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it two months but i finally did it got past the level 20 glitch are there any other glitches i need to watch out for?

im going on away on tour for 3 weeks

yes thats right im going away tomorrow :cry: with my school to play rugby in singapore brisbane cairns sydney fiji and i will be back on the 9th of august, if i can i will post pictures when i get back and i will still try to use gs at internet cafes

soo wish me luck

one more thing if there are any BIG stories or BIG reviews or flops please post them in my blog so i can keep up to date that would be a great help and if you do that i will be very thankfull and i will return the favour when you go on holiday

thanks cya gs and gs members im going to miss you all

World cup finals (place BETS here)

so as you may know the group stages are finish and the knockout rounds are starting to begin and this is where the good football starts.

so lets have some fun and bet in my blog who do you think will be in the final and what the score will be

i think it will be

italy vs Brazil and the score will be 3-2 to Brazil

have fun betting