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My Idea -Isaac the Runner- Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Monster

For 1,000 years, there was a city called Fastville. The population is 1,234,567 with 975,826 children and 285,714 adults. It was a cloudy night when a creepy looking monster in his third form took the powers away fromthe people. The
monster is blue with 20 fingers on each hand, no legs, a creepy looking smile and a red elbow band on his left elbow. After that cloudy night, the next day, there was a 13-year-old boy with blonde spikey hair, an orange t-shirt with a blue lightning bolt, and his fast red and green sneakers. He is known as Isaac
the Runner. He lives at 14 Gordon St Isaac went to turn on the TV. He just happened to catch the news. Billy, who is Isaac's dad, is the news man. "We interrupt this program for a very important news flash. It seems that everyone in Fastville has no speed even with special shoes on. If there is someone in
this city with their powers still, please find what's going on," said Billy."Oh shoot! I'd better tell my mom." said Isaac. He runs into his mom's room and yells, "Mom! MOM!" his mom says, "What! What!" "Did you catch the news?" says Isaac "No, why?" says his mom. "Everyone lost their speed. Dad said it on the news!" says Isaac. His mom says "Come outside with me, hon." They went outside. "Go next door and talk to your big pal rick, Okay?" said his mom. "Yes, madam." says Isaac. Isaac enters the food shop, which is owned by Rick Stromboli. Rick
says "Isaac! What's up?" "Did you catch the news?" says Isaac in a crazy way. "Yeah, I did. It's terrible, Isaac dude. Everyone has lost their speed." said Rick "Well, I haven't tried yet. So, I'll try to run outside now, but I doubt I still have it" moaned Isaac. He ran outside, and Isaac realized he still has his speed. Everyone gasped. Everyone was surprised. Mayor Michael Y. Johnson has introduced himself to Isaac. "Isaac, I'm Michael, the mayor of Fastville. Nice to meet you. I see you still have your speed. I'll tell you what. Meet me at the beach at 11:00 tonight. Okay?" said Michael Y. Johnson. "Okay." said
Isaac, wondering if he should or not. Isaac went back inside his house. He sat on the couch with a can of soda in his hand. He turned on the TV to watch Harry and Gordon, a cartoon he loved since he was 5. After that time, it was 8:00 at
night so he went to the playground for 2 1/2 hours and swung on the swings. While he was swinging he sang the Fastville theme song. "The town with fast
people, who attack the beetles. The fine piece of work, of the biggest..." he was interrupted by the sonic boom in the clouds. "That sonic boom must have something to do with what's going on." he said quietly. "Okay, time to go to the beach." he said quietly. When he arrived, the mayor wasn't there, but he
heard another sonic boom. Isaac waited at the beach for almost 2 hours. "The hell with this. I'm going straight..." The mayor all of a sudden and yelled, "Isaac! Sorry I'm late!" Isaac said, "It's about damn time you got here. I've been waiting for almost hours. Michael wanted to chat with Isaac. Michael
said, "Isaac, did you hear a sonic boom before?" Isaac responded "Yes, I did. To to be honest." The mayor said, "That sonic boom must be coming from the person who stole our powers. I want you to follow the sound." Isaac left but
the mayor stopped him and said. "Whoa! Not so fast, buddy! You don't have any star tokens. Here, take 200 with you! It should help you out." Isaac said.
"Thanks. No where did the sonic boom go? The mayor responded "It went north. Hurry! You only got 3 days to stop the suspect!" Isaac ran north, staying right
by the coastline.

End of Chapter 1