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    Risk of Rain Characters, From a Guy Who Doesn't Know Anything About What Makes a Character Good.

    Risk of Rain is pretty fun. Its sequel is way better, but the 1st one has always been one of my favorites to come back to. I have beaten the game, so don't worry about being legit and all that jazz. W...

  • SkLike wrote a review of Sonic Forces.
    User Rating 2
    Sonic Forces Reviews: Why?

    Overall: 2/10Sonic Forces. Sonic Forces. Why? Why? WHY! Why was this game so bad? Why did they make it so buggy and flawed? Why? So a little background: I bought Sonic Forces right after I beat Sonic...

  • SkLike wrote a review of Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment.
    User Rating 10
    Shovel Knight Specter of Torment Review

    Overall: 10/10This game is amazing. So, let’s get into it.Gameplay: The gameplay of this Specter knight’s camping consists of 3 things. The sliding, the hitting, and the jumping. Let&rsqu...

  • SkLike wrote a review of SUPERHOT.
    User Rating 9

    SUPERHOT ReviewOverall: 9/10Super Hot is a really innovative shooter, I have to agree with the game on that. My main problem being the lack of music. Furthermore, the lack of variety in enemies.The G...

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