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Generally there are very high expectations of FF games. I'm a person that is all about the graphics, visuals, and battle system. I enjoy playing the fast clutch style of COD so a fast paced battle system present in Lightning returns was very fun. Oh wait not only is the battle system awesome, you can customize her armor and weapons and switch between them in battle. I didn't really mind the lack of character development, plot,etc that everyone else and the reviewers seem to be complaining about. Still.. If i was reading the story of ff13-3 as a novel, yeah I would be damn disappointed. Square enix really didnt have the time to make the game better, because ff13-3 was suppose to be the last game for the 360/ps3 era (the next gen came out 3-4 months ago which is about the same time ff13-3 arrived in japan). If only ff13-3 was made for the xbox1/ps4.. one could only imagine how the extra time/devotion/motivation from the creators would make the game that much better

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Its the style of the game that you don't like. I played a lot of the FF titles, but I haven't really touched any console or RPG game for about 2 years so when I picked up Lightning returns, I really liked it. Coming from a person that plays league of legends for the past 2 years, seeing console graphics, rpg customization, and some** story was pretty cool.

I think the time limit thing is interesting, alittle too hardcore especially when you play on higher difficulty. If I never checked online for reviews and only judged the game from my handson experience, I would say it is a solid game. But since I read the common reviews, maybe it wasn't the best now that people are telling me where to look but still for a fresh console player the game was good. the end

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i know this was 7 days ago. but i recently got the game. I added your FC.

Mine is : 3582-9630-1722 . my safari is lame, but its bug : butterfree, volbeat, don't know 3rd yet.

thanks man!

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Sup fellow pokemon players!

My only goal is to stack up my FC friend safari!

My friend safari is Bug with butterfree, volbeat, and third is unknown right now.

FC: 3582-9630-1722.

Add me, leave comment, and I will add you back within the hour! I will also update this post for when my Friends list is full.

thanks all!