beat pokemon Red and Gold. For now, they're playing Sonic Advance 2 until Emerald starts.

I don't know how they made it to the second boss, but they did.

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@Nap215 said:

@white_kunoichi: Seeing that this is also going to be a TV series, there's a chance where it will be new henchmen than just using Orbot & Cubot.

I'm surprised that the SonicSpot board is still around.

So am I :P

I'm actually pretty excited for this one. I wasn't certain if Lost World was going to be bang or bust, and we got "meh" - not enough to convince me to buy a WiiU, but with two games on the console... and there should be enough other stuff out for WiiU by launch time. Hmm.

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So... these came back two months ago? That would've been good to know. :P

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Well, I was just told about this now. Didn't realize all the forums had come back - nothing showed up in my inbox letting me know.

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Underground "Oh, ****** ***** it!" Adam shouted in frustration. He launched a fireball across the room, which lit Garritos's tail before the fox turned the corner. "Stop being such a *****, Ira." He ran off after Garritos, certainly faster than human but not quite at Sonic speeds, leaving a thin trail of flames in his wake. Since Gentoo and Lexine had just entered the building from outside, the darkness wasn't a problem anymore for Garritos - he had a scent trail leading him out. (That, and his tail was on fire, providing light) Ira tactically ignored all of this and knelt down beside El-Len. "When it comes to betrayal, there are no winners," she said. She curled her fingers around El-Len's hand, gently encouraging her to let go of the emerald-bound blade. "Come now, let us bring you and your brother back together."
Ground Thanks to Rana's presence, Babylon and Neo were recharging/recovering faster than usual. Peter was probably distracted with his newly not-comatose girlfriend, so Chan and Danial can carry on their conversation without waiting. Though Chan did notice Danials eyes glazing over from time to time, as if something were weighing on his mind. Above them, the dragons had intertwined themselves into a caduceus like shape, but with their heads down at the point. They spun around and around like a drill, descending towards the castle with mouths agape.
Castle Library "Ah, my favorite cipher," Blackwood mused as Lenny entered the library. "Care to join some desperate, last minute ciphering? There are a lot of books here written in arcane, untranslatable languages. Turns out, when your cycle's ciphers don't share their talents with the powers that be, nobody realizes deciphering is right under their nose. I mean, constitutional monarchy is no way to run a government, so of course you are going to encounter these sorts of problems, but stil..." Sally rolled her eyes and tossed another book at Blackwood, which he started to thumb through and scan with his device.
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Castle Naturally, Chan found his way outside to where the other group (Peter/Babylon/Danial) were recovering after their mass re-murder. His swatbot squadron was there, helping out while also celebrating victory. Lenny found his way upstairs, where he would have the opportunity to encounter Blackwood and Sally in the library, should he take that route, or maybe just go straight upstairs.
Underground Blinded, Adam unleashed a wave of flame, scorching El-Len's back as she dove for Ira. She knocked Ira back farther than Ira had expected, giving her the critical moment she needed to punch through the ice. Her acid soaked weapons cut through Garritos's chest with great effort, exposing a little of the glowing core inside. Before El-Len could reach through and tear out the core, the rest of the barrier exploded into hundreds of fine, icy shards. The shards perforated her badly, while the force knocked her back against the wall. The shock also exposed more of Garritos's core - a metallic orb covered in sharp, blood red lines, which pulsated with a sinister glow in time with the heart it replaced. Ira got to her feet and, without a word, threw a large spear of ice at El-Len, trying to pin her to the wall. The others noted that the shards of ice punctured El-Len in key vital areas, but the blows were nowhere near fatal. Black acid leaked slowly from the wounds, but it hardly seemed to matter that he had an inch-thick shard running through her heart (aside from the obvious pain it put her in). As Ira had used the barrier enclosing him as a weapon, Garritos was now free, at least in the sense that he could move. He had a gaping hole in his chest exposing his mechanical "heart", and system warnings flooded his H.U.D, but his endocrine system was doing a great job of pumping in the adrenaline to help him ignore the pain to possibly capitalize on this brief respite.
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Castle Courtyard DoorLenny and Chan ran into each other. Funny how that works.
Ground There was little to directly press on about. The undead army was defeated and had all melted down into black liquid. The dragons overhead were clearly prepping for something, though, and their bodies would start crushing buildings within the half hour. To the others (Babylon Peter etc) Danial seemed a little distracted, which was unusual for him.
Other side of castleRenovir was waiting for Christy around the corner. She smiled and gave the tigress a big hug. "There, now," she said. "You're doing good work, here. I need a few more souls released to aid me in my work - could you go find some evil-doers and break their mortal shell for me? I'd be ever so appreciative."
