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The Protector (No, not that one) Writen by me, some time ago......Begining

After seeing some of the offers of literary creation from members of the MGU! I decided to share the begining of a screenplay I started a while ago, it is not yet finished, but there is much more than this done, If yous all likes it, I will post more in the future!

PROLOGUE: Family Beginings.

Fade in: Follow a 1979 Ford Crown Victoria driving through a wooded area on a side road.

SCREEN READS: Greenwich Ct. 1985

The Ford sedan pulls up to a gated estate. The license plate reads U. S. Government.

Inside the sedan a M.P. in his mid twenties sits in the driver seat. A seasoned colonel of about forty sits in the passenger seat smoking a cigarette. The car is darkened, and the light from the burning smoke is the only thing that lights up his face.

The M.P. starts to roll down his window at the gate. The colonel gestures to him that it is not necessary. The gate begins to open.

Follow the car as it drive up the long road leading to the house. The colonel on one side of the car seems comfortable, and at peace with himself. The M.P. on the other shows a hint of fear, and nervousness. Rain begins falling heavy as they get up to the house. This seems to be the only thing that has the colonel a little upset.


F'n rain, it couldn't wait another twenty minutes to open up.

The car rounds the final turn and the estate is shown high and gothic in the rainy evening. Lightening cracks off in the distance briefly illuminating a bit more detailed sight of the imposing house ahead. As the car gets closer the men inside see three people standing outside of the house on a long set of steps. The sight of the people gives the young man in the drivers seat a better idea of the scale size of the mansion. A cold shiver goes through him as he brings the car to a stop at the foot of the stairs.

The colonel gives the M.P. a look of blandness.


Don't assume you brought any rain gear with ya now soldier?


(nervously) Sorry sir I don't.

Now the colonel gives a look of a bit of agitation.


Ahh, what good are ya.

The colonel reached to get out of the car, and that is when the baby starts to cry in the back.


Well I guess we got lucky the little brat didn't start sooner ey boy ha!

The colonel slapped the M.P. on the back with this and gets out of the car. A second after the front door closes the back one opens, and the colonel grabs the baby in his car seat and takes the whole thing out to the people on the stairs.

The M.P. remains in the car watching the colonel talk with the others. He becomes sure that it is a woman who must be the owner, or wife of the house, the others are both men, one seems to carry himself like a servant, so the M.P. assumes he is the butler. The other man looks to be either the husband, or another party all together.

The colonel looks to be arguing with the others, and after a minute, he starts heading back to the car, the M.P. starts to get ready to leave when the colonel opens the back door instead of the front.


(severely agitated) NO NO NO Damnit! You signed on for this, it isn't now, nor was it ever negotiable! And you don't mess with the people I am associated with; I don't care who the hell you think you-

The colonel's sentence is cut off as he closes the door again after getting some papers from the back. The young M.P. is caught thinking about what he said about his "associates" this visually confuses him, but before he can think to deeply about it, the front door opens and the colonel (Now a bit damper) gets into the car brushing himself off.


--And you will NOT even think about doing anything stupid, (a severely cold glare crosses his eyes) it would be a devastating mistake, for a lot of people.

The colonel points his index finger towards the people on the stairs and the closes the door.

As they drive away the colonel turns to the driver


That goes for you to young man, whatever it is you think you saw or heard, you are sourly mistaken, and it would be good to just forget about the whole thing.

The M.P. somehow gets out a confident looking nod to the general, before looking back to the road as they drive away from the estate. The name THEEDON is seen on the gated fence as it closes behind them.


ACT I: So Much For Normalcy.

SCREEN READ: Lakeshore N.Y.

Present day

Open on a small cabin tucked away in the woods by a lake in upstate New York. The sun is just starting to rise above the trees across the lake.

Closing in on the house it is seen to be a ranch, a deck goes around the entire perimeter of it.

