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One of the best shows ever!!!

I just finished watching a show called Ouran High School Host Club and it was awesome!!! It is probably one of the best shows I have ever watched. Anyways, I just thought I would recommend this show to all of you ppl out there!!!

Poor Sasuke

Look at this awesome pic of Sasuke:


It is so true though.  He is always so depressed and only concerned about himself.  I mean, I can understand Sasuke somewhat but some of the decisions he makes are so dumb and conceited.  Well, thats my opinion anyway.

friend codes

These are my current friend codes for the DS games I have. PM me so I can have yours!

MPH:3737-2990-2232 MKDS:2405-7769-8959 CPOR:3694-5482-6906 AC:WW:2921-2037-1007 FF3:0859-8766-7212

Jump! Ultimate Stars

I want to get Jump! Ultimate Stars really bad!!!!!!!!!  Sadly, I don't have enough money to import it yet...anyways, I'm gonna import it as soon as I have enought money

The Beginning...

Well, I was born in Mississippi, raised in Pennsylvania, and now live in Virginia.  An exciting life eh???  I now play CS:S now and have started a clan called the Back Door Bandits.  Thats all I feel like putting now...oh...and I have a Wii!!!!!!!!!!!!!