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Profile Theme : Half life

I decided to change a kind of theme of my Profile . I made a new Banner , Signature and a new Blog Header which I might upload but since this is my first theme , I will decide on putting which theme after my next design . Though I have put the banner up but temporarily !

Well here they are :




Due to the Banner's full view not available , use the link to see it completely : Banner URL

If you have any suggestions or comments about this theme or about my next theme , let me know :) !

My Birthday !!

What Can I say ? SORRY ? Thats cause my birthday was on 13th October and I am posting the blog on 14th October so thats my mistake and my laziness ... !! So sorry for that !
By the way , where's my gift ? No Comments Allowed until I get my gift ... :P
First, you can start by giving off my gift and I will give your cake but you have to do it first ..... ! :P:D

Well , I enjoyed my birthday , got gifts and had fun :) .
Take cares and once again sorry for the late post ....

STILL , I need my gift ! :P

Atlast !!!

Atlast !!!

Listening : Rihanna feat Jay-Z - Umbrella
Reading : Oh please , I am sick of reading !
Watching : My Moniter :P

Oh My God ! FINALLY I get to be Level 20 .... No longer in Teen-Series :P . But now the only problem is that its gotten EVEN slower :evil:
Though days are moving fast (I dont know how :P) and so is school but there is a big tension on my head which is that my Monthly Tests are coming soon , maybe the week after the next week will be the Big Days .
I am not designing much in these days , i have been paying attention on customizing my Desktop though I have no screenshots yet , I might upload in my next blog or something .

Though I have created by Website and it took me 3 Months , the Link : CLICK ME
It has a guestbook so write something good for me :D:P !

Stinkin' test

I have got a test of Science and the worst part is that its topic is : Biology and the worser part of all these is that its Plants and Stem related AND I stink at all this .... Though I prepared the test but not perfectly cause I didnt get a chance to be free cause , you know Weekends ....

So , I have : 9 Hours , 20 mins and 36.89 seconds left for my big time :( because this is not a normal test , its a lengthy test ...


Cause I need it ...

*I will update this blog when I come from school ...

Sister's Wedding

I AM FREE .!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!

My sister got married , thats the good thing .... Now the bad thing , I got cuts in my legs for walking too much and thats cause I had to do a lot of work .... Now, its time to suffer :( .... Though I got my prize atleast , FREE GAMES :D:D
Anyways , the wedding went great and cool and I enjoyed a lot ...

SEE YA ! :)

Designing more than enough !!!

I have been away from Photoshop for 3 months and i thought that its time to come back into business so I created a lot of signatures and one banner which is up ...


If you have any comments about these , please type as I am starving and if you have any suggestions , tell me about them too as I am always ready to improve ....


Watching : Tom & Jerry

Listening : Michael Jackson - Billie Jeans

I am back !!

Thats right .....

I am back with a sack (of games)
I am gonna put 'em on a rack
Cause boy , I am back

:P :P :P

I went on holidays and I was Complete busy . I was unable to design signatures and stuff , I wanna unable to open GameSpot and I was totally missing GS ....
First of all , Let me tell you guys that I bought a lot of games this time....

Crime Life : Gang Wars
Burnout Dominator
Spider Man 3 : The Game
SmackDown vs RAW 2007
Driver : Parallel Lines
Need For Speed : Carbon

I didnt even check the ratings of these games before I was gonna buy but I just had a passion to try out these games and these games turned out quite cool ...

Enough game talk , I have a lot of work to do :P .... But before I go , I wanna show you guys a little experiment of myne that turned out pretty damn good :) .

Listening To :

Hilary Duff - Stranger
James Blunt - 1973

Watching :

Nacho Libre


Why do they really want us to do it !

EXAMS ! DAMN ! HARD ! FRUSTRATING ! But still , a little FUN ! I am now giving my Final Exams and then I have MEGA Holidays (3 Months Holidays) !

I have been listening the Old Songs ! The tomorrow's paper is DAMN easy so why not spend some time on the Web .... Here are what I have been listening a few days :
Michael Jackson - Billie Jeans
Linkin Park - Numb (OK , I admit . This one isn't that old !)

Just for one minute , think that you are ALONE , in a park , its night , no one's around and you are YOURSELF singing the songs ... Thats the real way to hear songs ! (Atleast , thats my way)

Oh yeah ! The papers .... As I was saying : Why do they want us to do that .... I was talking about Teachers as "they" and us as "us" :P .... Honestly , we are humans too ... Why cant we just do the written work thats given to us every day and go to another grade... Is that too hard *Gets Angry* !

Meh , forget it ... Who's gonna change the rule anyways!!

As about GameSpot , its now Boring ... I just usually come here for cheats for games and FAQS etc !! No Profile or Union reasons cause there's NOTHING new .... What the heck man ? Anyways , even if there's an easy paper tomorrow , I still gotta study !

What ???

I cant believe this .... I was Level 18 three days before and I am Level 19 now .... That was quick .... And I also got a new Emblem for finishing the Scaventor game though I don't remember when I finished it but who cares :P ....

By the way , I have created an account on DeviantART , you can go to my account by clicking here ....

OH and by the way , My final terms are now starting from 13th of MAY so NO INTERNET and NO ACTIVITY on GS .... Remember that I will NOT send you any reply if you sent me any message until 31st of May

Level 18 - Flicky

Oh yeah , finally that thing MOVED ......I am sick of this level thing ...The union levels are stuck --- The profile level moves slowly ...I recommend to END this level thing ...Though I am not the chairman of CNET :P

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