Stop alongside the back door, just next to it. A medium size brown package sits on the far side of the door. On the near side the newspaper.

The flimsy screen door opens and a pair of feet walks out with nothing on them, a dark blue robes bottom can be seen just at the top of view. The feet point towards the newspaper, a hand comes down and picks up the paper. The man walks back in the house.

A second later the mans feet appear again, this time pointed at the package. They stay for a second before as if by some unseen force the hands come down again to pick up the package.

Follow the man as he goes into his kitchen, which is actually one large room that includes the living room, and dining area. It is at the table in the dining area that the package is put down. The man walks over to the counter where his morning coffee is brewing. The focus remains on the package in the fore ground, and off to the side the still rolled up newspaper. The top corner of the paper can be read, it has a headline saying: WIDOW OF FAMED GENETICIST DIES IN CAR CRASH. A picture of a woman in her early sixties smiling is at its side.

The man walks back over to the table, now he can be seen from the chest down, his robe is slightly opened, and a t shirt saying TALLIC can be seen, the newspaper still sits unnoticed off on the side, the man stands in front of the box, pondering it. This whole thing seems to be throwing his daily routine out of whack.

After a moment the man opens the box, its contents are spilled across the table knocking the paper off. Inside he finds a video tape, and two envelopes, one legal size, and thick, the other a very small thin envelope. The tape has a sticker on it, that says: VIEW FIRST.

The man walks across the room to the rather modest television set in one corner, dust has gathered on it, giving the impression that it has been a while since the occupant watched any movies.

Slipping the tape in the man sits down, for the first time his face is shown, He is young, his looks say so, but his eyes show a great many more years than they should, he is a handsome man, about the age of twenty six, as the tape comes on, his eyes widen drastically. A look of surprise has invaded his face.

The television screen shows the same woman that was in the paper; only in the video she looks about five years younger.


Hello Mark, I am not sure how or when this will find you, but I know it will, that much I can trust. However unfortunately if this has found you, then I have left this world for another, I do hope it will be a long time from now, but either way I am no more.

MARK THEEDON, sitting on the couch in his robe starts to feel himself slipping.


EXT. Theedon estate the past

Follow as a little boy runs around playing. The view moves to a window and Mrs. Theedon watching the boy inside. Mr. Theedon is in the back round talking.



Mark you have to understand, I wanted more than anything to tell you, tell you the truth. But your father, he knew that if we told you they would take you away. You see you are different than other people.

The scene now shows a boy about twelve years old, sitting in his room reading.



You were such a smart child, whether that was because of our help raising you or not, I don't know. This is so hard to say, Mark your entire life is a lie.

A set of shots are shown showing Mark growing through the years.



Your parents didn't die in a fire, and we did not adopt you. You are part of a covert government project called Arch Angel Six.

The shots of Mark as a happy child are gone. Replaced by shots of doctors and military men involved with experimentation.



Your father, that is your adoptive father, my husband was part of this group. They biologically engineered human beings to be super soldiers, there were two groups of children, those that were activated at conception, and kept in the outfit from birth, given only codenames and guns, never love, always trained, focused completely on their powers, and nothing else. Essentially emotionless.

Shots of the children are shown, about two dozen of them first young, about seven or eight years old. Then ten, then twelve, fifteen. The older they get the more they look like robots rather that children. Killing machines.



The second group was what they liked to call "sleepers" children who were put under the protection of either the doctors, or the military involved. This is what you are Mark. The big difference between you and the "front line" soldiers as they like to call them, is that there is one more treatment that you must go through to activate your powers. A simple injection with the final commands to alter your DNA. This is of course irreversible. I am not telling you what to do; I just cannot lie to you anymore.

Now Mark is seen present day sitting on his couch in his bathrobe, seemingly a different person than the one who sat there minutes ago.

Returning to the television and Martha again she begins to speak.


There's one more thing Mark. I'm sure you remember when your father died.

