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I'm no good at rating a game with numbers

I quickly looked at my recent ratings and saw they were all pretty high. I could talk to you in person about games and you would understand what i feel about a game. However ask me to number it i would probably give it a high rating because i'm some kind of freak. A freak with a big heart

Fromdust is the game i was waiting for.

After playing around with the track creator in modnation racers when i wished there was a game just for that. and now we have it. Set for release in March 2011. I am more excited for that game than gt5. Which is not to say that im not excited for that either.

Beyond Good and Evil 2, last guardian and Half Life 2 episode 3

well this isn't going to be the biggest blog but my guesses about where the mentioned games are right now. They are hard at work making the game the best it can be. And if you're wondering "what a great opinion sneasel but why wouldn't they show the slightest bit of a trailer?" WEll the answer is that they're too busy working on the game or maybe the most kickass trailer ever. Whatever it is those games are pure gold and they're taking their time with it. Just like gran turismo 5 which i am excited for.

Top 25 games at e3

i say i look forward to

25.Uncharted 3 (wasn't shown but i read rumors and some ads and i'm excited)

24.Mortal Kombat

23.Epic Mickey

22..Donkey Kong Country Returns

21.Assasins Creed:Brotherhood

20.Socom 4

19.Crysis 2

18.I am Alive*

17.Dead Space 2

16.Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

15.MetroidOther M


13.Child Of Eden*

12.Call Of Duty: Black Ops*

11.Motorstorm: Apocalypse*


9.Driver: San Francisco*

8.Halo Reach

7.Portal 2*

6.Medal Of Honor*

5.Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit*

4.Twisted Metal*

3.The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword*

2.Killzone 3*

1.Gran turismo 5*

frankly all the games with stars i plan to buy. Tell me what u think have i forgotten games? show me ur list of top games.

Gimme Your Ps3 IDS NOOOOW!!!

im getting a ps3 this summer (after I start saving) so i just wanted to know if you'll add me. REMEMBER i don't have a ps3 now but i will, soon hopefully and don't be surprsed when i get a ps3 and i'm nothing like what u imagined me to be like. I'm a 15 year old asian who knows a lot about video games and cares about the industry and stuff. Wait. I'm asianish. I'm not like fresh off the boat asian. More like Asian raised in Montreal. Well you'll find out when u find out.