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i'm a bit disapointed with nintendo but i still think the wii as more potencial than the ps3/xbox 360

Because next gen does not mean the same old bull but with coller graphics

next gen is about new gaming genders, new concepts to change the way you play and experience the game.

there is just too much hype about the graphics every next gen there is always a war to see which console is the more powerfull

and as the best graphics. But to me graphics are important of course but when a new games appear with killervisuals they loose

their appeal after some years. and i think that 3d games are the games thathave aged worse because everygame is the same

just the visual is better that happens with first person shooters for example: why would you want to play quake, or doom when

you have the lastest fpss. on the other hhand the 2d era aged really well because the developers were more concerned about creating a good gaming expereance.and there is also another problem:

the system is never used to its full potencial cuz they are to busy with the graphics

in this gen i expect games to be more realistic but not just in graphics but in the game concept in the attention to detail

but the wii had the opportunity to create classics for generations to come

but instead it is just making casual game sfor casual gamers

and every generation i feel like something is missing

every generation i feel that it could be done more and better