A flashback shows Martha sitting Mark down, he's about eighteen. She begins to talk



I told you he died in a car accident. That was another lie, god after they killed him I wanted nothing more than to tell you everything, but I couldn't whether it was fear or what I guess it doesn't matter now. The truth is they came for you, and your father wouldn't give you up. They decided they could wait, but to teach us a lesson they killed him to scare me. It didn't end there, about two years later a contact I had developed after James' death told me that they would be coming within a month. I had only one choice.

A series of shots show Mark and Martha fighting, and Martha drinking.



I had to send you away Mark, or they would find you. Well for me that was a week ago, I have no clue when this will get to you.

Mark is now sitting in utter disbelief staring almost through the television set.


Mark I know this is a lot to take in at once, but you must listen. Inside the package that this tape came in there are two envelopes. The large one contains instructions to a series of off shore bank accounts that I have set up for you over the years. There is more than enough money to fund you no matter what you decide to do, but if I know you at all then you will want the second smaller envelope. It contains just a card, on the card is the name and address of one of my contacts, who can assist you in the final injection for your ahem "powers" if you go to him when you meet simply say "Wallace". It is a code that he will understand. Mark I want you to know that while it may not make up for all of this, your father and I loved you with all our hearts. In the end we both gave our lives for our love, I hope that can matter at least a bit. I am truly sorry.

After that Martha is seen getting up and walking towards the camera, then it turns to snow.

Mark remains sitting on the couch for a moment.

Cut to the box still on the table. Mark is in the back round, his back to the box. Suddenly his head turns to the box.

Mark is seen sitting at the kitchen table with the two envelopes in his hands. He puts down the large envelope and opens the small one. Inside just as the tape said is only a card. The name Ian Simmons is written on it, below it says 1413 Vesters way Minneapolis Minn. Mark turns the card around and notices a thumb print in what looks like blood on the back.

Mark puts his head on the table


This can't be true. This can't be true

Mark begins to sob, then stops himself. He looks up at the television the snow still dancing across the screen. His face twists into an almost unnatural rage he stands up and throws the table aside. The second envelope falls to the ground in the corner of the room.

Marks walks over to the television staring out the window the whole time. Picking up the television.



Mark throws the television through the window screaming as he does it. Then he collapses in the corner where it once stood. His eyes cris cross the room until stopping on the second package on the ground. FTB

Updated, off topic, totally "Lost" post season 4 theories:

So, some time ago I wrote about some theories I had about the future of Lost, that's here, now I have watched the end of the fourth season, some of the ideas I had were good, others wrong, but what's next? Where do we go from here? Read on.......

*Oh and once again, I think this is the best show to EVER be on television, and if you have not seen it, don't read this, cause it will ruin the show.......

Locke is dead. Wow, except he isn't. Ben told Jack he had to get everyone back to the island, or none of them could get back, that statement included the "Corpse" of John Locke, AKA Jeremy Bentham. Something is there, something just begging to be seen......I think I know what it is:

John Locke was an English Philosopher, he lived from 1632 to 1704, and "He is widely regarded as one of the most influential Enlightenment thinkers and contributors to liberal theory." "His writings influenced Voltaire and Rousseau, many Scottish Enlgihtenment thinkers, as well as the American Revolutionaries."

"Locke's theory of mind is often cited as the origin for modern conceptions of identity and "the self", figuring prominently in the later works of philosophers such as David Hume." -wikipedia

Now, notice the name at the end of the quote: "David Hume" Desmonds full name is Desmond David Hume......odd isn't it.

Onto Jeremy Bentham: lived from 1748 to 1832, Bentham was an English Jurist, Philosopher, and legal and social reformer. "He was a political radical, and a leading theorist in Anglo-American philosophy of law." -wikipedia

I see a connection to the character in these qoutes, also notice that Locke died some years before Bentham was born, I think this alludes to the idea that Locke was reborn once on the island, and that he actually became Bentham some time before we heard the name, not literally, but if you read about the two real people with these names, you see that one was the begining of the others ideology.

