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signs I'm getting to old to play online

  • Accusations of autism have now apparently become the default insult for "edgy" kids.  It's baffling to me; whatever happened to calling someone you dislike an @-hole?
  • Preponderance of squeeky voices.  I definitely played some violent video games (Wolfenstein, Mortal Kombat, Doom II) before I was an adult.  However, my parents didn't let me play any of those before I hit puberty, which was probably a good idea.  I notice this frequently in Team Fortress 2, which may be cartoonish and comedic, but it's gory as hell and I wouldn't let any kid of mine play it before they at least hit adolescence.  
  • I do not get half of the pop culture references.  I've never seen Spongebob or MLP, never played Pokemon, and I can't foresee a future in which I would.  
  • The idea of nostalgic gaming has shifted dramatically - when people refer to Halo as a childhood favorite, I know I'm old.