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M.G.S the best game ever?

I think its an honor and a great pleasure to have a game like this,i never seen sutch quality in a game,this isa veryrealistic game in many aspects and funny too,so you have all in this game,graficallyamazing in every platform until ps3 and have´s a great history if that´s not enought it have´s superb gameplay i guess it´s other world game even if you don´t like the genre if your a player you will like it no doubt...


i people i just wanted to now if you end 1 and 2 in god and titan modes because i just finished the 1st in14hrs in god mode and im in the last part of the 2nd can you make it?and in witch dificulties have you finished them and how much time each one?

LoZ:The Wind Waker is giving me a headache!!!

in the game im going in the partthat wontstop raining and i need the power of ice to froze the lava in that fire montain but were is that island and what is called i go around and around and can´t find it & don´t have time to search so need it fast...