Jacob is the man behind the curtain, but I found something that is kinda neat reguarding Jacob, I obviously like wikipedia, and use it as a resource for much of my infromation, searching "Jacob" is kinda blah, a story about the name, and it's history, as well as information about a character in the bible, searching "Jacob Cabin" gives nothing, when I combined the two words "Jacabin" it also yielded no results, but when I put in "Jacobin" I got something.....very interesting: The Jacobin Club was a political party from 1789-1794 involved in the French Revolution, "The term Jacobins had been popularly applied to all promulgators of extreme revolutionary opinions: For example, "Jacobin Democracy" is synonymous with totalitarian democracy." -wikipedia

Another interesting point I found is that Jeremy Bentham was an outspoken critic of the violence that arose after the Jacobins took power in 1792......

It's a puzzle, but an interpretable puzzle, I see that with the information given above, Locke is going to get the full story on the "Others" next season, and he is not going to agree with it, there will be a fracture of the group, and waring will begin again on the island.

The Others will be the Jacobins, and Locke will become Bentham, where it goes from there, is anyones guess.

Ben is also a intergral piece of the puzzle (obviously) searching "Ben Linus" gives a recount of the character from the show, but searching "Henry Gale" (the name Ben gave to the Oceanic guys and gals when they first found him) gives yet another real world return, Henry Gale lived from 1874 to 1942, he was an astrophysicist and author, he served in the first world war in the United states and France......theres France again, interesting, Gale had a Ph.D in Physics. So Ben is kinda the science to the philosophy.

perhaps I look to far, but then why would they stick all these real world names into the show?

another little thing I just noticed is that the year of death for Locke is 1704, and the year of death of Gale is 1942, those pesky little numbers that have been coming up since the first season are 04, 08, 15, 16, 23, 42. 04 being the first, 42 the last, Locke is the begining, Linus the end. Alpha, and Omega, but what are the rest?

More off topic ramblins "The Dark Tower"

So once upon a time, a great and revered author wrote a series of books based in large on his love of language, and many years later, these books became a contemporary social movement take off point, and a cutural phenomenom, and then even more years later they made a trilogy of movies about them, and a TON of money, and a new generation became enthralled by the books again. Oh and Sean Astin became an actor again. Of course I am talking about "The Lord of The Rings" trilogy, and author J.R.R. Tolkien, a set of books, and an author who have become a household name, arguebly the best work of fiction of the twentieth century, and I am a fan. A big fan, since way back before it was "cool" to know what a Hobbit was, and where Mordor was located, and that Gollum was Smeagol, and a simple ring could have so much power. Have I recieved my medal of geekdom on this subject? Good, cause I'm about to piss off every single person who agrees with every word I have written so far.

LoTR, is an excellent series of books, and became (IMHO) a very good series of movies, but it's not the best, not quite. Another writer, a man who's reasons for writing were a bit different than the great Tolkien. This writer came from modest means, tried and tried before he was published, and pushed the envelope to places most had no idea existed. This writer wrote to squash his own fears (which were many) and to make a living, a man who once lived in a trailer with his wife and (then) two children, who got confirmation of his first novel being published via a telegram, cause his phone had been turned off. This man who went on to become a staple in the lore of Americana, and a horror visionary who has been the inspiration of many young (or old) aspiring writers (myself of course included). His greatest work a span of thirty years in the making, and possibly the work that could de-throne the great age of Middle-Earth, as the best piece of fiction in the second half of the twentieth century. I am of course talking about Stephen King, and his opus work of seven volumes: The Dark Tower.

