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Own forum setup

Set Up my own Yu-Gi-Oh! forum at the start of March, and only have 10 members so far =(

Need more ppl to join!

Playstation 2 & Gameboy Advanced

My PS2 still broke, and i cant be bothered fixing/replacing it given that the PS3 is out this year! (YAY *dos happy dance*) Anyway, got Yu-Gi-Oh! GX for GBA - which isnt available in the UK just yet *praise the lord for imports* Anyway, do really well, best duelist in the game, Zane not beat me yet!!

Z Battle Gate

Finished all of the gates this weekend (all 100%) got every character excpet for the ones you have to wish for!!

Z Battle Gate

Just completed all of the Sagas!!! Yeah, Broly and Bojack were very hard to beat - but the got beat on in the end!!! Only missing the characters that you have to wish for - thats my next challenge