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Max Payne 3 Hype Train

I am really looking forward to this game! I feel like its the game that will bring me back to MP gaming. The last MP game I played a lot was Team Fortess 2 and left4 dead 1 and 2. I am more of a singleplayer gamer but am really exited for this beast to come out. I recently saw the trophy list and the game looks like a easy platnuim besides a few minor hard collecting things (HATE THAT STUFF) I'm on a quest.

Just Got A 3ds!!

So I just picked up a red 3ds with Resident Evil Revalations...and so far I am very impressed with the system. The graphics are just draw dropping! I can't wait to see the future of this handheld! Sorry about the delay in the 1943 review it has kinda falling in the infamous back log of my nes games.

Future 1943 NES reveiw on the way!!!

So I just picked up a nes game 1943 for the nes for about $8 which I think was a good deal since I do not have to pay for shipping. I will have a review up soon once I beat the game and so far the game is awesome!!! Review will be up soon.

The Future of retro gaming...

Well today I thought I might adress a topic I have been concered about for a couple days...whats going to happen to video gaming when all the gamers that grew up with atari,nes,sega are either dead or close to deaths door. This problem has been a issue for me for a few days and I must state my thoughts for it to fully get off my chest. Most the people that play Retro games either play them for the nostalgia or play them just to play them.

When we are all well into our 80's and 90's what will happen to all these games that have lit the torch for gaming...Will they be forgotten and just thought of as bad graphics while everyone plays the newest gen system or will people respect them for what they are and continue playing the games that shaped gaming. Sadly I feel for the worse. Already kids do not seem to even know what a nes or atari 2600! When my cuz comes over to play video games (he is 12) I once showed him my nes. We started up some good ole castlevania and he said he hated it! I asked why..."THE GRAPHICS SUCK!" Then he got up turned on the xbox and started playing BF3...This really concerns me...if already his generation is casting out retro games imagine what next generations feel retro games. I know there is some exeptions to kids that play retro games but that is not the point I am trying to show. Retro gaming takes up about40-70%of my gaming depending on what games have come out...that is a lot considering last month I had over 150 hours played on my xbox (Do not troll saying no life...I am indeed alive) so that is a huge amount of time played on retro games so don't think I love retro games I play them a ton!

So I thought I might just share that with the few people that read my crappy blogs:P

Soapman72 out!

Games I am looking forward to in 2012 and Gamng update.

While the smoke and destruction from the 2011 games start to clear away I am starting to focus on more intersting things...2012 games. So I thought I might take a moment to share with you the games I am saving money towards.

Max Payne 3= I am really looking forward to some good ole max payne action. Being a fan of the past titles I can not wait to see the way Rockstar can make Max Payne a house hold name again.

Mass Effect 3= I was not super happy with the first game but I am really enjoying the second one.

Bishock Infinite= I am really exited for this game beacause being a super huge fan of my first adventure into Rapture I can not wait to have some new adventures bioshock infinite.

Twisted Metal= This game seems to be just what I need! Some over the top action in cars! Me and my friend are planning to play the heck out of this game.

Gta5= I know it proably will not come out this year but hey! I can have some hopes!

Well those are the games I am mostly looking foward to. I know there is a ton of other ones but I decided to keep my list short and sweet.

So I might as well update you in my gaming life. I am close to my 30,000 gamer score which I know is not much but is still something to be proud of. I am trying to get a high score for pinball FX on the Captin America board and so far and getting pretty darn close to a really good score. I just need to practice more.

Games I am playing

Xbox 360= Saints row 3, Pinball Fx, Apples to apples (LOL), BF3, Skyrim, AC Revelations.

PS3= Uncharted 3, Killzone 3, Marvel Vs Capcom 3

Wii= New Super Mario, Super mario bros galaxy 2

PC= TF2, Counter Strike Source, Day of deafet Source

NES= Mega Man, Super Mario Bros 1 and 3, Castlevania, Punch out

SNES= Super star wars

Xbox= KOTOR, Halo 2, Republic commando

PS2= Battlefront

DS= Scribblenaughts, Super Mario

3ds= Mario Kart, Lego star wars 3, sims 3

My Christmas list!

So I am getting on my holiday cheer by... what else would I be doing, PLAYING VIDEO GAMES!!!! I have been mostly beenplaying MW3 but about 1 hour into gameplay I usally get mad and rage and I play some good ole Halo 3 or Toy soliders cold war and the first game and them maybe some Batman Arkam City. But I am getting really exited for my christmas list!!! So I thought I should just share to you guys what are the main things on my list.

. Battlefield 3= I can not wait to jump into some MP that actually makes sense!

. Assassin Creed Revaltions= I have been loving the AC series since the first one and can not wait intill the next insallment.

. Uncharted 3= I have both a xbox and a PS3 and one of the reasons why I bought a PS3 was for uncharted series and I can not wait to get my hands on this baby!

. Skyrim= Loved the fallout series and I was not a huge fan of oblivion ( SORRY) but I have played skyrim for a few hours and really liked it!

. Batman The animated Series Vol 1 and 2= I love the series and only see them on some TV channels once and awhile and thought it would be nice to see some more BATMAN!

. NES Game and SNES games= just trying to get my large collection even larger!

