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sonic__323 Blog

New GS Account

Hey everyone I decided to make myself another account and here it is.

I will be using that account more often now than this one but don't get me wrong I won't leave this account (sonic__323) forever. Things happen and I apologize again for not being here that often, I been busy job hunting since community college was "too late" for me so I'll begin going there early January of next year hopefully. So far it's been a little tough for me since I haven't gotten any luck with getting a job. I'm still searching to this day since I don't want to stay home for the rest of the year. I'm taking it easy for now and btw I'm also on my Xbox 360 often and my gamertag is on my profile if you want to add me. (AimedRobert 323 <- for lazy ones haha)

So yeah that's all I have to say, track my new account (not forcing anyone here) but I'll be using that one from now on. Goodbye!


Graduation and Anime Expo!

Hello everyone again it's been a while since I haven't been here but I'm happy to say that I'm finally done with high school :). I will be heading to a good community college in about a month or so and hopefully not slack off anymore. I decided that I either want to get into voice acting with companies like FUNimation or be some art developer (or something related to the arts/animation) of a gaming company. It sure won't be easy but I'll do my best!

What have I been up to recently is that I have attended the Anime Expo that is located in Los Angeles, CA. I had a great time over there and I got to meet Steve Blum who is a popular voice actor that has done many character roles in anime, cartoons, and video games. I would like to post pictures but it's going to take a long time so I'll probably upload those later. I did purchase about 3 items which were:
-A Soul Eater wall scroll
-A Pokemon shirt
-A Soul Eater headband
-A Tentacle Grape soda

...And that's about it since I didn't have much money but I still had a great time. A few of my friends went as well but sadly I couldn't find them and I'm one of those people that still has never owned a cell phone :/. I been good overall, I just need to take my written driving test soon so that I can be able to get my driving permit since I want to learn how to drive before I go to college however, I also need a part time job so that I can save up money to purchase a used car (that works).

So how have you all been? Well this concludes my blog, see ya later!


EDIT: Soul Eater Wall Scroll:

Thought I was dead?

Hey everyone! It's been a long time since I haven't been here. Why? I been very busy with school and other problems going on, also no I was not into any trouble or anything related to that. I'm almost done with high school, there is about a month and a few days left so I also took advantage of some time to spend with my friends before we say goodbye. I have also decided that I will go to a community college and that one of my good friends is also going to the same one. I have been out more and I actually lost a few pounds so that's a great thing (I want to continue that). I hope to take and pass my driving test so that I can get a permit and eventually get my license since I'm getting tired of taking the bus plus my community college is pretty far.

However I hate to say this but I also gotten bored of these forums and unions so I might resign from being leader and other unions too. It's been great with posting on forums but I might not ever post as much or spend that much time here on GameSpot anymore. I know most of you guys want me to stick around but then again I realize that I can do more things other than being on the computer all the time, no offense.

I'm usually on Facebook so if you want to keep in contact, just PM me and I'll give you the link because I don't want anyone I don't know trying to stalk me or sh*t. Again I might not come here that often anymore but that doesn't mean I'm going to completely abandon this site so I hope you are all doing well and take care!


I'm upset...

Title says it all. I have been rejected from 2 CSUs (California State Universities) which I find to be completely unfair. I going to be honest and say it's not all my fault, it's my school. First of all, most of the counlesors there are a bunch of idiots, throughout my high school years I have taken a few cla$$es that I didn't need however I was not able to change them. My old counselor said that I need these two cla$$es which are Algebra 2 and Spanish 2A it turns out I was with strict teachers that don't teach well which resulted me to get a D in math and a fail on spanish. The story goes on but I don't feel like sharing the rest, you kinda get the picture. I also had to "correct" my new counselor that I don't need certain classes since I meet the requirements to get into a CSU and out of high school. It's pathetic really. I won't put the blame completely at my school because I know that I could have done betterand that includes that SAT test which I hated. I knew a few people that have a lower GPA than me and were accepted to a CSU so what the hell?

Aside this I still have 1 and I mean 1 chance of getting into a CSU that seems to be sending my stuff in the mail and such but it's been weeks already since I submitted my official transcripts and let's just say I'm getting a little impatience. I did have another chance but the CSU never informed me about the freshmen deadline and my dad won't be able to drive me over there since it will take about 2 or more hours to get there anyway plus I would have to live on my own and my parents don't think I can "survive" on my own.

If I do get accecpted, I would be happy. I don't want to go to a community college because I feel like it would be a waste of my time. I'm still upset though but I can only hope for the best...

Another computer &quot;virus&quot;? Again?

I just about had it with my damn computer. Last Thursday I noticed something weird going on with Google. Every time I search for something itdirects me to some "ad" website. I was trying to find out what was going, it turned out it was some sort of "bug". I then downloaded Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to stop the issue, I have a free anti-virus program called Avira AntivirPersonal which seems to be reliable but I don't think it's enough. Just a few minutes later today while making this blog everything seems to be okay but these programs might not last for long and I would have to purchase them. I'm thinking of maybe purchasing a new anti-virus program and buy the whole Malwarebytes but I still don't know how this is going to turn out. I'm honestly annoyed with my desktop computer, it has been infected about 4 times or so and I been having it since 2006 or 2007. I'm not sure if it's going to last any longer. I do have a back up which is using my brother's netbook to go on the internet since his computer is protected so if things don't turn out the way I want them to then I'll just use his.

