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I taught Rudolf how to fly. What? You think I'm lying?

Okay. A couple of weeks ago I posted some of the video game related things that I wanted for Christmas. I got 'em all except for the wii component cables (which I heard frem a very reliable source that it doesn't make Sumper Mario Galaxy look much better.) Imma list the good and bad things about all thew suff Italked about in my last post (If you get lost trying to find my last post, use the scroll arrows to go staight down and you can't miss it. Seriously, it's like, right below this one).

Ipod Touch- soooooooo cool. It's so much better than my **** Ipod mini that keeps on breaking for no reason. Nothing really bad to say except that my dad and one of my cousins both got IPhones that make my touch look like a peice of crap. The lack of EDGE is frusterating, too.

Rock Band- This game kicks the crap pout of GH3. It is so much fun and the song are all great. just the other day I downloaded two extra song off xbl (buddy holly by Weezer and Juke Box Hero by Foreigner). There are no major complaints here. Just a few things that could be a little better. One thing is the usb thing that lets you plug in all four instruments. The adapter really should run off the xbox's power. Even if it didn't, make the power chord a little longer. it always causes a problem when i bring it to any of my friend's houses. Also people keep telling mt that there is a headset jcak on both the guitar and the drums. The little holes that they're telling me about don't work.

The Orange Box-No complaints here. 5 ridiculosly awesome games and two that really stand out from anything that i've ever played before. Team fortress two and portal are both so great.

Assassin's Creed- everything but two things in this game were perfect.1) the camera angle during fights caused a lot of unnecacary deaths. sometimes the camera is blocked by an enemy and you can't see who you're attacking. 2) This ending blows.

Super Mario Galaxy- This is THE best game out for the wii. I'd say that it's one of the top ten, but there aren't that many good games on the wii. But seriously, this game is AS GOOD OR BETTER THAN super mario 64, undoubtedly one of the greatest nintendo games of all time.

I just want to make note of this one last thing because it is so awesome that it deserves recognition. I got a pillow that looks like a turntable that plays ipod music. This by itself is nothing secial, but it looks so cool. On top of that those kinds of pillows are usually really uncomfortable, but this is made out of that tempurpedic mattress foam. When i put my head on it, the sound of angels singing drowns out the Beatles [could be substituted for Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Van Halen, Black Sabbath, etc] music that is coming out of the speakers.

Ahhh, Christmas

I was just thinking about what i want for christmas and thought I'd share it.

1) An ipod touch

2)Rock Band

3)The Orange Box

that's what I kbow hat I'm getting. I also what

4)assasin's creed

5)wii high definition components

6)super mario galaxy

If you guys have any comments or want to share your lists, just post 'em

Opposite of homesick

If being homesick is when your sick FOR your home, what's the word for being sick OF your home. My sister has always been crazy, and my mom recently went crazy. I'm staying home from school today because i'm sick. Usually when I stay home sick I play videogames because they help me take my mind off of being sick, but recently my mom developed the mentality that "If you're well enough to play games, you're well enough to go to school." Not only does this apply to video games, but using the internet AND watching T.V. all day. Right now I am pretending to be doing homework so I can use the computer, if only for a little while. Normally I would just convince my mom to let me play a game for a little while, but I'm grounded from my xbox anyway, because she f @#$ed up our router and is convinced that it's my fault. The only way to play Mass Effect now is to go to my dad's house and play on his xbox (yes, my dad has his own xbox, don't ask me why) or to wait until my mom has left the house and play it for a little while. I had planned on playing it for the bigger part of the school day when she decides to stay home with me instead of going to work. Now all i have to do is wait to be formally welcomed into the deepest pits of hell

It's thanksgiving again!

...and you know what that means. No breakfast or lunch, but dinner two time (one at 1:00 and the other at, like, 8:00). Also, time to think of something that your thankful for. I'm thankful that yesterday I finally got to play Mass Effect. So far it beats Super Mario Galaxy, Halo 3, Bioshock, COD 4, and all the games on the orange box. I haven't played assassin's creed or rock band yet, but if i had to guess, assassin's creed would be a tie and it would be better than rock band (only because to get the full experience you always have to have two other people that don't suck at it there to play with you).

Zapper (like a taser?)

