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My awesome project

I don't blog much... if at all, but I just had to show off, because I'm pretty freaking proud of what my partner and I put together in a matter of 2 weeks: The G.L.O.V.E.! It lights up! It responds to my hand! It's utterly pointless! Yet, it feels so awesome (and was actually really hard to get right...)

ARCADIA!!!! Best day ever...

I actually have a by-the-minutes journal of my Arcadia experience on my PDA, but I'm having issues with the computer, so I'll just show you the product: Parade - Washington Grey's 1 It's got better quality then video 2, but didn't get the whole song. In case you're curious, I'm 3rd rank from the back, closest to the camera, not counting tall flags. Parade 2 This one has the whole parade, but focuses on the guard more visually and is takes from the other side of the street. Field Show - Legend of the 5th Sun It's best if you close your eyes... because the music is GLORIOUS and the visual part was... not so much. I have proof, too, since we won the award for high music score but came in 3rd overall, and music is the heaviest weighted score. The Drum Major's Final Salute I didn't realize anyone videoed this. Yeah, our drum major always has a lot of fun with the color guard captains at the final salute.

Looong break, huh?

I know I updated more last marching season, but that's because I was excited. After losing 2 more tournaments after the one previously mentioned, not getting to host our tournament due to the fires, and then loosing ANOTHER tournament (by FIVE FREAKING POINTS) I haven't been in the mood. Combine that with the death of a student at school at a football game on Friday, and some rather depressing news relating to my extended family... and I haven't been up much to blogging. Maybe we'll win the big end of the year tournament at Arcadia in 2ish weeks. We'll see.

Marching Season: IT'S ON! (w00t!...?)

So, Marching Season has officially started. Before I get on my rant, I got Phantom Hourglass. It's awesome. Multi player's a ton of fun, too. Now, for bando ranting. So our first tournament of the season was yesterday. It was a good performance. No video on youtube yet. Got to give it a few days. I've watched the performance of both us and our one competitor, and I have no idea how they beat us. None whatsoever. I don't like the way SCSBOA does awards ceremonies. It always apparent who won 10 minutes before they announce it, since it's the one band not called in their division takes all the fun out of it when you have something awesome happen, like this: 1st Place 6A: Mt. Carmel - 74 Music Sweepstakes: Rancho Bernardo - 320ish Effect Sweepstakes: Mt. Carmel - 230ish Visual Sweepstakes: Rancho Bernardo - 120ish Overall Sweepstakes: Rancho Bernardo - 74! Now here's where all the fun got lost. Look at the scores for MC and RB. IT'S THE SAME! We TIED. But, of course, we already knew we had lost when they called us 5 awards earlier. Noe, they won because Tiebreaker goes to the music scores, but still, that's pretty good. I can't wait until our show is complete. Just imagine: 1 more file covered down, and we'd have won. One less wrong note. One less person on the wrong foot... we should win next week with just a little bit more work. Though, honestly, how do they win when there's an entire MINUTE of silence in their show where they're moving SLOWLY. Excitement factor of that = 0, and no music should mean, you know, LOWER MUSIC SCORE. Blah. I want it to be Monday so I can get to school and look at our official score sheets and listen to judges tapes. GLOSSARY OF BANDO TERMS USED IN THIS BLOG: Sweepstakes - Award given to best score in category and overall in all divisions... in theory. Always goes to a division 6 band anyhow. Music Judging Category - 400pts possible. Musical Phrasing, Articulation, Note accuracy, etc. General Effect Judging Category - 350pts possible. How exciting and impressive the show is as a whole. Visual Judging Category - 250pts possible. How straight the lines are, how smooth the curves are, people are all on the correct foot, etc. (All are added to get a total of 1000, and then it's divided by 10 to get a score out of 100) Covering Down: Making sure you're directly behind the person in front you.

"Screw to visitors!" (Serious lolz here)

Oblivious band director + Dirty minded band = Hilarity. So, we're at band camp, and the director keeps reminding us to keep our weight forward on the balls of our feet. Fine, that's alright. Then, later, when we're sliding (moving to the left/right while facing the front) he reminds us that we should be like a screw, moving up as we twist to maintain good posture. Fine, that's alright. Then he tells us later, as a reminder during an exercise, "keep your weight on your balls and screw to visitors." Read that out loud a few times. Yeah. You can see why we were laughing so hard. (Remember, to and TWO are pronounced the same way) Of course, McPherson then told us we're referring to them as our PLATFORMS (not balls) from now on, upon realizing his mistake, and he hasn't used the term "screw up" since. But it doesn't end there. Today he was excited to tell us about some new drill he got that we will learn tonight. The set has to blocks at an angle to the judges with a small bridge of students on top. He draws it on the board. The entire Wind Ensemble period instantly responds with: "Pants!" He pauses. "Okay, my drawing looks like pants. Whatever." He then goes to talk about a group of students who will do a cool visual as they move forwards and back to go to the next, "diamond" set. He circles that area. Giggling ensues. He's circled the crotch of the pants. This is especially funny because every year there's one set, even though it's a passing set instead of a hold set (hold meaning you stop there, passing meaning you immediately move to another set) that always looks like an... interesting piece of clothing. Freshman year we had the "bra" set, Sophomore year it was the "thong" set, Junior year we had an "underwear" set, and now we have the "pants with a fun visual" set. Oh how I love band. XD.

My last day of freedom...

Today: Practice Clarinet alot, because I haven't recently. Tomorrow: Band Camp Thursday: Band Camp Friday: Band Camp Saturday: Band Camp Sunday: Sleep Monday: Band Camp Tuesday: Band Camp Wednesday: School Starts (with a rehearsal that night from 6-9:15 PM for band, too)


Had a party with all my friends. It was fun. It is late, now, however, and I don't feel like giving details. Look forward, however, to the most awesome stories you have ever read in the near future, all a product of the party.