So that's all I have to say, I hate computer viruses, scams, scammers, and low life hackers. Don't you?

Happy New Year!!

Just wanted to say happy new year to everyone! :)

Hoping this year is better for me and every one of you. Some things that will happen for me will be graduating from high school, going to college, hopefully learn how to drive and cook, and try to be a little more healthier :P.

So are you guys gonna make any changes or something?

Cheers! :)


Just wanted to make a quick blog of saying Merry Christmas :)

What I got:

  • Skyrim (on X360)
  • 3 t-shirts
  • Pikachu Backpack
  • One pair of jeans

I was thankful from what I got even though I didn't really know what I wanted this year. So what did all of you get? How was your day? Etc. As of right now I am now playing Skyrim which turns out to be an awesome game for me, still at level 5 and I know there is a LOT to do in the game so that won't make me bored as much as I always was during the break.

So yeah... happy holidays!!! :)

I hate MTV!

Hello GS friends, today I will be ranting on how much I hate MTV and it's dumbass reality shows. Before we get to the shows now I'm gonna talk about the old MTV showsthat were at least watchable. According to MTV, the first reality show is called The Real World.

Due to HTML issues I was not able to post any pictures... -_-

The Real World is about 7 strangers that live in a place and work together while their lives are being taped (in case you didn't know..). It started back in 1992 and it still has not ended to this day. However nowadays The Real World seems to be really lame and fake, back then it was "real" and the people did not start drama for the sake of it.

Next was Road Rules (debuted in 1995), I don't know much about the show myself since I never really seen any episodes but Ido know the people that are in this show complete missions and it did have some good people that I seen a different show. By the way this show had ended in 2007 I believe.

It was called the Real World/Road Rules Challenge, this is actually one of my favorite shows on MTV. It shows some people from the Real World and Road Rules to compete for money and prizes, during each episode at least 1 or 2 people are eliminated from the game and go home empty handed. Today it still has not ended but there had been some changes with the show, it's now called "The Challenge" and in 2006 since most competitors from Road Rules don't compete as much as they used to anymore, they brought in "Fresh Meat" meaning people who never partook in any show. It's not as good as it used to be withsome of the new people but I still watch it. There are more old reality shows on MTV but for the sake of this blog, I might as well just get to the damn point already.

Now let's move on to why I hate MTV now. EDIT: I wanted to post pictures but I kept getting the HTML error...
Jersey Shore. What is terrible about it? Why do I hate it? Every single thing is terrible about this show, I never watched a FULL episode of this since it was just so fxcking stupid and I'm glad that I didn't. I mean come on, look at how pathetic they look, they are a bunch of "adults" who act like little kids that drink, have sex, start pointless drama, dumb fights, and you see where I am going with this. This sh!t is not entertaining and MTV calling it a reality show is beyond me, "real" people work, pay mortage, pay bills, go to school, etc. The sad thing is that some of my friends actually like this show but when I talk to them about those shows I mentioned earlier in this blog, they know NOTHING about them except maybe a little of The Real World but that's it. I have yet to find another person in my high school that does somehow manage to watch the old MTV shows.

Two other shows, Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant. Oh my fxcking god... I also hate these damn shows. These shows are about teen girls that make dumbass decisions in their lives like of course getting pregnant. Okay what the fxck, we people don't really give two fxcks about how "hard" it is to be pregnant at a young age, this is stuff that shouldn't be aired on television,so MTV why do you even bother? "Well it could teach teens a lesson or two about what girls shouldn't do." No, just no it's making worse. It's not onlyannoying but I do have a few friends that are girls that do watch this sh!t and they actually did get pregnant like these b*tches and yes these are girls that are still in high school or barely starting. I know it's their lives and all, I know I am aware but why does MTV have to air this? Whatever reason it may be, it is not impacting teens in any good ways and this is what most of them watch. I'm very lucky that I'm not part of those teens who do watch these kind of shows, in fact I'm almost an adult anyway.

All in all, I hate MTV for what they have done, they have also gotten rid of most music videos and such in case you have seen this channel. The only other show that I do watch on MTV now is Beavis and Butt-head.

I used to watch it when I was younger and to this day it still makes me laugh and it's quite entertaining. They didn't ruin anything IMO, another thing is that the animation has somewhat improved which is a plus.

That's all I gotta say about this channel and I hope no one was offended but I like sharing my thoughts you know? So that's it for this rant. I'll see you all around the site. :)

OMG I'm back?!

Hey GameSpot, it's been like 2 years since I left this place but I decided to come back and see how things have changed. I might be around the forums somewhere. As of right now I am in my final year of high school, still maintaining my grades, and such. I'll write more later about what has been going on with me.

So yeah, :) (I'm hoping someone finds this..) haha I'll come every now and then.