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Slinky's Blog About myself. Ranting and Raving

This is my first blog. Ill start with an introduction.

I have been a"Video Game Junkie" (wife's nickname) for life. The first game I beat was Super Mario Bros in like 86". I was five. My first RPG mastery was The Legend of Zelda back in 87-88. Then all RPG's became a necessity. Since then the list is too long to say. Not really into MMORPG's while I have played some, I am more of a lone wolf, mostly cause being with MMO's, you get a bunch of whiny people, and if you don't do it their way, then you hear it for hours about this isn't the right way and you should do it this way or why did you pick that up thats supposed to be mine, blah, blah, blah, blah. You get what I'm saying, plus I sit at a computer all day, Id rather chill on my couch than sit at in a chair for hours on end. So all in all, I guess really I just dontcare for PC games. I'm too cheap to get Xbox live. Well thats about as deep as it gets about myself, just an old school gamer.

Now about some new games. Halo 3 kicks arse. Best game to date for 360. Yes I am a 360 fan. I haven't given the PS3 a chance yet, because of multiple reasons, but the biggest is the titles. None for right now stick out and scream ohh I got to have it. I have a WII but i more use it for when nephews and nieces come over. Always fun. Ranting again. I'm looking forward to Assassin's Creed, but with the holidays and family and work, been a little busy, plus I cant put down Halo. I do want to ask myself a question, and all readers to ask themselves a question. What was the last game that came out that changed your outlook on games, a game that so totally engrossed you, that it raised the bar. Honestly its been too long. The first Halo was one of those titles, but I don't know about you and maybe I am too picky, but I'm ready for a game to raise the bar, to make us demand the highest quality. To change the way we look at games. There are some sweet games out, but its the same thing with a different story. So anybody out there, please give me a game that makes me long for more. A new story, new game play. Something fresh, something to change, something to demand a higher standard.

Well thats all for now.

Slinky Signing Out