I just found out that the zapper comes out tomorrow and it also comes with a game, Link's Crassbow Training. Nintendo is back to it's old tricks again. Making a new product and then putting in a free game (or the other way around) and BOOM! they have a bestselling game. It's a nice little trick, and this time it is working on me.

Shooters on the wii? Fun? Really?

Okay, I just heard about this new thing, i'm not sure how long it's been out for, or if it's even out yet. It's called the wii zapper. It's a little thing that you lock your wiimote and nunchuck into so that it looks like a gun. It's finally a way to play games like call of duty 3 and metroid prime 3:Corruption without wanting to kill yourself every time your reticle goes off the sreen and your charater is left spinning there like an idiot (i'm not sure how this works on mertroid prime, but i know that it happens frequently in CoD for the wii). If i end up getting this zapper, i may spend more than three minutes playing CoD without getting so frustrated that I just play wii sports (my personal way of getting rid of frustration-by-wii)

Sorry Halo 3...

I picked up my copy of Halo 3 the day it came out late september. It's not the greatest game ever, but definitly in the top 5. Ever year, when fall comes around and all the good shows come back on TV, eighty-nine thousand (or somthing like that) really great games come out all at the same time and it pisses me off. How the f@$% am i supposed have time to play Halo 3, COD 4, Assasin's Creed, Super Mario Galaxy, Guitar Hero 3, Rock Band, the five Orange Box games, AND Mass Effect. I CAN'T EVEN AFFORD ALL OF THEM! How can a kid who spends 75% of the week (not including the time i spend sleeping) in F@#$ing school be able to afford/ have enough time to play more than one or two of these games! I bought Halo 3, so that's down. I have just enough money for Mass Effect and MAYBE Super Mario Galaxy (finally a chance to use that white thing gathering dust on top of my TV). I'm going to get Rock Band for christmas. That only three, maybe four of the seven games that i wanted to buy. BUT, i know how to solve the problems that i and certanly many other jobless teenagers have been having. All these game developers are trying hard to meet the "holiday (christmas) deadline". I have two, very simple solutions.

1)Christmas three times a year! then developers could choose three different dates to get games out by instead of just one!

2) Make Easter (sometime in spring), Fourth of July (July fourth, duh), AND christmas (December 25) all gift giving holidays.

In both of these solutions, game developers wouldent feel rushed to set one season for gift giving. I'm a f@#$ing GENUS! or is it jenus...genuis...jenius...not, it's genius..ya that's right (skims throgh J and G section of dictionary) ya, i'm right

GENUIS [jeen-yuhs]-(1) An exeptional natural capacity of intalect. (2) A person with such capacit. (3) A person with an extrodinarily high phycological test rating; and IQ above 140. (4) a strong inclination (5) [slang] an insult meaning one who thinks himself smart, but in actuality, is not very f@$%ing bright at all; a moron

You can't remember where we parked? Nice job Genius

synonyms- Einstein, jackass

Derived from the latin word Genius... wow, i guess the guy who created english wasn't a genius after all. Nice job GENIUS! You copied latin.

It is now a known fact that (and don't dispute me... Patton Oswald read this in national geographic) the man who created English was NOT a genius but in fact a freak that lived in a cave. The freak in a cave also got high on 'shrooms,m and that's why the language is so f@#$ed up.

The return of a... terrorist?

Bomberman live has come to the XLM, and more importantly, to my hard drive. With online play, costumes, and explosions, bomberman is back and better than ever. I remember being better on the Turbo GraphX. Whater, i think i'm just out of practice...

Even Better Than I Remembered

Today, for the first time in years, I played the campaign for Halo: Combat Evolved. It was so much fun that I played through (i think) over half of the game. I felt so good after playing it, it compelled me to write a review. Now that i think about it, i still shouldn't have given it a perfect score, but a large part of me still deosn't wast to change it.


F@#$! My mom thought it would be a good idea if she signed me up to play golf FORE (haha, get it) hour a day for fore *ahem, i mean four days this week to "get me out of the house", something that i do often and regularly, especially in the summer. WHO PLAYS GOLF ANYWAY!? I don't mean any offense to the people who really do enjoy golf, but i think that it is one of the most boring sports of all time. The crazy thing is, my mom knew that I hated golf and she still signed me up! you know what I say to that...


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