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# 97 - Closer

I'm still enjoying Okami after 20 hours. When I thought it would end it just got more awesome. This could be my favourite Wii-game, depending on the length.

# 96 - Okami

Okami for wii is awesome - it seems to be long and lasting too :)

I'm closing in on the 100th post. It's gonna be my last though.

# 95 - Long time no seen, GS blog

I got the orange box about two weeks ago. I'm surprised at how superior TF2 is to the other games in the box. I'm currently getting some mods for Portal, I hope they will sprinkle some life into the game after my 3 completions.

Anyone than hasn't completed Crysis on Delta difficulty should try it out. Much more fun! Boxing dead chickens is also a lot of fun (in Crysis, of course).

# 94 - Holidays

Time for December and it's derivatives once again. I think I got control over all the gifts 'n' stuff so it's gonna be kewl for me. And there won't be any school for 3 weeks which is totally awesome.

And now a special games report: I completed dead space, I'd probably give that game an 8.5 at most, it's a great addition to the horror genre. I gave up on AC because the end was so s***y and (for me) way too hard. The game was pretty repetitive but it had a stable plot-start for  the trilogy: 7.5

I'm still playing F3. I made an evil female character that now completes missions the bad way - still loads fun! I'm also a bit into Fallout 2.

Oh yes

Assassin's Creed and Dead Space. Two more awesome games to finish. 8)

Hi ho!

Still playing fallout 3, got it working much better now with a certain fix. It's a real shame there's no white house to visit(crater).


I cleaned up some games on the HD. finished Bioshock again and erased it, got tired of Far Cry 2 (dull driving) and threw that away too. Mass Effect will be saved for another time (I choose a boring class anyway).

However I got my hands on Fallout 3. Awesome game! But it crashes a lot - randomly. I'm lucky if I get to play more than an hour in one sitting. Bethesda have to patch this game up because it's very enjoyable and better than Oblivion?

I recently saw the newest Futurama movie "Bender's Game" It was pretty much what I expected: a great and funny movie! Don't miss that one!

Treasure Chest

I got Warhead working yesterday, but I'm going to complete bioshock again before playing it more. I completed Metroid Prime 3 today. Fantastic game! I hope the wiimakes of MP1 and MP2 will be worth getting.

I'm really tempted to do a sequence break in MP1. Never tried it out, but it will be hard because I have to do it the Player's Choice way. Just added a couple of reviews. I'll probably only give the wii games proper reviews from now on.