UndergroundJasmine shuddered. "He's laughing. He's going to die, and he's laughing. That sounds so creepy..." Actually, Garritos's laugh wasn't particularly disturbing, but the ice encasing him distorted it. Ira raised an eyebrow at El-Len, not sure how to react. "Well, uhm, yes, you are right about the fox. Nobody is going to kill him. If you want a goddess of deception, look to Renovir " "Says you," Adam spat back. "Listen, demon lizard, clearly you have no clue what's going on here, so why don't you and your little cadre of zombies step aside and let the big boys handle the murder. Sucks that you had to kill your brother, but don't go blaming me for your stupid mistakes." "You do recall that I am not letting you kill him, either," Ira added. She rolled her eyes and knelt down near the ice, placing her hands above Garritos's chest. "This is going to hurt quite a lot, and I apologize for it. Please do not try to resist. I only want what is best for you." Adam shot a warning fireball past El-Len and Ira, shouting, "I'm still killing him!" Ira's hands glowed a bright blue as she positioned them over Garritos's heart. El-Len knew she couldn't let Ira have that emerald, Aduro wanted Garritos dead, and Garritos probably didn't want to die. There were a few seconds while Ira charged up that someone could react, and talking certainly wasn't going to do it anymore.
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OOC: Work's been hell for me the last couple of days. Sorry, guys. :(
Outside CastlePeter, Danial, Babylon and their allies successfully stabbed and blasted all the things. Go them! Another blast of water doused the team, washing away the black liquid they had covered themselves in. The Mizulans ran over to check them for injuries, and started healing what minor scrapes and bruises they could. Rana followed behind them - slower, but walking on her own. A thick scar showing just below her neckline served as a reminder of the damage Kyson had done, but also as a sign that the healing had gone well. The rest of the group felt their stamina returning slightly faster than normal, and it wasn't just out of excitement that she was okay (well, maybe it was for Peter). There was little time to celebrate. Overhead, the two dragons finished their second pass around the earth and began swirling their heads in a spiral high above the castle. Their bodies, now wrapped around the planet in two directions that formed an X at the castle, continued to constrict. While the thick, scaly bodies encroached slowly, they were now at the level of the tallest spires, placing them a thousand feet or less above the surface. The heads danced around each other much higher above, starting to form an odd, drill shape with the front end of their bodies. The re-corpses of their enemies melted away into the ground, leaving only black pools of the acid behind. The liquid emanated an unsettling, dark energy, but gave no signs of activity. OOC: Rana can restore the stamina of nearby allies, at a fractional cost of her own, allowing them to use their powers (which she may or may not be boosting) more frequently. Proximity matters - the closer she is, the greater the energy her allies receive.
CourtyardLenny and Christy clearly had a thrilling encounter. See above section for what the sky dragons are doing. Chan has a good head start on Christy, so it will be a while before she catches him, if at all.
UndergroundIra shrugged. "On the other side somewhere. I put up the ice walls to make sure nobody could escape. Adam insisted on handling this one personally and brought the other feline with him. Of course, rather then him finding the fight, the fight found me. And... oh dear. We can not have that." Ira was referring to the battle on the other side of the ice wall, which looked to be going very poorly for Garritos, in that he had fallen to the floor, a few of the other figures had started clawing and tearing at his arms, and one in the center had just drawn back some sort of glimmering object for a killing blow. The ice wall shattered, blasting Tails and By-Tor off of Garritos and causing El-Len to stumble back a bit. The fragments reformed around Garritos, who was lying on the ground, encasing him in a thick, icy shell. "That is an interesting toy," Ira said, pointing to the emerald dagger in El-Len's hand. "Is that how you separated me from Provehito's soul? Your master is clever, slave. Please run along now before I have to subdue you and your friends. I have to extract an emerald from this poor, tortured soul's abdomen. I really can not have you killing him for your own purposes." Garritos's sight and feeling started to return to him just as the protective ice shell was forming around him. He first noticed the cold from the ice, followed by soreness in his neck from someone (unsuccessfully) trying to knife-hand him unconscious, and then pain in the shoulders from where someone had shoved a black-acid coated Kunai in and had tried clawing at his wiring. He heard the entire conversation going on above him. Adam and Newton darted around the corner on the opposite end of the hallway. "Right on cue!" Adam yelled. He nearly tripped as he came to a stop. He snapped his fingers, sparking a flame, and added, "You know, as always!" "You are about a minute late, Adam. Would you kindly distract Renovir's friends before they regain their senses while I extract this emerald?" "What? No way! I had dibbs on killing the ***** fox!" "No one is going to kill-" "Like hell I'm not!" Looking around, El-Len and Lexine noticed Adam and Jasmine seemed quite distracted with Ira, and Ira seemed to be hiding a struggle to maintain focus on the spells she was casting as well as her focus on the argument. Only Lexine, Gentoo, and Newton seemed to be paying direct mind to El-Len and her actions in that moment possibly providing an opening.
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[QUOTE="sonictrainer"]New Trailer that shows some features of the game:[/QUOTE]

Oh my God they FINALLY put online multiplayer in this. Bout damn time! Now I'm moderately interested. We could do a Sonicspot tournament though that involves us actually wanting to get this title. I think we'll all be more interested in Sonic Lost World.

Also involves us organizing after the union shuts down, but I'd be game... if I end up picking up the title. MASATSOWG (these acronyms keep getting better) doesn't look super appealing when I already own the first two.
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The only model that really bothers me there is Knuckles. I don't mind a slightly more unkempt looking Sonic. Also, I don't watch tv, really, much less children's cartoons, so I guess it won't be a problem either way? As long as they don't go trying to make the game characters like these ones (like the did with the Sonic X voices) because the show is 'hip with the kids.' Seriously Knuckles looks disturbing....