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sk8ter_4life Blog

Random things on my mind

Hey guys. It's me. So, I'm really fed up with algebra this year. It's hard. No matter how many times it's explained, I still don't get it! Sheesh, I bet writers don't have to deal with it. lol I'm kidding :P But yeah, so I need to try harder. Besides all that, I had a pretty good day today. I'm planning on getting World of Warcraft. It seems really cool. I just don't want to get hooked on it like some people. Yes, I'm quoting the World of Warcraft addict from youtube. lol. Well, thanks for reading my pointless blog, and I'll post again soon. Later

Some of my favorite games

Hey everybody. In case you guys were wondering what my favorite games are, I'll give you all a list in no particular order. :P

1. GTA: Vice City

2. Need For Speed: Carbon

3. GTA: San Andreas

4. MLB 2009 the show

5. Tony Hawk series

there you go. I'll post another blog, hopefully soon. bye