. KSC GLock 18c= so I no one knew I play a lot of airsoft in my local airsoft field and I am asking from my mom for this babe! It runs on gas and hurts like a B#### and the RPM is pretty good... not as good as the KWA NS2 Mac 11 but still pretty good!

And some proably some clothes... but whats on your guys Christmas ( OR Hoilday ) list!Leave your top 5 in the comments bellow!!! PEACE OUT and enjoy gaming!!!


The Verdict of Gears of War 3

Ok so I picked up gears of war today and started to play all night. I am like a little bit into the single player and level 11 in MP. I have played for like 5 hours. So here is what I have to say... It kicks ass. Really if you want a bang for your buck this is your type of game. The reason why I LOVED Halo Reach is because of all the things you can do and this game is kinda similar of the amount of stuff you can do, but not as much.

There is a single player which you are able to play with friends which so far I have enjoyed. Yes sure there are some cheezy spots like when you meet prescot on his death bed our when you fall of the bridge but it is action packed and does not seem to drag on.

Then there is Versus mode which is the multiplayer. I myself am very good at it, but at first it was really difficult to get use to but in the multiplayer you willl find a very nice amount of gameplay and great fun.

But here are the man reasons I bought the game... Horde. I game mode when you fend of 50 waves of locust trying to finish you and your friends. I love it and they added a lot more things... It is really 2.0 because you can make barracads and turrets and much more. Then there is beast mode when you get to play as the locust. There are so many locust you can be it is soooo FUN! But for some reason it is only 12 waves WTF!? I think horde and Beast should be unlimited so you can never beat it! But in the end this is my favorite Xbox 360 exculsive in awhile. There is much to do and so much fun to be had! if you have a xbox then buy this game. If you have a PS3 then but a xbox it's just that good! Oh by the way I have a PS3 now and I am loving it! I give Gears of War 3 a 9.4 out of 10. PS I am not a fan boy!

Why Some People On GS are annoying Part 1

Well its been a long week because of " AWSOME " weather so i have been doing nothing but going on GS and playing XBox and I have noticed the most annoying things about some people on GS. Not trying to troll just putting my oppinion out

1. Acting older then they really are

So yes there are people on here that are 12 but I am talking about the 14 year olds trying to be really intelligant with there posts like I really think that what you did was really inappropiote. Its like come on you would do the samething.

2. Trying to act creative

Some people I just read there blog and I just want to vomit with disgust its like I do not care if you paint I want to read about video games not your half ass painting.

3. Being really nit picky

Some people critices the smallest things. Like me and my spelling. I do not have time to spell check b;saeuc htbrer is dgnaldsgn no adsnNedd ato.

Part 2 will be coming out soon so here is something to laugh your ass off

Me at the beach

My Reveiw of LA Noire. Please Read

Since you can't comment on reveiws I decided to do it on my blog please comment of what you think.

Excuse the Spelling errors.

Soapman72 gives it a.... 9.1/10


You are a cop in LA in the 1940's


You name is Cole Phelpes and you are A WW2 vet that has a pretty sketchy past. You decided to join the LA police force to fix the wrongs that have happened since the war. You start off as a unifomy as I like to call them and rank up from Traffic, homicide, vice, and Arsion I think thats how you spell it. You also get diffrent partners in each job. I thought they were all diffrent and likeable in there own way. In Homicide your partner is a old timer. he has seen more blood and gore then you can imagine. But he is so worn out that he doesnt even care if he gets the wrong guy he just wants his pay check. While the Vice partner Earl is a man on the edge of being good or evil. These diffrent personailtys help the game be more intersting even though it is full of characters. It is a great story and should keep you entertained for hours.


Some may say this is just GTA 4 in the 40's. Wrong these people are just stupid. Really alot of people say this but it is bassically heavy rain for the PS3 with ****c Rockstar games gameplay. Driving, shoot outs ext. I think it is acctually A nice break from the same old stuff we have seen for the past 5 years. The only downer is that you truefully can not do much besides the story, dispatches, and find colleciballs. I hope the some DLC will fix this problem. but some new additions that since you are a detective you need to investigate, interogate and so on which i found are very fun to do and can really impact the outcome of the case. there is a music option though. The music plays intill you find all the clues which really help casuall gamers. This option can be turned off though if wanted.


I own this game for the 360. It has 3 DVD disks while the PS3 version only has 1 Blueray disk with the same content on it. I do not really understand why they jipped us on xbox but what ever. The Xbox 360 version has some frate rate issues which I am sure is on the PS3 but if have not heard to much though. It is not so bad that it is irratating but you can tell its there.the graphic are similar to Red Dead Redemtion but they are more polished and seem cleaner with nice touches. Also they added some face tool they used to make the game, so it is real life gesturessuch as the rolling of the eyes and so forth, it is truelly amazing to see how video game technology is evolving. the music in the game is amazing, it turns on perfectly in a action sequence and really adds a cool effect. the ingame sound is great too. The sound of walking up the stairs just tickel my ear with the realsim.


This is not GTA in the 40's. If you want this game to kill random Dames then will play mafia 2. This game is diffrent from the rest and is a great game to play and will last you around 25+ hours. Just a great game you will love it trust me.

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