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Not On As Much

So lately I have hardly been on gs at all and it might stay that way until after next week. i have had lots of tests recently because its the end of the year and finals are next week. also my graduation is next week which should be cool. so im sorry that ive missed a lot of your blogs.

Gitaroo Man

So I haven't blogged in quite awhile so I just decided to make a blog about reaching level 19 which is a Gitaroo Man. Yeah that's pretty much it and did anybody do anything special for mother's day?

Iron Man

So I went and saw it today and it was good but it wasn't great. I liked it but I thought it could have been better. It was pretty cool though.

Sharks Win Again

Sharks won again tonight in ot so now they are just down by one game! I am hoping they can pull off another win on Sunday so again wish them luck.

Going To Game 5

So the sharks haven't been doing to well against the stars in the 2nd round but they managed to pull off a win tonight so they are now going to game 5. before tonights game they were down 3 games to none but they should have won game 3 but because of an early whistle a goal didnt count which cost the sharks the game. now all the sharks have to do is win 3 straight games. wish them luck.

My Trip

As most of you probably already know, this last week I was gone on a school trip. We went to New York City and Boston. Well we actually went to a lot more places but those are the two major cities.

First we went to New York City which was awesome. It was actually my second time being there and it was cool seeing things again which I hadn't seen in about two years. During the first day we were there we visited the Empire State Building and Ground Zero. Again we actually went to many more places but these two were the ones that stick out to me. Being 86 stories up on the Empire State Building was incredible. It was an amazing veiw of New York and it was just cool to be up that high. After that we visited Ground Zero which was very sad. It was sad to see the full destruction of what really happened on 9/11. On the second day we were in New York we visited Ellis Island and Liberty Island. Ellis Island was cool to see what people had to go through just to get to America. Liberty Island was also very cool. It was a little disappointing just because we were supposed to get a tour inside but the ferry that was supposed to take us broke down so we were late and ended up missing it. That wasn't so bad because we still got to go and walk around the island which was still very cool.

After we were done seeing New York City we went to a place called Sturbridge Village. That was very interesting because it was supposed to show how life was back in the old days (i'm not quite sure of the years). The cool thing about it though was that the people who worked there acted as if they lived in that time period so they didn't know anything about resent things such as cameras and cell phones and things like that. It was very interesting.

After that we headed to Boston. There we visited Bunker Hill. At Bunker Hill is the Bunker Hill Monument that looks like the Washington Monument but its about half the size. So I got to go to the very top but to do so I went up the stairs which was very tiring because there is 294 steps in all! Also in Boston we visited the U.S.S. Constitution which is a naval boat that is over 200 years old and it is still being used to this day. We also went to a place in Boston that was like Sturbridge Village called Plimoth Plantation. They did the same thing there as in they acted as if they lived in the 1600's.

The trip was very enjoyable and we did a lot more things then I mentioned but these were the highlights of the trip for me. Overall it was a great trip.

Got Myself A Jersey

Just to let everyone know that the Sharks won game 7 last night so they are in the 2nd round and they will be facing the Stars. Also I got a Joe Thornton jersey and I love it. Oh and tomorrow I will have a blog up about my trip.

I'm Back

I am back from my trip to New York and Boston and I am really tired. I will make a blog sometime this week about the trip but right now im just to tired to do it. But i just wanted everyone to know that it was a great trip and that i am back.

I'm Leaving

No i'm not leaving gs but i am leaving for 1 week. i am going to new york and boston for a week with my school so i wont be on. i am leaving tomorrow and i wont be back until the 20th. ill probably be able to come on tomorrow before i leave but i just want to say goodbye for now.