If you are a fan of fiction, fantasy, and mystery there is no greater a story than that of the Gunslinger of Mid-World Roland Deschain. Who he is, why he is there, and exactly what his goals are, are fluid, and mysterious, what you know and don't know constantly morphs throughout the saga. Allies and enemies, so deeply developed that they become real in the minds eye. A world that once you get into, gets into you. I have personally read and re-read these books three times, (I am currently on my fourth) I do not re-read ANYTHING. That should speak volumes about how deep the expierence of these books are.

I emplore anyone who likes Stephen Kings books to read these, they will satisfy so many questions, although probably not the first time through. If you have no previous expierence with Kings books these are a great place to start, and of course if you are a fan of Lord of the Rings, before you throw the first "virtual" stone, give these a chance. I wirte this now, because recently it has been swirling around the rumor mill that Damon Lindelof and J.J. Abrams (Co-creators of Lost) have optioned the rights for film from Stephen King, (for $19.00 fans of the Dark Tower will get this.) The possiblity has been around for a long time of a film series based on The Dark Tower, while lingering in the abyss of question marks for most of this time, Abrams and Lindelof being connected could mean that in the next few years something may actually happen, and it would be great for people to read the books before the films come out. So I blog.

Completely and utterly off topic: Lost (television show)

So, Lost is found, and all is okay, right? Wrong.

I watch Lost, actually I am completely obsessed with Lost. I never understood how people could become so enthralled by things of fiction, by actors or bands, movies or televsion. I have seen Star Wars, and I love those movies, but I just can't understand how some people have formed a religion around the force, how people spend lots of hard earned money on things like costumes and collectibles from the movies. Please understand I am not making fun of these folks, I just never understood......Until now.

If you my friends do not watch the ABC hit Lost, then most (if not all) of this will be completely "Lost" on you. (Wow I am really using that word alot in here.) If you haven't watched the show, and are possibly going to check it out then read no further, spoilers of the show just far lie ahead, and to know before you know well, that just takes away the wonder of the show.










So time IS a factor, I feel justified in finding that out last week, it is a theory I have had for quite some time, friends of mine who watch the show cried foul at this idea until this season started, and specifically the episode last week (The Constant). Getting at least some form of truth to this idea has opened up my wildly imaginative mind to more speculation as to what lies further down the rabbit hole. So here goes nothing.

To Die is to Die...Or is IT?: Characters both central and supportive have died on this show since it's begining, actually I start with a character who technically was dead before the show even started, Dr. Shepard, no no not that one, his father. Jacks pappie died in Sydney, which of course was the reason that Jack was even on Oceanic 815, yet way back in the first half of the first season we saw the senior Shepard not in a flashback, but ON the island, walking and leading Jack to a source of water which without the survivors may not have. It was accepted at the time that Jack was delusional, and hallucinating his recently lost father, but as I will get to soon, it may have been something completely different.

The Russian: Old one eye seems to have himself on hell of a great immune system, the man has been shot, had his brain pureed and most recently detonated a grenade....right next to himself. Now as of now the Ruskie is dead, or at least presumed dead, but having came back at least one time from the grave, I think he may be heading back to the island before all is said and done.

Charlie: The latest sacrifice to the island, our good friend, and rocker/recovering heroin addict, died while calling to the outside world a true heroic act, and we miss him, cause he's dead, right? Well if Charlies really dead, then someone needs to work on Hurly's meds in the world of now, cause he's hanging out with him. Oh and someone else at the sanitarium saw Charlie, yeah I know it was another nut case, but TWO nutcases having the same delusion...thats odd isn't it?

Now to the theory behind this, and remember kids this is big while it is just a theory, I actually think I have cracked another part of the Lost mystery, read on at your own peril:

Every single character on the show, be it the survivors of Oceanic 815, Desmond, even SOME of the others have had their lives planned out for them by either The Dharma Inicitive, or the core group of the others I.E. Ben, Richard and of course Jacob.....I'll also even throw Mr. Friendly into that group, I know he's dead, but is he dead?

