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I am about to give you my honest review and opinions on this game. Since I am now 13 yrs old, I have not really been able to experience the other three installments of the series. I have the second game and the first game demo, so I am not completely oblivious to what is going on in the game. With that being said, I will now give you my opinions on the game that I have been playing since yesterday. The game is great, in my opinion. It has amazing graphics, and I love how there are huge clumps of zombies scattered across the city that I can go through like they are big sacks of meat. However, I was very very VERY disappointed with how the story started. It is very cliched with Frank having a PTSD nightmare of his horrid past. I do like, however, that you are able to experiment with some of the weapons that you will, later on, use in the game. Capcom did a great job in introducing the exo suit, which I love because it reminds me of power armor from Fallout 4. Something that I feel is more on the levels of being unrealistic, is how fast I was able to level up. When I got into an exo suit, I found an army modification to the armor that allowed me to fired bullets from a cannon attached to the top of the suit. I was getting huge combos and was killing lots of zombies up to the point where I am now at level 43 and I have only been playing for two days. This is not even giving a challenge to the players, and it is basically allowing new people being introduced into the dead rising franchise to think of the future games being too easy, and not experiencing the difficulty of past dead rising games. The story is so cliched and poor because of how Frank West was brought back for another story, and then oops, another outbreak occurs and Frank has to get in there and be the big man. This was very lazy story writing, and I think that it could have been improving if people were not wanting this game so badly. I mean, whenever you get to the fourth installment of something, whether it is a game or movie franchise, the magic of it slips for many reasons. In this case, the dead rising franchise became dead from poor story writing and terrible developers were given access to the franchise and being able to change stuff about. I really think of deadrising 4 being relatable to how halo 5 turned out. If the developers had actually played the last three installments of the franchise, I think that they would have been able to recreate the magic and make a fun new game. With all of this being said, I give this game a 10/10 and I hope that if a fifth installment is announced that it will do well. Thank you for reading this review and I hope that you will someday get your hour back from reading on about my ramble.