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Vacation and it's raining

Spending the week down in Florida with the parents. First vacation since last November so I've been looking forward to it. Unfortunately mother nature has decided it must rain for the next few days. No worries, I am currently sitting on the deck listening to the waves crash in and enjoying a cold beer and a shot of my fav whiskey... It's nice and relaxing. Those that can sit back and enjoy life please do so, it's enjoyable!

RIP Steve Jobs

I sent the following to Apple directly using the e-mail Apple said people should use:

It's a very sad day indeed. Words can't describe the loss not only Apple but the entire world has experienced today. No single person has ever influenced an entire industry the way Steve did, and honestly i do not think anyone ever will like he did. I does make me happy to see how Apple has embraced his philosophy and I hope Apple will continue to carry his "vision" for better and even more revolutionary products for the world to enjoy.Rest in peaceThat being said, I'm very aware of the continued "hate" of apple products, but one can't deny the contributions Steve Jobs laid forth in the industry.All death expected and unexpected is tragic, those that change the world may be a tad more tragic, but thats just me.I've been an avid user of apple products for almost a decade, god speed Steve your contributions will never be forgotten.

I give up on PC games

So steam has a sale going on and i picked up "From Dust" for $14. Good deal and all. Usually i try to get a demo first to make sure it works on my PC, but it didn't seem to intensive so i went ahead and got it. Well, I can't get past the rating screen before it crashes. Doing some research it seems there is some minor thing on my PC that doesn't meet "spec" at least that's what it looks like.

Honestly I'm tired of trying to keep up with the requirements of PC games and what they need to play and look good these days. Money is on the tight side so since my 360 RROD last year I've tried to deal with gaming on my PC with WoW and steam games but I'm done. I still dabble in WoW and i have a handful of steam games that work. Started playing Portal and it's a time killer. Re-loaded Warhammer and it's fun.

Time to put a 360 on layaway and get back into console gaming

Overheard in the newsroom

Copy Editor: "I'm going to have to break the rules on this page." Reporter: "So if you're a copy editor who breaks the rules, does that make you a rebel without a clause?"

Har Har...

Well at least I found it funny :P

GameSpot for iPad

As far as i can see it came out a few days ago, but now you can browse GameSpot's video reviews and a bunch more on your iPad:

Clicky Clicky, me liky GameSpot Appy

Loving it so far, very smooth interface, and adding the touch perspective makes it a lot of fun to use. No forum support or actual user log in so far but still if you own an iPad, it's free so do it, so it now!


Crazy fun on the iPad, just finished the tour mode and I have most of it down... really sucked at the drums so I'll have to go back and practice on that. Expert mode is hella hard, but the touch interface on the iPad really shines through for this game!

More WoW fun!!

Well shocker, still playing WoW :P I have leveled 3 85's and I decided to work on a long lost level 30 Mage. I have to say it's been loads of fun, already have him up to level 41, and in 1,000 Needles. All i can say with the revamp with Cat this whole area is completely changed and man so much fun to play!!

Angry Birds Rio, lots of fun!

Short post, Angry Birds Rio came out last week, awesome game, really nice graphics... way easier if you ask me. Finished the levels already, and now I wait until I think May for the next downloard... that kinda sucks, but it was a lot of fun playing.

Also playingSword & Sworcery for the iPad, this game rocks beyond description!!! only 35% into the game but loving it!