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backwards gaming

In my ongoing effort to play the games that nobody is still playing, I've put about 30 hours into Divine Divinity, a game that was released over 11 years ago. I'm not doing this because I'm a hipster, or I prefer squinty small character graphics. No, I'm doing this so I might understand what the hizzel is going on in Divinity 2. I could have used wikipedia, I know, but that doesn't feel right. So I'm doing it the traditional (hard) way.

It's very similar to Neverwinter Nights (they came out within a few months of each other), from viewing angle to plot angle. That's not a bad thing, but it's a thing. The game starts out very hard. You run around with almost no equipment hitting skeletons with a "cracked club" or whatever other garbage you can find in the first dungeon. It would probably still be hard for me if I hadn't taken a scorched-earth approach to the first map, revealing every square inch of the map and purging it of enemies. Now that I've basically killed everything, I'm strong enough to handle the main quest in a relatively stress-free manner.

Still, 30 hours in and the lore is still not quite clear to me. If I don't get some freakin' context soon, I might just wiki it.