Here's the backround:

Sometime ago, a group of people (who would become Dharma) found an island, on this island they found that time could be upset, tampered with, and altered. These people used this for the obvious purpose of furthering thier own lives, and creating a world that they could control and rule over...Yes I mean the whole world, not just an island. Well something went wrong, and time became out of sync, the world began falling apart, and something had to be done to fix the problem.

At this point I am not sure what happened, either Dharma themselves attempted to fix this, or a group of people from Dharma left the rest, and went rogue. Becoming the others, they found that outside of the barracks, and the sonic barrier they were moving differently through time, slower than the real world. The Others as they would now be refered to killed the members of Dharma (as we have seen) and took the island over. Next is where it gets real strange...bear with me I am trying to put this into words for the first time.

Once in conrtol of all the resources on the island, the others (led by either Ben or Richard) began the long process of fixing the problem that Dharma had made. They traveled (conciousness only) throughout time, finding the future, the past, and where each was coming from and going to...I.E. where everything truly gets messed up. They knew what had to be done, and began putting the puzzle together. The next thing they did was recruit people throughout the timeline that could help them to move key players into the postions they needed them, making people (and yes I am talking about 815) go through experiences to prepare them for what they would have to do once they were on the island. Some of the people that I think were or possibly are agents of the others:

Christian Shepard (Jacks father)

Anthony Cooper (Lockes father (?) Sawyers Parents con artist)

Charles Widmore (Penny's father)

Dave (Hurley's imaginary (?) friend)

Joe Inman (The man in the hatch with Desmond)

I am sure there are others as well, but think about it like this, Each one of these people have done something that was imperitive to the characters on the island and here they are:

Christian Shepard: Made Jack into the doctor he is, set in him the seeds of leadership, and power (I know these are kind of bland reasons, but the fact that he led the survivors to water does say something, I mean you can't see dead people.).

Anthony Cooper: okay where to start with this guy, He caused the deaths of Sawyers parents, which pretty much made Sawyer, and he took Lockes kidney, which we don't really know now if he did take it, or just had it removed from Lockes body so that when Ben shot him he wouldn't die....put that in your pipe and smoke it. BTW, I do not think he was actually Lockes father. Oh and how in the fudge did he end up ON the island?

Charles Widmore: To start off he is a very powerful person, I know that isn't enough, but factor in that he was really the reason that Desmond ended up on the island, and there is a bit of a connection there. Also in the last episode, when Desmond was jumping around in time, I noticed that there was something recognizable to Desmond when he interacted with him, as if he knew that the Desmond he was talking to was not the Desmond of that time (I could be reaching there, but hey it's my blog.).

Dave: Dave could be a phantom of Hurley's mind, it is a possibility, but since this season, the fact that Hurley has seen Charlie, and the Cabin, and possibly Jacob, well I now wonder if Dave was meant to do something in Hurley's life that may not yet be seen, as I stated before, you can't see dead people, and possibly a man could see an imaginary person, two people can not see the same dead person.

Joe Inman: Okay some of you may not remember this guy, he was in the hatch when Desmond crashed on the island, and I know you could say that he was a part of either Dharma or the others, which I think is true, but what makes him interesting is the fact that he was in Iraq and working with the US Military when they got into Sayid's base, he was the one who made Sayid torture his superior, and then let him go with some kind of parting words about his future.

Wow, this is getting long....

Onto the current agents:

Michael and Walter: Keep watching, I am almost sure that Michael is the man that Ben has on the boat, I believe that once he was freed from the island Michael was put into the employ of the others, along with Walt, and yes that was the real Walt that Locke saw while his was in the body pit.

Charlie: I believe that Charlie has been put into the role of another time agent, and in the future he is trying to get Hurley back to the island, cause there is more that Hurley must do to fix the problem in time. Onto a stranger theory, Hurley and Locke, and Possibly Jack have an acute sensory ability to see people who are traveling through time in a different way than we have seen so far. I believe that while it is true that only the conciousness can travel through time, which means that they can only travel into a place and time in which they have already been, there is a possibility that they have a way to travel in a more free way, to other places they have not yet occupied, but are more like ghosts than actual people, and only certain people have the ability to see them. Boone may have also done this, in some of the times that he has gotten Locke to do things.

