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My Idea -Isaac the Runner- Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Fastville Beach

This is the beginning of Isaac's first adventure. He saw a banana peel on the road. He saw a label on it. It said, "Slip on this banana peel for 20 star tokens." Isaac didn't know whether to trust it or not. He slipped on it, fell on his butt, and all of a sudden, he received 20 star tokens without noticing. Isaac has a walky talky on his belt. Someone is calling him. The walky talky
said, "Isaac!" Isaac was wondering where that came from. He just noticed that the had it. Isaac said "Yes, Mayor?" "I snuck this walky talky onto your belt. If you need me, just give me a buzz." Said the walky talky. "Roger!" yelled Isaac. After about 4 hours, Isaac has finally left town. He was going 300 mph,
but he saw a huge pile of banana peels blocking his way. He tried going around them, but obvoiusly, there was an invisible wall blocking his way, too. Isaac saw a piece of a banana peel sticking out of the pile. It had a label. It said, "Slip on this banana peel to speed up." Before Isaac slips on it, he contacts
the mayor for advice on these weird banana peels. "Mayor Johnson!" he yelled. "What's up Isaac?" the Mayor said. "Do you know anything about these banana peels that give me things?" "Isaac, those banana peels are very inportant to your adventure. Do not fear when you slip on them. It won't hurt a bit." Replied the mayor. "Yes, sir!" Isaac slipped on the banana peel. His regular speed is usually 300 mph, but he is now going 500 mph. With him going that fast, he was able to bust through the pile of banana peels. The high speed last for 30 seconds. After those 30 seconds, he was completely out of Fastville. After about 30 minutes walking, he met a huge fish. The fish said, "I am Mr. Spice. Chris Jerky told me to destroy you." "Who's Chris Jerky?" asked Isaac. "He is that monster who sucked up all of the townfolks' speed, but failed to take yours. And before you asked what he is, he's an ogre!" replied Mr. Spice. What does he look like?" asked Isaac. "That is a secret until you actually see him. Now, PREPARE FOR MY ULTIMATE POWER!" yelled Mr. Spice. Mr. Spice grabbed
Isaac by the mouth and swallowed him. His belly was filled with green acid that if Isaac touches, he'll die.

End of Chapter 2