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All Things PlayStation Union

Hi all!! I just wanted to announce that i have begun to start a Union. It will be a place to talk about all PlayStation systems (PS1, PS2, PSP, PS3) and their games. Even if you don't own any of these systems, i will still be posting information about multiplat games. I also want to thank anyone who joins and makes this Union possible, i will try to be as good a leader as possible. ;)

1000th Post!!!

Yay!! It took a while to get there but i finally made it!! I estimate post 2000 sometime in October, maybe sooner. So hows your post count going?

Got a new game!!

I picked up GRAW 2 yesterday!!! On friday i'll be getting Lair unless Gamestop (+numerous other sources) have gotten the date wrong. So what did you/are you gonna pick up recently? :)

Oh my!!

I just realized that this past June was a marker of my second year on GameSpot!! It doesn't seem that long ago that i signed up. Guess that makes me sort of a GameSpot veteran. How about you, how long have you been a member? :)

Heavenly Sword or Lair??

I am torn whether i should get heavenly sword or lair on september 4th. :? I will probably go with Lair and eventually get HS. :D Which one will you be getting?? :)