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fool's hope

It's been a couple of months...not much other than a deep dive into TF2 again. Damned Halloween got me good. Many hats acquired, cheevos piling up...still found time to play Darksiders 2 finally. Overally, I liked it, but knowing that the developer is now out of business made it bittersweet. The game itself was really well built, and the world progression was very good, but it definitely felt rushed at the end. The first two worlds were huge, while the last two were small. The final boss wasn't nearly as compelling, and the story, while progressing the overall narrative, didn't grab me as well as the first game. I hope there's third, but I don't know if Nordic will stay true to the series. I've heard rumors of an MMO, which would kill the series for me entirely. Strife and Fury are a lot less interesting than War& Death; I don't know if you could do a 3 and 4 featuring Strife and Fury. So I would think the best way to do it would be to have Darksiders 3 finish the story using all 4 characters in one big (and I mean really big) finale.

One can hope, but that didn't work out so well for me with the Legacy of Kain.