Okay, I know I have freaking lost my mind here, here's one more thing and I am done.......

Locke is the Key: John Locke, maniac? Or the central cog in the whole machine?

So we dismissed without any explanation that a man who was paralyzed for four years could get into a plane crash and suddenly be able to walk.....This is like the opposite of how these things are supposed to happen. Fine I will leave this one alone, onto another.

Locke hangs out in cabins that aren't there, and talks with people who aren't there. So we got Jacob, Boone, Walt, Echo, and god knows who else. Locke has had an ability to see things that aren't there, but then so has Hurley, and Hurley is crazy, so Locke is crazy, right? Wrong. John Lockes the man to which this entire show has centered around, what ever it is that needs to be done, Locke is the one that must do it. His ENTIRE life has been carefully planned out to get him to where it is that he is going. I have a completely nut-job idea that I will share at the very end of this rant.

What ever has happened to the island, someone very special has to fix it. someone who has a unique connection to the island, someone who was born on the island, an island that for some reason women cannot give birth on......until now.

While Claire did not give concieve her son Aaron on the island, he was born on it, giving him the possible power to communicate and manipulate the island, but being a baby won't actually accomplish this. However this is a place where time is manipulated, so maybe Aaron could be moved through time, and be able to come back and fix this......Maybe Aaron is a baby JOHN LOCKE. Am I crazy? Is this completely nuts? Or is this perhaps the biggest secret of the show? Here's the facts:

No Child has been born on the island, and it has been something that the others have been exhaustively trying to accomplish.

John Locke was an orphan, and his true parents are not really known.

John Locke is more connected than anyone else to the island, including the people who have been there most of thier lives.

John has some kind of affection towards Aaron, possibly a subconcious connection to him.

Holy crap, I think I may have just uncovered the biggest secret in the shows history!

Frustrated???? OH YEAH!

So, ever had one of those days where you really should have not gotten out of bed? Thats where I'm hanging out right about now, and I gotta tell ya, it is not fun.

I have been working for about eight hours right now, and I have accomplished absolutely nothing. I had grand designs as to how my Friday would go, and now I just have to say Jules Caeser, you can have your Feb. 29th back, cause I don't want it. Remember back in 1999, how everyone was all worried about the new millenium, and how it was gonna make like fire snakes come out of the ground and ghost pirates driving beat up dodge darts were gonna steal everyones first born, and rally them into the New World Order? Well? When the heck is it gonna happen, not a better day than this one. I wish to God that the Zombie Pockyclips would just start already. I'm just sayin.

Boy if you read that and are still reading, you may also need psychiatric assistance. Now, on to the other points of this fake day:

Work: NO ONE UNDERSTANDS RUDEMENTARY DIRECTIONS, seriously where do we get these people? I am not sure who I hate more right now, the ones who don't show up on fridays, or the ones who do.

This Infernal machine: (said like a stereotypical bad guy from an old Bond movie.) I said "upload picture." I did not say virtually slap me in the face and head area. Of course this machine is covered in about two solid inches of sawdust, and that may be why it is SO messed up.

Everything else: I got a letter from the power company in the mail that says they are raising rates in the summer months because people don't use as much power, I paid $3.59 a gallon for gasoline, and I actually went to a Starbucks where they charged me almost five dollars for something they have a really long name for which I refer to as "Coffee". All today. I know the Starbucks thing is my own fault, but I forgot to get coffee last night, so I had to get it somewhere, imagine how bad I would be if I didn't have coffee today! :twisted:

So the long and short of it is this: In a few hours I shall be online Halo'n up wit some new friends and I feel bad for those of you who step in front of the needler! :D